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Pronounce Baby as B AH B Y.

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Phonetic transcription for baby

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of baby: | bæbj |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of baby: | bæbʌ |

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Meanings for baby

baby, babe, infant(noun)

a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk

"the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"


the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young)

"the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"

child, baby(noun)

an immature childish person

"he remained a child in practical matters as long as he lived"; "stop being a baby!"


an unborn child; a human fetus

"I felt healthy and very feminine carrying the baby"; "it was great to feel my baby moving about inside"

baby, babe, sister(noun)

(slang) sometimes used as a term of address for attractive young women


a very young mammal

"baby rabbits"


a project of personal concern to someone

"this project is his baby"

pamper, featherbed, cosset, cocker, baby, coddle, mollycoddle, spoil, indulge(verb)

treat with excessive indulgence

"grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

a recently born person

the baby is just learning to sit up, so be careful

a member of the human race

I don't care what you want, there'll be no more work for this baby today

a successful result brought about by hard work

a small film that was a labor of love and the baby that the director was proudest of

a person who makes frequent complaints usually about little things

don't be such a baby—the shot didn't hurt that much

to treat with great or excessive care he babied his car, faithfully washing it every week

if you baby him he'll never learn to take care of himself

Example Sentences of baby

The baby smiled at me.

My wife had a baby last week.

Taking care of the baby is my job.

My sister is having a baby in June.

My cousin is having a baby next month.

I did the washing while the baby was sleeping.

My baby kicks very hard.

I ate with my baby brother.

I was a baby in those days.

I just got the baby to sleep.

Baby in different languages

  • baba Afrikaans
  • حبيب, رضيع, عزيزي, طفلArabic
  • ushagAzerbaijani
  • йәш бала, бала, сабый, бәпәй, бәләкәй балаBashkir
  • дзіця́, немаўля́Byelorussian
  • бебешки бе́бе Bulgarian
  • শিশুBengali
  • པུ་གུTibetan
  • babig, poupigBreton
  • benjamí nadó bebè Catalan
  • miminko děťátko dítě Czech
  • baban Welch
  • baby spædbarn pattebarn Danish
  • süß schatz säugling kleinkind baby schätzchen German
  • βρέφος μωρό μωρός νήπιο μπέμπα Greek
  • beba bebo porbeba Esperanto
  • nene bebe niño benjamina benjamín niña nena guagua Spanish
  • beebi pesamuna Estonian
  • jaioberriBasque
  • بچه کُره ته تُغاری توله کودک عزیزم Persian
  • kulta hani lapsi kuopus poika pikkulapsi silmäterä poikanen beibi kultsi vauva pentu Finnish
  • vøggubarn, pinkubarn, havingarbarn, nýføðingurFaeroese
  • bébé pour bébé beau benjamin chou petit belle benjamine French
  • poppeFrisian
  • leanbh Irish
  • rùn, gràdh, pàisde, leanaban, mìlseachd, leannan, naoidhean, leanabh, rùnag, gaolScots Gaelic
  • bebéGalician
  • גור, מותק, תינוקת, תינוקHebrew
  • शिशु बच्चा Hindi
  • bébi csecsemő baba Hungarian
  • պուպսիկ երեխա մանուկ մանկիկ Armenian
  • bebe, babyInterlingua
  • bayi Indonesian
  • bebeo, infantetoEsperanto
  • ungabarn kornabarn ungbarn Icelandic
  • cucciolo bella bebè bimbo tesoro bambino bimba bambina to a woman per i bimbi piccolo bello Italian
  • ᐱᐊᔮᖅ, ᓄᑕᕋᖅ, ᒥᕋᔪᖅInuktitut
  • תִינוֹקformer Hebrew
  • ダーリン, 幼児, 赤ん坊, ベビー, 嬰児, 赤ちゃんJapanese
  • bayi
  • ბალღი ჩვილი Georgian
  • mwana
  • сәби, балаKazakh
  • piaraq, naalungiarsukGreenlandic
  • កូនង៉ា, កូនង៉ែតCambodian
  • ಬೇಬಿ Kannada
  • 유아, 아기, 아가Korean
  • به‌چکه‌ Kurdish
  • наристе, балаKirghiz
  • infans gloria Latin
  • BëbeeLuxembourgish
  • kūdikis Lithuanian
  • zīdaine mazulis bēbis pastarītis pastaris zīdainis rūpju bērns Latvian
  • pōtiki, tamahou, hinehou, pēpiMaori
  • дете бебешки младо детенце бебе мало Macedonian
  • വാവ Malayalam
  • нярай хүүхэд, нялх хүүхэдMongolian
  • बाळMarathi
  • anak sayang anak kecil bayi Malay
  • tarbijaMaltese
  • baby, spedbarn
  • baby kindje kleintje wiegenkind nieuwgeborene benjamin liefje schatje geborene boreling stuk pasgeborene zuigeling kleuter lieverd jong Dutch
  • baby, spedbarn
  • baby Norwegian
  • awééʼ, lókʼeeshchąąʼíNavajo, Navaho
  • nenetOccitan
  • biibii, abinoojiiyensOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • ଶିଶୁOriya
  • kochanie dzieciuch niemowlak mała niemowlę bejbe maluch dziecko Polish
  • querido filhote bebê benjamim nenê docinho criancinha Portuguese
  • mic bebeluș copilului frumoaso iubitule iubire copil mezina iubito imatur pui bebe mezin drăguță Romanian
  • ми́лый малю́тка ребёнок де́тка малы́ш детёныш малы́шка кро́шка младе́нец милый пу́псик дитя́ де́тский детка Russian
  • новорођенче, малишан, odojče, дојенче, beba, одојче, mališan, детенце, бебa, dojenče, novorođenče, detenceSerbo
  • bábätko dojča bábä dieťa Slovak
  • nuunoSomali
  • foshnja Albanian
  • leseaSesotho
  • unge bäbis spädbarn baby bebis Swedish
  • mtoto mwana Swahili
  • குழந்தை Tamil
  • పిల్ల, బుజ్జాయి, శిశువు, దూడ, పసిపాప, మానస పుత్రిక, పిల్లాడుTegulu
  • เด็กทารก, เด็กอ่อน, เด็กน้อย, ทารกThai
  • sanggol, bebotTagalog
  • pēpēTonga
  • bebek yavru Turkish
  • бәбәй, бәбиTatar
  • akokoaTwi
  • немовля́, дити́на, ля́лька, дитинаUkrainian
  • بچہ, بچهUrdu
  • em bé bé Vietnamese
  • tuülahicil, jikäläb, jicilil, cilil, jiputül, käläb, putül, hisügäb, hiputül, jisügäb, tuülajicil, sügäb, hicilil, tuülacil, hikäläbVolapuk
  • בעיביYiddish
  • 宝宝 Chinese
  • ingane, usana, isinganeZulu

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