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How to say coach


Pronounce Coach as K OW AH K HH.

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Phonetic transcription for coach

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of coach: | koʊækh |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of coach: | cɒæch |

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Meanings for coach

a person who trains others when it comes to a particular activity or skill

coach, manager, handler(noun)

(sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team

coach, private instructor, tutor(noun)

a person who gives private instruction (as in singing, acting, etc.)

passenger car, coach, carriage(noun)

a railcar where passengers ride

coach, four-in-hand, coach-and-four(noun)

a carriage pulled by four horses with one driver

bus, autobus, coach, charabanc, double-decker, jitney, motorbus, motorcoach, omnibus, passenger vehicle(verb)

a vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport

"he always rode the bus to work"

coach, train(verb)

teach and supervise (someone); act as a trainer or coach (to), as in sports

"He is training our Olympic team"; "She is coaching the crew"


drive a coach

a person who trains performers or athletes

a coach who is highly respected by all of the baseball players

to give advice and instruction to (someone) regarding the course or process to be followed

carefully coached her through the home-buying process

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Example Sentences of coach

I used to coach football.

The coach gave me some advice.

My coach eats 6,000

My coach eats 8,000

Well, of course, I would never doubt that my coach is right.

A good coach is like a father to his players.

A good coach is like a parent to the players.

The coach told the players not to eat too much before the game.

The coach urged his team not to be complacent following their four consecutive wins.

The coach gave him some good advice.

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Antonyms for coach

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Coach in different languages

  • ممرن, مدربArabic
  • ваго́нByelorussian
  • треньор тренирам вагон пощенска кола Bulgarian
  • entrenador autocar Catalan
  • kouč trénovat kočár trenér Czech
  • træner Danish
  • trainer bus trainieren kutsche wagen reisebus Überlandbus ausbilden German
  • προπονήτρια προπονώ πούλμαν προπονητής βαγόνι Greek
  • trejnisto Esperanto
  • entrenar coche entrenador entrenadora autocar vagón Spanish
  • کالسکه واگن مربی Persian
  • linja-auto vaunut vaunu bussi valmentaja valmentaa Finnish
  • coche entraîner voiture entraîneur French
  • adestradorGalician
  • אימןHebrew
  • hintó kocsi távolsági autóbusz vagon edző távolsági busz Hungarian
  • վագոն կառք մարզիչ Armenian
  • pelatih Indonesian
  • vettura diligenza allenatore corriera carrozza carrozza ferroviaria allenare addestrare istruttore coach Italian
  • מאמןformer Hebrew
  • 馬車, トレーナー, コーチJapanese
  • ತರಬೇತುದಾರ Kannada
  • 코치, 트레이너Korean
  • erebane antrenor otobûs rahênan fêr kirin erebe vagon rahêner Kurdish
  • raeda Latin
  • kariete rati Latvian
  • тренер тренира кочија вагон Macedonian
  • koc Malay
  • coach trainen opleiden koets trainer reisbus coachen Dutch
  • vogn trener Norwegian
  • autokar trrenować powóz trener kareta Polish
  • treinador treinar autocarro ônibus coche carruagem técnico carreira Portuguese
  • antrenor Romanian
  • повозка коляска экипаж тренер автобус карета дилижанс вагон Russian
  • вагон, kòčija, кочијаSerbo
  • tréner trénovať Slovak
  • kočija, vagon, trener, trenerka, treniratiSlovenian
  • diligens vagn coach buss skjuts tränare träna coacha långfärdsbuss Swedish
  • mkufunzi kocha Swahili
  • பயிற்சியாளர் Tamil
  • โค้ชThai
  • koç Turkish
  • کوچUrdu
  • huấn luyện viên Vietnamese
  • קאַרעטעYiddish
  • 教练 Chinese

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