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Meanings for after


located farther aft

subsequently, later, afterwards, afterward, after, later on(adverb)

happening at a time subsequent to a reference time

"he apologized subsequently"; "he's going to the store but he'll be back here later"; "it didn't happen until afterward"; "two hours after that"


behind or in the rear

"and Jill came tumbling after"

being at or in the part of something opposite the front part

had heard that the after section of the cruise ship had more spacious cabins

being, occurring, or carried out at a time after something else

in after years the government set up a special fund for disabled veterans of the war

following in time or place

upon seeing The Nutcracker for the first time, and for a long time after, Irma wanted to play the part of the Mouse King

subsequent to in time or order

the brass band came right after the mayor in the parade

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Example Sentences of after

Read after me.

Repeat after me.

Tom is after me.

I quit after a week.

I met Tom after work.

The bear ran after me.

Please repeat after me.

I can look after myself.

I eat dinner after work.

I had to look after you.

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After in different languages

  • naAfrikaans
  • በኋላAmharic
  • بعد, وراء, خلفArabic
  • подирследзадспоредпоследващслед катоBulgarian
  • en acabatacabat dedesprés demés tarden acabat dedesprésacabatdesprés queen acabat queacabat queCatalan
  • ponapotomzapodleCzech
  • efterpå trods afbageftersom følge afsenereDanish
  • nachdarauftrotzwegenhinterherhinternachdemGerman
  • ύστεραμετάέπειτακατόπινGreek
  • despuésportrasa pesar dedespués dedetrás deSpanish
  • pärastEstonian
  • پس ازبعدبعد ازدر پیPersian
  • jälkeenmukaillenmukaanyliseurauksenatakiaperäänjäljessätakanataaksehuolimattaperässävuoksiseuraavakunsen jälkeenkunFinnish
  • aprèsd'aprèsderrièreFrench
  • neffens, nei, efter oan, efter, troch, omFrisian
  • tar éisi ndiaidhIrish
  • an dèidh làimhe, an dèidh, seach, air, an dèidh sin, an dèidh doScots Gaelic
  • למרות, בעקבות, אחרי, מאחור, לאחרHebrew
  • बादHindi
  • apre
  • utánHungarian
  • հետոետևիցպատճառովպատվինհետևիցArmenian
  • depois, postInterlingua
  • setelahIndonesian
  • eftirIcelandic
  • il fatto chedain seguitodoposeguentespartepoiper causa didietroItalian
  • לאחרformer Hebrew
  • 後ろ, 後Japanese
  • ನಂತರKannada
  • 연유하여, 다음, 따라서, 추구하여, 뒤, 앞, 후Korean
  • پاش ئه‌وه‌دوای ئه‌وه‌دواییKurdish
  • postpostquamLatin
  • nodeemLuxembourgish
  • ຫລັງຈາກLao
  • waraMaltese
  • naarachternaondanksdoorvanwegenadatDutch
  • senereetterbaketterpåetter atNorwegian
  • ପଛରେ, ପରେOriya
  • poPolish
  • apesar dedevido adepois deatrás depor causa dedepoissegundoporPortuguese
  • dupăîn urmape urmelepesteca urmare aîn căutareaRomanian
  • в поискахпотомзасзадипослепозадив результатепо мотивамиз-зав честьRussian
  • posle, после, по, unatoč, унаточ, za, po, због, иза, за, zbog, izaSerbo
  • za, poSlovenian
  • pasAlbanian
  • senareefterSwedish
  • baadaSwahili
  • பிறகுTamil
  • తరువాతTegulu
  • หลังจากThai
  • hiliTonga
  • arkasındasonraardındayerinesonrasındasonucundapeşindeardındanTurkish
  • післяUkrainian
  • بعدUrdu
  • sauVietnamese
  • נאָךYiddish
  • Chinese

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