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Pronounce Talkative as T AH L K AH T IY V EH.

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Phonetic transcription for talkative

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of talkative: | tælkætɪvɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of talkative: | tælkætɪvɛ |

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Meanings for talkative

someone who likes to speak a great deal

chatty, gabby, garrulous, loquacious, talkative, talky(adj)

full of trivial conversation

"kept from her housework by gabby neighbors"

bigmouthed, blabbermouthed, blabby, talkative(adj)

unwisely talking too much

expansive, talkative(adj)

friendly and open and willing to talk

"wine made the guest expansive"

fond of talking or conversation

a talkative outgoing tour guide showed our school group around the city

Example Sentences of talkative

My friend is a talkative person.

Tom is one of the most talkative people I know.

Neither Tom nor Mary was in a talkative mood.

Tom is unusually talkative tonight.

Americans on the whole are a talkative people.

The more excited he got, the less talkative he became.

He is as talkative as ever.

Talkative in different languages

  • upovídaný povídavý Czech
  • chwedleugar siaradus Welch
  • snaksom snakkesalig Danish
  • geschwätzig gesprächig redselig German
  • parolema Esperanto
  • hablador Spanish
  • puhelias Finnish
  • loquace bavard French
  • बातूनी Hindi
  • fecsegő beszédes bőbeszédű Hungarian
  • խոսուն Armenian
  • banyak omong banyak bicara Indonesian
  • babilemaEsperanto
  • skrafhreifinn málglaður Icelandic
  • chiacchierino loquace garrulo Italian
  • おしゃべり, おしゃべり好きJapanese
  • cangkeman
  • زمان پاراو Kurdish
  • gespréichegLuxembourgish
  • runīgs mutīgs pļāpīgs valodīgs Latvian
  • kōteteteteMaori
  • spraakzaam praatgraag babbelziek Dutch
  • snakkesalig Norwegian
  • gadatliwy rozmowny Polish
  • falador tagarela conversador Portuguese
  • vorbăreț Romanian
  • болтливый разговорчивый словоохотливый Russian
  • прѝчљив, гово̀рљив, govòrljiv, бр̏бљав, bȑbljav, prìčljivSerbo
  • pratglad öppenhjärtig pratsam frispråkig Swedish
  • konuşkan Turkish
  • باتونیUrdu
  • spikotälikVolapuk
  • 貧嘴 Chinese

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