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Pronounce Doll as D OW L L.

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Phonetic transcription for doll

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of doll: | doʊll |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of doll: | dɒll |

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Meanings for doll

a considerate person who is generous and helpful

doll, dolly(noun)

a small replica of a person; used as a toy

dame, doll, wench, skirt, chick, bird(noun)

informal terms for a (young) woman

a small figure often of a human being used especially as a child's plaything

there was a row of dolls along the shelf in the bedroom

a physically attractive person

her new boyfriend is a real doll

Example Sentences of doll

I made a doll for Ann.

This doll belongs to me.

She made the doll for me.

Mother made a doll for me.

Mom bought a pretty doll for me.

This doll is a gift from my aunt.

This doll was a gift from my aunt.

Show me the doll that you bought yesterday.

He gave me this doll in token of his gratitude.

Tom snatched the doll away from Mary.

Antonyms for doll

Doll in different languages

  • pop Afrikaans
  • دميةArabic
  • kukla, gəlincikAzerbaijani
  • ҡурсаҡBashkir
  • ля́лькаByelorussian
  • ку́кла Bulgarian
  • পুতুলBengali
  • merc'hodennBreton
  • nina Catalan
  • panenka panna Czech
  • dukke Danish
  • puppe German
  • κούκλα Greek
  • pupo Esperanto
  • muñeca Spanish
  • nukk Estonian
  • panpinaBasque
  • عروسک Persian
  • nukke Finnish
  • dukkaFaeroese
  • poupée French
  • bábóg áilleagán Irish
  • liùghagScots Gaelic
  • moneca, moneco, boneco, bonecaGalician
  • babbanManx
  • בובהHebrew
  • गुड़िया Hindi
  • baba Hungarian
  • տիկնիկ Armenian
  • boneka Indonesian
  • pupeoEsperanto
  • dúkka brúða Icelandic
  • bambola Italian
  • בּוּבָּהformer Hebrew
  • 人形Japanese
  • თოჯინა დედოფალა Georgian
  • қуыршақKazakh
  • កូនក្រមុំCambodian
  • 인형Korean
  • بووکه‌ شووشه‌ Kurdish
  • куурчакKirghiz
  • pupa Latin
  • PoppLuxembourgish
  • ຕຸກກະຕາLao
  • lėlė Lithuanian
  • lelle Latvian
  • tāreMaori
  • ку́кла Macedonian
  • хүүхэлдэйMongolian
  • बाहुलीMarathi
  • anak patung Malay
  • အရုပ်Burmese
  • dukke, dokke
  • pop Dutch
  • dokke
  • awééshchíínNavajo, Navaho
  • monacaOccitan
  • କଣ୍ଢାଇOriya
  • kukła lalka Polish
  • boneca boneco Portuguese
  • păpușă Romanian
  • ку́кла пупс пу́псик ля́лька Russian
  • kukla, кукла, lȕtka, луткаSerbo
  • බෝනික්කාSinghalese
  • bábika Slovak
  • lutkaSlovenian
  • kukull Albanian
  • docka Swedish
  • பொம்மை Tamil
  • బొమ్మTegulu
  • зоча, лӯхтакTajik
  • ตุ๊กตาThai
  • gurjak, emzikTurkmen
  • manikaTagalog
  • ninik kukla oyuncak bebek bebek Turkish
  • курчакTatar
  • қорчақ, قورچاقUigur
  • ля́лькаUkrainian
  • گڑیاUrdu
  • qoʻgʻirchoqUzbek
  • búp bê Vietnamese
  • popene, popeWalloon
  • טאָק, ליאַלקע, טעקלYiddish

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