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Meanings for gay

content and joyful

homosexual, homophile, homo, gay(adj)

someone who practices homosexuality; having a sexual attraction to persons of the same sex

cheery, gay, sunny(adj)

bright and pleasant; promoting a feeling of cheer

"a cheery hello"; "a gay sunny room"; "a sunny smile"

gay, jocund, jolly, jovial, merry, mirthful(adj)

full of or showing high-spirited merriment

"when hearts were young and gay"; "a poet could not but be gay, in such a jocund company"- Wordsworth; "the jolly crowd at the reunion"; "jolly old Saint Nick"; "a jovial old gentleman"; "have a merry Christmas"; "peals of merry laughter"; "a mirthful laugh"


given to social pleasures often including dissipation

"led a gay Bohemian life"; "a gay old rogue with an eye for the ladies"

brave, braw, gay(adj)

brightly colored and showy

"girls decked out in brave new dresses"; "brave banners flying"; "`braw' is a Scottish word"; "a dress a bit too gay for her years"; "birds with gay plumage"

gay, festal, festive, merry(adj)

offering fun and gaiety

"a festive (or festal) occasion"; "gay and exciting night life"; "a merry evening"

gay, queer, homophile(a)(adj)

homosexual or arousing homosexual desires

having much high-spirited energy and movement

couples dancing a gay, fast-paced jig

having or showing freedom from worries or trouble

a gay, thoughtless girl who didn't care whether her work was done or not

indicative of or marked by high spirits or good humor

had a gay old time at the party

having or showing a good mood or disposition

with a gay toss of his coat over his shoulder, the dapper old gentleman set off for the party

serving to lift one's spirits

the skylark's gay song lifted me out of my gloom

joyously unrestrained

it was the era of the flappers, and young women were gay, bold, and defiant of convention

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Example Sentences of gay

A female friend of mine loves to go to gay bars with me.

In many countries, being gay is a cause for imprisonment.

Gay marriage is legal here.

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Gay in different languages

  • homoseksueel moffie gay Afrikaans
  • مثلي, مثلية, لوطيArabic
  • homoseksualist, geyAzerbaijani
  • гамасексуа́льны, гамасэксуалі́ст, гейByelorussian
  • хомосексуа́лен шарен безгрижен весел гей хомосексуали́ст Bulgarian
  • সমরতি, গেBengali
  • gaia gai Catalan
  • homosexuální veselý homosexuál gay Czech
  • hoyw llawen siriol Welch
  • bøsse lesbisk glad homoseksuel livlig farverig sjov homo Danish
  • schwul ausgelassen lesbisch lustig bunt fröhlich homosexuell homo schwuler homosexueller gay German
  • ζωηρός αδερφή πούστικος ομοφυλόφιλη πούστης εύθυμος αδερφίστικος λεσβία παρδαλός ομοφυλόφιλος φαιδρός Greek
  • geja gaja samseksama samseksema samseksemulo gejo Esperanto
  • gay amujerado penca femenino festivo gayo alegre afeminado mariconado vívido colorido feliz aburrido fome homosexual marimachado Spanish
  • gei lustlik homoseksuaal homoseksuaalne Estonian
  • خوش حال همجنس‌گرا گی هم‌جنس‌گرا Persian
  • iloinen hilpeä homoseksuaalinen homo eläväinen naismainen korea tyhmä gei gay homoseksuaali homppeli Finnish
  • glaðurFaeroese
  • gai homo gay gaie French
  • bán aerach spéiriúil Irish
  • gèidh, co-ghnèitheach, co-sheòrsach, gille-tòineScots Gaelic
  • לסבית, הומו, גֵּיי, עליזה, עליז, גיי, הוֹמוֹסֶקסוּאָלHebrew
  • गे समलिंगी Hindi
  • meleg boldog Hungarian
  • արվամոլ համասեռամոլ գոմիկ Armenian
  • gay, gaudioseInterlingua
  • gay Indonesian
  • felice gay gaia effemminato allegra gaio omosessuale finocchio lieto allegro lieta Italian
  • הומוformer Hebrew
  • ださい, 楽しい, 同性愛, つまらない, 派手, オカマ, 嬉しい, ゲイ, おかま, 同性愛者Japanese
  • გეი ჰომოსექსუალი Georgian
  • гомосексуалист, гейKazakh
  • 동성애자, 게이, [[동성]]애의 [[사람]]Korean
  • гомосексуалист, кумса, гейKirghiz
  • ກະເທີຍLao
  • gėjus homoseksualas Lithuanian
  • gejs homoseksuāls Latvian
  • хо́мосексуален геј женствен педерски хо́мосексуалец Macedonian
  • гэй, гомосексMongolian
  • गेMarathi
  • suka gembira warna-warni homoseksual membosankan gay Malay
  • sissi, allegruża, linfa, allegruż, gay, pufta, ferħana, omosesswali, ferħan, mxaqlebMaltese
  • ဂေး, ဂန်ဒူးBurmese
  • homo, gay
  • opgetogen vrolijk feestelijk goedgezind homoseksueel monter kleurrijk homofiel verwijfd uitgelaten homo Dutch
  • homsete fargerik homo festlig livlig femi homoseksuell glad bøg morsom soper homse Norwegian
  • wesół zmanierowany radosny homoseksualny zniewieściały gej Polish
  • gay efeminado vívido guei festivo alegre contente sem graça veado feliz chato bicha viado Portuguese
  • gay homo homosexual poponar Romanian
  • ге́йский я́ркий голубо́й жема́нный жизнера́достный мане́рный ра́достный гомосексуа́льный весёлый цветно́й гомосексуали́ст гомосе́к го́мик гей гомосексуа́л Russian
  • хомосексуалан, homoseksualan, homoseksualac, геј, gej, лезбејка, lezbejka, хомосексуалацSerbo
  • සමරිසිSinghalese
  • homosexuál gay gej Slovak
  • homoseksuálec, gejSlovenian
  • homo homoseksual Albanian
  • homosexuell grann fjollig bög lustig gay bögig glad homo Swedish
  • shoga msenge basha Swahili
  • நம்பி Tamil
  • గేTegulu
  • ҳамҷинсгароTajik
  • เกย์, ตุ๊ดThai
  • geýTurkmen
  • bakla, tibo, homoseksuwalTagalog
  • eşcinsel homoseksüel şen renkli canlı ibne iç açıcı neşeli parlak homo gey Turkish
  • гомосексуа́льний, гомосексуалі́ст, ґей, гейUkrainian
  • گےUrdu
  • gomoseksualist, geyUzbek
  • gay người đồng tính người đồng tính nam Vietnamese
  • 同性恋者 Chinese

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