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Pronounce Train as T R AH IY N.

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Phonetic transcription for train

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of train: | træɪn |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of train: | træɪn |

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Meanings for train

to teach or coach

train, railroad train(noun)

public transport provided by a line of railway cars coupled together and drawn by a locomotive

"express trains don't stop at Princeton Junction"

string, train(noun)

a sequentially ordered set of things or events or ideas in which each successive member is related to the preceding

"a string of islands"; "train of mourners"; "a train of thought"

caravan, train, wagon train(noun)

a procession (of wagons or mules or camels) traveling together in single file

"we were part of a caravan of almost a thousand camels"; "they joined the wagon train for safety"


a series of consequences wrought by an event

"it led to a train of disasters"


piece of cloth forming the long back section of a gown that is drawn along the floor

"the bride's train was carried by her two young nephews"

gearing, gear, geartrain, power train, train(verb)

wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed

"the fool got his tie caught in the geartrain"

train, develop, prepare, educate(verb)

create by training and teaching

"The old master is training world-class violinists"; "we develop the leaders for the future"

train, prepare(verb)

undergo training or instruction in preparation for a particular role, function, or profession

"She is training to be a teacher"; "He trained as a legal aid"

discipline, train, check, condition(verb)

develop (children's) behavior by instruction and practice; especially to teach self-control

"Parents must discipline their children"; "Is this dog trained?"

prepare, groom, train(verb)

educate for a future role or function

"He is grooming his son to become his successor"; "The prince was prepared to become King one day"; "They trained him to be a warrior"

educate, school, train, cultivate, civilize, civilise(verb)

teach or refine to be discriminative in taste or judgment

"Cultivate your musical taste"; "Train your tastebuds"; "She is well schooled in poetry"

aim, take, train, take aim, direct(verb)

point or cause to go (blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment) towards

"Please don't aim at your little brother!"; "He trained his gun on the burglar"; "Don't train your camera on the women"; "Take a swipe at one's opponent"

coach, train(verb)

teach and supervise (someone); act as a trainer or coach (to), as in sports

"He is training our Olympic team"; "She is coaching the crew"


exercise in order to prepare for an event or competition

"She is training for the Olympics"


cause to grow in a certain way by tying and pruning it

"train the vine"

train, rail(verb)

travel by rail or train

"They railed from Rome to Venice"; "She trained to Hamburg"

trail, train(verb)

drag loosely along a surface; allow to sweep the ground

"The toddler was trailing his pants"; "She trained her long scarf behind her"

a body of employees or servants who accompany and wait on a person

a movie star who never goes anywhere without a train of personal assistants to cater to his every whim and need

a group of vehicles traveling together or under one management

a train of supply trucks making its way to the army encampment

a series of persons or things arranged one behind another

already a long train of ticket buyers waiting outside the stadium

a series of things linked together

you've broken my train of thought—now what were we talking about?

to bring to a proper or desired state of fitness

has been training track-and-field athletes at the school for years

to cause to acquire knowledge or skill in some field

will train the students in good study habits

to fix (as one's attention) steadily toward a central objective

train all your thoughts on imagining how you'd score the winning goal in the game

to point or turn (something) toward a target or goal

trained his eyes on the distant bull's-eye

to make competent (as by training, skill, or ability) for a particular office or function

he's so experienced that they usually use him to train new recruits

Example Sentences of train

I have a train to catch.

I think the train will come soon.

I was on the train for twelve hours.

train to Paris.

I asked Tom to meet me at the train station.

I asked Tom to drive me to the train station.

Could you give me a lift to the train station?

I met him by chance on the train this morning.

The train left before I arrived at the station.

I asked Tom to wait for me at the train station.

Synonyms for train

geartrain gear railroad train gearing wagon train caravan power train string strand bowed stringed instrument cosmic string twine chain drawing string drawstring van gear wheel geared wheel gear mechanism appurtenance cogwheel paraphernalia rail rise originate coach prepare get build up civilise cook fix develop uprise get up gear up organize take recrudesce civilize make arise spring up modernize grow take aim evolve trail groom aim explicate direct organise produce germinate ready set up school discipline modernise make grow cultivate break condition formulate set machinate educate devise acquire check tally checker ensure correct qualify mark watch look into crack check up on go over tick off match tick fit specify stop correspond determine see agree assure turn back check into control check out learn hold back curb hold arrest see to it chequer gibe mark off stipulate delay hold in check off suss out ascertain find out check over jibe contain sort out retard moderate insure dress curry neaten naturalise work domesticate naturalize tame crop require read occupy subscribe to rent withdraw shoot for lead ingest mastermind carry deal assume engineer have choose fill aspire calculate consume drive hire place consider need study pick out steer send contract adopt film remove purpose orchestrate lease take on point take up bring strike use up select engage claim demand channelize manoeuvre head channelise get hold of propose exact take away pack call for take in submit convey shoot charter manoeuver address draw a bead on target subscribe necessitate involve look at postulate accept purport guide admit ask maneuver conduct vituperate vilify inveigh revile rail off rail in fulminate give chase chase after shack get behind chase drop back tail go after dog track tag drag hang back drop behind drill enlighten give instruction give lessons inculcate indoctrinate inform initiate instill instruct nurture teach tutor rear accustom habituate inure exercise prose bend suite procession retinue cortege course series draw haul tug breed bring up break in use familiarize staff followers CORTÈGE body of attendants succession consecution process method order line trains tren training form railway formation subway forming trainset convoy tensile forms cortège entourage following posse armada cavalcade fleet motorcade column cue file queue range catena catenation concatenation nexus progression sequence season lesson center concentrate fasten focus rivet cast level pinpoint equip

