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Pronounce Hollow as HH OW L L OW W.

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Phonetic transcription for hollow

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of hollow: | hoʊlloʊw |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of hollow: | hɒllɒw |

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Meanings for hollow

empty on the inside


a cavity or space in something

"hunger had caused the hollows in their cheeks"

hollow, holler(noun)

a small valley between mountains

"he built himself a cabin in a hollow high up in the Appalachians"

hole, hollow(adj)

a depression hollowed out of solid matter


not solid; having a space or gap or cavity

"a hollow wall"; "a hollow tree"; "hollow cheeks"; "his face became gaunter and more hollow with each year"


as if echoing in a hollow space

"the hollow sound of footsteps in the empty ballroom"

empty, hollow, vacuous(verb)

devoid of significance or point

"empty promises"; "a hollow victory"; "vacuous comments"

excavate, dig, hollow(verb)

remove the inner part or the core of

"the mining company wants to excavate the hillside"

hollow, hollow out, core out(verb)

remove the interior of

"hollow out a tree trunk"

curved inward

there's a noticeably hollow spot in the mattress where he has been sleeping

a sunken area forming a separate space

made a little hollow in her mound of mashed potatoes and filled it with gravy

an area of lowland between hills or mountains

a quaint village nestled in a hollow among green hills

Example Sentences of hollow

The fox hid in the hollow tree.

Hollow in different languages

  • hollowAfar
  • أجوفArabic
  • dutý dutina prohlubeň bezobsažný prázdnota nesmyslný prázdný Czech
  • cau Welch
  • hul dyb hule Danish
  • hohl höhle German
  • ψεύτικος βαθούλωμα κούφιος υπόκωφος κενό κοίλος Greek
  • kava Esperanto
  • sordo hondonada hueco resonante hundido depresión falso ahuecado vacío Spanish
  • õõnes Estonian
  • کاواک پوک توخالی Persian
  • ontto Finnish
  • insignifiant creux vide French
  • sloc, falamhScots Gaelic
  • खोखला Hindi
  • üreges Hungarian
  • berongga Indonesian
  • cavo cavità incavo Italian
  • חָלוּלformer Hebrew
  • 空虚, むなしい, 虚ろ, くぼむ, 虚脱感, 中空, 空洞, 窪地, こもる, 空っぽ, 不誠実, ホローJapanese
  • 구멍Korean
  • kowgreek
  • cavus inanis vacuus lacus Latin
  • huelLuxembourgish
  • duobė dauba tuščiaviduris tuščias įduba Lithuanian
  • dobums tukšs Latvian
  • hull, innhul, hol, hul, grop, dyp
  • laagte hol leeg Dutch
  • grop, hol, djup, innhol
  • hul Norwegian
  • pusty nizina głuchy niecka pustka wydrążony Polish
  • vazio oco depressão vão Portuguese
  • gol Romanian
  • полый пустота бессодержательный выемка яма пустой выбоина впадина низина глухой углубление Russian
  • ihålig grop tom Swedish
  • வெற்று Tamil
  • డొల్ల, శుష్క, బోలుTegulu
  • กลวงThai
  • oyuk Turkish
  • пороUkrainian
  • کھوکھلا, کھوکھلیUrdu
  • rỗng Vietnamese
  • פּוסטYiddish
  • 空洞 Chinese

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