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Meanings for active

engaged in physical activity or movement

active agent, active(noun)

chemical agent capable of activity

active voice, active(noun)

the voice used to indicate that the grammatical subject of the verb is performing the action or causing the happening denoted by the verb

"`The boy threw the ball' uses the active voice"


a person who is a participating member of an organization

"the club issues a list of members, both the actives and the retirees"


tending to become more severe or wider in scope

"active tuberculosis"

active, combat-ready, fighting(a)(adj)

engaged in or ready for military or naval operations

"on active duty"; "the platoon is combat-ready"; "review the fighting forces"


disposed to take action or effectuate change

"a director who takes an active interest in corporate operations"; "an active antagonism"; "he was active in drawing attention to their grievances"

active, participating(adj)

taking part in an activity

"an active member of the club"; "he was politically active"; "the participating organizations"


characterized by energetic activity

"an active toddler"; "active as a gazelle"; "an active man is a man of action"


exerting influence or producing a change or effect

"an active ingredient"


full of activity or engaged in continuous activity

"an active seaport"; "an active bond market"; "an active account"

active, alive(p)(adj)

in operation

"keep hope alive"; "the tradition was still alive"; "an active tradition"


(of the sun) characterized by an increased occurrence of sunspots and flares and radio emissions


expressing that the subject of the sentence has the semantic function of actor: "Hemingway favors active constructions"

active, dynamic(adj)

(used of verbs (e.g. `to run') and participial adjectives (e.g. `running' in `running water')) expressing action rather than a state of being


(of e.g. volcanos) capable of erupting


(of e.g. volcanos) erupting or liable to erupt

"active volcanos"


engaged in full-time work

"active duty"; "though past retirement age he is still active in his profession"

being in effective operation

the abandoned factory had not been active for years

having much high-spirited energy and movement

the fish are active today, but we still haven't caught anything

involved in often constant activity

all morning the crowd at the coffeehouse kept Marion and her helper pretty active

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Example Sentences of active

My grandfather is still active at eighty.

Jessie is my most attractive friend.

I found Kate more active than her brother.

I think that China will play an active role.

My grandmother is still very active at eighty-five.

I wish girls found me as attractive as they find Tom.

I was active in politics when I was in the university.

My grandmother attributes her good health to active living.

He is not the active person he used to be.

He had a gentleness that was attractive to women.

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Active in different languages

  • حرك, فاره, شغال, نشيط, عامل, فاعلArabic
  • әүҙемBashkir
  • акты́ўныByelorussian
  • активендействащдеененергичендействителенBulgarian
  • činnýCzech
  • aktivDanish
  • rührigaktivtätiggewandtflinkGerman
  • agemaEsperanto
  • activoSpanish
  • tegev-kehtivasjaliktarmukasusinaktiivväleelavtegutsevtegevisikulineEstonian
  • آکتیومعلومPersian
  • aktiivinenFinnish
  • actifFrench
  • spreigeach, giobachScots Gaelic
  • jantaghManx
  • attivoItalian
  • ぴちぴち, 能動的, 活発, 積極的, 活動的, 活躍, ぴんぴん, すばしっこいJapanese
  • darbīgsžirgtsaktīvsspirgtskustīgsizdarīgsdarāmsmundrsņiprsmožsLatvian
  • giataktifMalay
  • actiefDutch
  • aktivNorwegian
  • czynnyaktywnyPolish
  • ativoativadoPortuguese
  • activRomanian
  • деятельныйактивныйживойдействующийдействительныйпроворныйэнергичныйRussian
  • aktíven, dejávenSlovenian
  • veprorAlbanian
  • aktivSwedish
  • செயலில்Tamil

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