Antonyms for train

Train in different languages

  • адәыҕбаAbkhazian
  • trein Afrikaans
  • قِطَارArabic
  • qatarAzerbaijani
  • цягні́к, параво́зByelorussian
  • влак Bulgarian
  • ট্রেনBengali
  • karavanenn, trenBreton
  • entrenar tren Catalan
  • trénovat cvičit vlak Czech
  • hyfforddi treinio anelu dysgu ymarfer gosgordd dilyniant trên cerbydres Welch
  • træne øve optog række slæb tog kæde Danish
  • trainieren lehren zielen üben eisenbahn zug gedankenfolge German
  • εκπαιδεύω εξασκώ ασκούμαι προπονούμαι προπονώ εξασκούμαι γυμνάζομαι ασκώ στρέφω ακολουθία αλληλουχία τραίνο τρένο αμαξοστοιχία ουρά ειρμός Greek
  • trejni trajno vagonaro Esperanto
  • entrenar entrenarse tren Spanish
  • rong Estonian
  • قطار ترن Persian
  • harjoitella ohjata opettaa suunnata kouluttaa harjoittaa jono ketju pulssijono juna kulkue sarja laahus Finnish
  • togFaeroese
  • exercer pointer s'entraîner former entraîner dompter s'exercer traîne train caravane French
  • traein Irish
  • trèan, teagaisgScots Gaelic
  • adestrar, trenGalician
  • תירגל, תרגל, התאמן, רַכֶּבֶת, שיירהHebrew
  • रेलगाड़ी ट्रेन गाड़ी Hindi
  • edz kiképez vonat pulzus karaván Hungarian
  • գնացք երթ թափոր Armenian
  • trainar, traino, caravanaInterlingua
  • kereta api Indonesian
  • edukar, trenoEsperanto
  • lest Icelandic
  • esercitarsi allenare treno carovana Italian
  • 訓練, 照準, 練習, 鍛える, 汽車, 連続, 電車, トレーン, 行列, 尾, 列車Japanese
  • მატარებელი Georgian
  • mogithi
  • поездKazakh
  • រទេះភ្លើងCambodian
  • 열차, 列車, 기차, 汽車Korean
  • شه‌مه‌نه‌فه‌ر Kurdish
  • trengreek
  • поездKirghiz
  • asporto hamaxostichus Latin
  • ZuchLuxembourgish
  • ລົດໄຟLao
  • traukinys Lithuanian
  • trenēties apmācīt karavāna vilciens Latvian
  • tereinaMaori
  • низа воз Macedonian
  • പരിശീലിയ്ക്കുക തീവണ്ടി Malayalam
  • галт тэрэгMongolian
  • keretapi kereta api tren Malay
  • မီးရထားBurmese
  • trainen oefenen stoet trein sleep karavaan rij Dutch
  • trene mosjonere øve tog Norwegian
  • kǫʼ naʼałbąąsiiNavajo, Navaho
  • ishkodewidaabaanOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • поездOssetian, Ossetic
  • ćwiczyć trenować przesuwać się wycelować świta układ łańcuch zespół tren pociąg orszak ciąg seria sznur ogon Polish
  • instruir exercitar-se treinar praticar comboio sequência arrasto trem série Portuguese
  • tren Romanian
  • учи́ться научи́ться обучи́ться учи́ть натренирова́ться тренирова́ться обуча́ться научи́ть обуча́ть обучи́ть парово́з карава́н проце́ссия се́рия цепо́чка шлейф по́езд сви́та верени́ца корте́ж череда́ трен Russian
  • обучавати, обучавати се, obučavati se, obučavati, влак, voz, свита, пратња, шлеп, воз, vlak, svita, pratnja, šlepSerbo
  • කෝච්චියSinghalese
  • vlak Slovak
  • vlakSlovenian
  • tren Albanian
  • öva tåga träna tåg kedja persontåg pulståg godståg Swedish
  • gari moshi treni Swahili
  • ரயில் Tamil
  • поездTajik
  • รถไฟThai
  • otly, türgenleşmekTurkmen
  • magsanay, trenTagalog
  • tren katar Turkish
  • پويىزUigur
  • по́їздUkrainian
  • ریل گاڑی, گاڑی, ٹرینUrdu
  • poezdUzbek
  • tàu hỏa xe lửa Vietnamese

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