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Pronounce Angel as AH N G EH L.

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Phonetic transcription for angel

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of angel: | ænɡɛl |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of angel: | ænɡɛl |

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Meanings for angel


spiritual being attendant upon God

saint, holy man, holy person, angel(noun)

person of exceptional holiness

angel, backer(noun)

invests in a theatrical production

Angel, Angel Falls(noun)

the highest waterfall; has more than one leap; flow varies seasonally

an innocent or gentle person

would like to think that her child is a perfect angel

one that announces or indicates the later arrival of another

looking forward to seeing those red-breasted angels of the spring—robins

one that helps another with gifts or money

over the years the industrialist frequently served as the symphony orchestra's anonymous angel

Example Sentences of angel

You are an angel for doing my shopping.

The little girl played an angel in the Christmas play.

The black angel spread those jet-black wings wide and flew up into the sky.

A person will have the face of an angel when borrowing something, but the face of the devil when returning it.

She is an angel of a girl.

Antonyms for angel

Angel in different languages

  • амаалықьAbkhazian
  • engel Afrikaans
  • መላክAmharic
  • ملاكArabic
  • малаикKazakh
  • mələkAzerbaijani
  • фәрештәBashkir
  • ангел, анёлByelorussian
  • ангел Bulgarian
  • àngel Catalan
  • маликserbian
  • anděl Czech
  • анъгелъserbian
  • angel angyles Welch
  • engel Danish
  • engel German
  • άγγελος Greek
  • anĝelo Esperanto
  • ángel Spanish
  • ingel Estonian
  • فرشته Persian
  • enkeli Finnish
  • eingilFaeroese
  • ange French
  • ingelFrisian
  • aingeal Irish
  • aingealScots Gaelic
  • anxoGalician
  • מַלְאָךְ, מלאךHebrew
  • फ़रिश्ता एंजेल Hindi
  • angyal angel Hungarian
  • հրեշտակ Armenian
  • malaikat bidadari Indonesian
  • engill Icelandic
  • angelo Italian
  • מלאךformer Hebrew
  • 天使, エンゼル, 天の使いJapanese
  • ანგელოზი Georgian
  • періштеKazakh
  • 천사, 天使Korean
  • angelus Latin
  • EngelLuxembourgish
  • angelas Lithuanian
  • eņģelis Latvian
  • ангел Macedonian
  • മാലാഖ Malayalam
  • bidadara malaikat malak bidadari Malay
  • engel
  • engel Dutch
  • engel
  • engel Norwegian
  • God bidiyin naalʼaʼí, diyin naalʼaʼíNavajo, Navaho
  • àngelOccitan
  • зӕдOssetian, Ossetic
  • anioł Polish
  • anjo Portuguese
  • aunghel, aungel, ànghel, anguelRomance
  • înger Romanian
  • ангел Russian
  • анђео, anđeoSerbo
  • දේවදූතයාSinghalese
  • anjel Slovak
  • angelSlovenian
  • engjëll Albanian
  • ängel Swedish
  • malaika Swahili
  • தேவதூதர் தேவதை Tamil
  • фариштаTajik
  • เทวดา, นางฟ้าThai
  • መልኣኽTigrinya
  • melek, perişdeTurkmen
  • 'angeloTonga
  • melek Turkish
  • фәрештәTatar
  • ангел, янголUkrainian
  • فرشتہUrdu
  • thiên thần Vietnamese
  • andjeWalloon
  • מלאךYiddish
  • 天使 Chinese

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