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Pronounce Tongue as T OW N G UW EH.

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Phonetic transcription for tongue

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of tongue: | toʊnɡuɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of tongue: | tɒnɡʊɛ |

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Meanings for tongue

the muscular organ in the mouth that is used for tasting, swallowing, and articulating speech in the case of humans

tongue, lingua, glossa, clapper(noun)

a mobile mass of muscular tissue covered with mucous membrane and located in the oral cavity

natural language, tongue(noun)

a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language

tongue, knife(noun)

any long thin projection that is transient

"tongues of flame licked at the walls"; "rifles exploded quick knives of fire into the dark"


a manner of speaking

"he spoke with a thick tongue"; "she has a glib tongue"

spit, tongue(noun)

a narrow strip of land that juts out into the sea


the tongue of certain animals used as meat


the flap of material under the laces of a shoe or boot

clapper, tongue(verb)

metal striker that hangs inside a bell and makes a sound by hitting the side


articulate by tonguing, as when playing wind instruments


lick or explore with the tongue

the stock of words, pronunciation, and grammar used by a people as their basic means of communication

he spoke in a tongue that I didn't understand

Example Sentences of tongue

The cola made my tongue tingle.

That child stuck out his tongue at me.

You can use a tongue cleaner to clean your tongue.

You can use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue.

A slip of the tongue is sometimes fatal to a politician.

A slip of tongue will often lead us to unexpected results.

Tom stuck his tongue out at Mary.

Tom got his tongue pierced.

Tom stuck out his tongue at Mary.

The tongue of a cat feels rough.

Antonyms for tongue

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Tongue in different languages

  • اللسانArabic
  • jazyk Czech
  • tunge Danish
  • zunge German
  • γλώσσα Greek
  • lengua Spanish
  • kieli Finnish
  • langue French
  • जीभ Hindi
  • nyelv Hungarian
  • լեզու Armenian
  • lidah Indonesian
  • lingua Italian
  • ಭಾಷೆ Kannada
  • lingua Latin
  • tong Dutch
  • tunge Norwegian
  • język Polish
  • língua Portuguese
  • limbă Romanian
  • язык Russian
  • tunga Swedish
  • தாய்மொழி Tamil
  • నాలుకTegulu
  • ลิ้นThai
  • dil Turkish
  • язикUkrainian

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