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Pronounce Comrade as K OW M R AH D EH.

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Phonetic transcription for comrade

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of comrade: | koʊmrædɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of comrade: | cɒmrædɛ |

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Meanings for comrade

one who shares an experience or duty

companion, comrade, fellow, familiar, associate(noun)

a friend who is frequently in the company of another

"drinking companions"; "comrades in arms"


a fellow member of the Communist Party

brother, comrade(noun)

used as a term of address for those male persons engaged in the same movement

"Greetings, comrade!"

a person frequently seen in the company of another

the boy, and two others who are known to be his comrades, are wanted for questioning by the police

a person who has a strong liking for and trust in another

we expect to be comrades for the rest of our lives

an adherent or advocate of an economic system in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

a novel about an aging comrade's eventual disenchantment with communism and its excesses

Example Sentences of comrade

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Antonyms for comrade

Comrade in different languages

  • رَفِيقArabic
  • yoldaşAzerbaijani
  • иптәшBashkir
  • тава́рышByelorussian
  • друга́р друга́рка Bulgarian
  • কমরেডBengali
  • བློ་མཐུནTibetan
  • camarada Catalan
  • soudružka soudruh kamarád Czech
  • kammerat Danish
  • genosse genossin kamerad German
  • συνάδελφος συστρατιώτης σύντροφος συντρόφισσα συμπολεμιστής συναδέλφισσα Greek
  • kamarado Esperanto
  • camarada compañera compañero Spanish
  • seltsimees Estonian
  • هم‌رزم رفیق Persian
  • toveri Finnish
  • camarade French
  • comrádaí Irish
  • חברHebrew
  • कामरेड साथी Hindi
  • elvtárs elvtársnő Hungarian
  • ընկեր Armenian
  • kamerad Indonesian
  • félagi Icelandic
  • compagno Italian
  • 同志Japanese
  • ამხანაგი Georgian
  • жолдасKazakh
  • មិត្តCambodian
  • 同志, 동무, 동지Korean
  • жолдошKirghiz
  • comes commilito comitis socius Latin
  • bendražygis bičiulis bendražygė draugas draugė bičiulė Lithuanian
  • biedrs Latvian
  • дру́гар дру́гарка со́борец Macedonian
  • нөхөрMongolian
  • कमरेड साथी Nepali
  • maat kameraad makker strijdmakker Dutch
  • kamerat Norwegian
  • towarzyszka towarzysz kamrat kompan Polish
  • camarada parceiro companheiro Portuguese
  • masiQuechua
  • tovarăș camarad Romanian
  • това́рищ камара́д товарищ Russian
  • друг, drugSerbo
  • súdružka súdruh druh družka Slovak
  • tovariš, tovarišicaSlovenian
  • shok Albanian
  • kamrat Swedish
  • ndugu Swahili
  • தோழரே Tamil
  • рафиқ‍Tajik
  • สหายThai
  • ýoldaşTurkmen
  • kasamaTagalog
  • yoldaş Turkish
  • това́ришUkrainian
  • safdosh, oʻrtoqUzbek
  • đồng chí 同志 Vietnamese
  • חבֿרYiddish

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