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Pronounce Hostile as HH OW S T IY L EH.

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Phonetic transcription for hostile

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of hostile: | hoʊstɪlɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of hostile: | hɒstɪlɛ |

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Meanings for hostile

unfriendly; menacing


troops belonging to the enemy's military forces

"the platoon ran into a pack of hostiles"


characterized by enmity or ill will

"a hostile nation"; "a hostile remark"; "hostile actions"


not belonging to your own country's forces or those of an ally

"hostile naval and air forces"


impossible to bring into friendly accord

"hostile factions"

hostile, uncongenial, unfriendly(adj)

very unfavorable to life or growth

"a hostile climate"; "an uncongenial atmosphere"; "an uncongenial soil"; "the unfriendly environment at high altitudes"


unsolicited and resisted by the management of the target company ( used of attempts to buy or take control of a business)

"hostile takeover"; "hostile tender offer"; "hostile bid"

marked by opposition or ill will

the suggestions for change were given a hostile reception by some of the longtime employees

opposed to one's interests

the company's president vows to fight the hostile takeover by the giant corporation

one that is hostile toward another

reports of hostiles in the area kept the settlers on edge

Example Sentences of hostile

She is hostile to me.

I see that I am surrounded by hostile faces.

We got a hostile reception from the villagers.

Everybody took a hostile attitude toward illegal aliens.

She was aware of their hostile feelings toward her.

Hostile in different languages

  • hostil Catalan
  • nepřátelský Czech
  • feindlich German
  • malamika Esperanto
  • hostil Spanish
  • vihamielinen Finnish
  • hostile French
  • nàimhdeach, eucairdeach, nàimhdeilScots Gaelic
  • bermusuhan Indonesian
  • עויןformer Hebrew
  • 敵対的Japanese
  • 적대적인Korean
  • hostilis Latin
  • tarawetiMaori
  • fiendtlig
  • vijandig Dutch
  • fiendtleg
  • wrogi Polish
  • hostil Portuguese
  • awqaQuechua
  • ostil Romanian
  • вражеский враждебный Russian
  • armiqësor Albanian
  • fientlig Swedish
  • 敵對 Chinese

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