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Meanings for rear

the back part of something


the back of a military formation or procession

"infantrymen were in the rear"

rear, backside, back end(noun)

the side of an object that is opposite its front

"his room was toward the rear of the hotel"

back, rear(noun)

the part of something that is furthest from the normal viewer

"he stood at the back of the stage"; "it was hidden in the rear of the store"

buttocks, nates, arse, butt, backside, bum, buns, can, fundament, hindquarters, hind end, keister, posterior, prat, rear, rear end, rump, stern, seat, tail, tail end, tooshie, tush, bottom, behind, derriere, fanny, ass(noun)

the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on

"he deserves a good kick in the butt"; "are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"

rear, back(adj)

the side that goes last or is not normally seen

"he wrote the date on the back of the photograph"

rear(a), rearward(a)(verb)

located in or toward the back or rear

"the chair's rear legs"; "the rear door of the plane"; "on the rearward side"

rear, rise up(verb)

stand up on the hind legs, of quadrupeds

"The horse reared in terror"

rear, raise, bring up, nurture, parent(verb)

bring up

"raise a family"; "bring up children"

rise, lift, rear(verb)

rise up

"The building rose before them"

rear, erect(verb)

cause to rise up

raise, erect, rear, set up, put up(verb)

construct, build, or erect

"Raise a barn"

being at or in the part of something opposite the front part

go to the back of the building and look out the rear window and you'll see the eagle

a behind part or surface

the rear of the car was sleekly designed

the part of the body upon which someone sits

fell off her skates onto her rear

to bring to maturity through care and education

watched a documentary on how wolves rear their young

to fix in an upright position

it took all the men in the village to rear the frame for the barn, pulling hard at the ropes until all the sides were standing

to form by putting together parts or materials

the city has plans for rearing a new convention center over the next two years

to look after or assist the growth of by labor and care

an amateur who rears rare orchids in a professional-grade greenhouse

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Example Sentences of rear

The rear tire of my bicycle is flat.

Please move to the rear of the bus.

The hijackers moved to the rear of the plane.

They had a dent in the rear door.

Many people pushed their way toward the rear exit.

A bunch of people thrust their way toward the rear exit.

The people in the rear of the room could not hear the speaker.

Rear end collisions often cause whiplash.

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Synonyms for rear

rear end tush tooshie keister back derriere fanny bottom backside buttocks seat stern hind end rump tail bum prat can behind butt hindquarters arse posterior buns fundament nates back end tail end ass binding backrest rachis vertebral column spine spinal column dorsum book binding cover backbone screw female genital organ substructure stinkpot goat cornerstone lavatory git croup arsehole shadower crapper commode throne skunk base foundation butt end lav can buoy shag place bottomland tin can scum bag asshole freighter understructure stub after part female genitals tramp female genitalia idler nookie toilet piece of tail laughingstock shtup poop foot screwing potty bathroom quarter do nothing dirty dog merchantman canful croupe butt joint john back tooth bunghole rat nooky pot privy underside piece of ass layabout merchant ship undersurface tail assembly hobo loafer stool roll in the hay empennage rotter so and so stooge target stinker bottom of the inning cigaret coffin nail tin crumb groundwork shadow fag end cigarette bed basis lowlife puke bring up nurture arise rebel rise raise lift surface erect come up set up parent rise up put up kindle arouse put forward leaven upgrade boot provoke elevate kick upstairs recruit upraise enkindle heighten stir refer elicit advance conjure fire farm cite grow conjure up resurrect levy advert promote nourish prove name call down get up produce call forth invoke mention reboot evoke foster sustain enhance hook wind cabbage stand up vacate climb up hoist airlift annul uprise nobble go up plagiarize spring up abstract revoke originate plagiarise pilfer filch reverse ascend snarf overturn repeal develop climb swipe sneak move up turn out jump purloin rescind face lift mount wax rustle pinch countermand endure launch entrap put stand effect frame fix digest arrange stomach install provide ready found offer establish contribute effectuate stick out tolerate set brook suffer gear up domiciliate prepare put together tack post house pitch assemble piece put in rig instal order ensnare bear abide nominate support lay out tack together end breed discipline train educate instruct construct hinder part raise up RAISE rearward aft arrière hatch upright backseat rearmost subsequent later rearguard hind trailing lineman passenger after hinder hindmost booty bootie breech caboose cheeks derrière duff hams haunches heinie hunkers keester nurse upend build confect fabricate make make up crop cultivate culture dress tend

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Antonyms for rear

Rear in different languages

  • الخلفيArabic
  • zadní vychovat Czech
  • aufrichten erziehen nachhut großziehen aufziehen German
  • nyiEstonian
  • οπισθοφυλακή Greek
  • retaguardia erigir criar posterior Spanish
  • peräpää takaosa taka- pystyttää nostaa kasvattaa nousta takajalka takajoukko perä kohottaa Finnish
  • derrière élever arrière ériger arrière-garde French
  • tóg Irish
  • togScots Gaelic
  • hátsó hátvéd Hungarian
  • belakang Indonesian
  • edukarEsperanto
  • sollevare retro retroguardia sollevarsi crescere innalzare edificare didietro elevare posteriore Italian
  • 飼育する, しんがり, 後ろ, 育てる, 後方の, 後ろの, 後ろ足立ちする, 後方, そびえ立つJapanese
  • پێگه‌یشتن په‌روه‌رده‌ کردن Kurdish
  • audzināt Latvian
  • tānapu, whakatupu, muri, kumu, whakatipuMaori
  • steigeren oprichten achterkant opvoeden construeren verheffen achterwerk achtereind grootbrengen achterste achter achterhoede kweken Dutch
  • څټ, شاPashto
  • alçar erguer criar zaga traseiro traseira erigir retaguarda construir levantar Portuguese
  • вставать на дыбы воздвигать выращивать возводить возносить тыл задняя часть воспитывать сооружать возвышать поднимать воспитать возвысить задняя сторона соорудить водвигнуть поднять задний вырастить возвести вознести Russian
  • ด้านหลังThai
  • phía sau Vietnamese
  • dirîWalloon

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