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Pronounce Spurious as S P UW R IY OW UW S.

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Phonetic transcription for spurious

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of spurious: | spurɪoʊus |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of spurious: | spʊrɪɒʊs |

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Meanings for spurious

not real or genuine

specious, spurious(adj)

plausible but false

"a specious claim"; "spurious inferences"

bastardly, misbegot, misbegotten, spurious(adj)

born out of wedlock

"the dominions of both rulers passed away to their spurious or doubtful offspring"- E.A.Freeman

inauthentic, unauthentic, spurious(adj)

intended to deceive

"a spurious work of art"

being such in appearance only and made or manufactured with the intention of committing fraud

a spurious Picasso painting that wouldn't have fooled an art expert for a second

lacking in natural or spontaneous quality

claimed that the governor's election-year enthusiasm for conservation was spurious, since he had cut funding for state parks

born to a father and mother who are not married

the spurious son of Charles II, the Duke of Monmouth would later mount a rebellion in a disastrous attempt to claim the throne

Example Sentences of spurious

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Spurious in different languages

  • vals Afrikaans
  • زائفArabic
  • фалшив Bulgarian
  • fals espuri bastard Catalan
  • unecht German
  • falso espurio mentira Spanish
  • võlts Estonian
  • väärä väärennetty Finnish
  • faux French
  • mealltach, mealltaScots Gaelic
  • hamis Hungarian
  • tiru palsu Indonesian
  • óekta óskilgetinn fals- tál- falsaður falskur Icelandic
  • spuria Italian
  • 疑似, にせ物Japanese
  • 거짓, 위조, 속임수Korean
  • vals Dutch
  • uekte falsk Norwegian
  • podrobiony nieautentyczny nieprawdziwy fałszywy Polish
  • espúrio Portuguese
  • незаконнорожденный ложный внебрачный фальшивый поддельный Russian
  • förfalskad falsk oäkta Swedish
  • sahte Turkish

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