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Meanings for aggressive

pushy or forceful when trying to get others to believe or do something


having or showing determination and energetic pursuit of your ends

"an aggressive businessman"; "an aggressive basketball player"; "he was aggressive and imperious; positive in his convictions"; "aggressive drivers"

aggressive, fast-growing(a), strong-growing(adj)

tending to spread quickly

"an aggressive tumor"

aggressive, belligerent(adj)

characteristic of an enemy or one eager to fight

"aggressive acts against another country"; "a belligerent tone"

having or showing a bold forcefulness in the pursuit of a goal

if you don't take a more aggressive approach to this yard pretty soon, the weeds are going to take over completely

feeling or displaying eagerness to fight

a kindergarten teacher who discourages aggressive behavior, like pushing, by rewarding those children who wait their turn

marked by or uttered with forcefulness

the team's game strategy depends on a very aggressive style of defense

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Example Sentences of aggressive

He assumed an aggressive attitude toward me.

The aggressive salesman urged me to sign the contract right away.

Tom sometimes is very aggressive and likes to start arguments.

You have to be aggressive to be a success.

He is not aggressive enough to succeed in business.

Tom is an aggressive driver.

He is an aggressive person.

He is so aggressive that others avoid him.

Boys are more aggressive than girls.

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Aggressive in different languages

  • aggressief Afrikaans
  • عدواني, العدوانيArabic
  • нападателен агресивен Bulgarian
  • agressiu Catalan
  • útočný agresivní Czech
  • gormesol Welch
  • aggressiv Danish
  • aggressiv angriffslustig German
  • επιθετικός Greek
  • agresa Esperanto
  • agresivo Spanish
  • kallaletungiv Estonian
  • سلطهجو Persian
  • aggressiivinen hyökkäävä Finnish
  • agressif French
  • ionsaitheach Irish
  • ionnsaigheachScots Gaelic
  • agresivoGalician
  • מתגרהHebrew
  • आक्रामक Hindi
  • agresszív Hungarian
  • ագրեսիվ Armenian
  • agresif Indonesian
  • aggressivo Italian
  • אגרסיוויformer Hebrew
  • 侵略的, 攻撃的, 積極的, 積極的なJapanese
  • აგრესიული Georgian
  • 호전, 好戰, 적극적인Korean
  • aggressivus ferox Latin
  • agresīvs Latvian
  • whakaarikiMaori
  • түрэмгийMongolian
  • aggressiv, aggressivaMaltese
  • agressief Dutch
  • aggressiv Norwegian
  • agressiuOccitan
  • agresywny Polish
  • agressivo Portuguese
  • agresiv Romanian
  • воинственный агрессивный Russian
  • насилан, nasrtljiv, насртљив, agresivan, nasilan, агресиванSerbo
  • agresívny Slovak
  • nasilenSlovenian
  • agresiv Albanian
  • aggressiv Swedish
  • ก้าวร้าวThai
  • mabalagsikTagalog
  • saldırgan agresif Turkish
  • агресивнийUkrainian
  • xâm lược Vietnamese
  • 侵略性 Chinese

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