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Meanings for job

occupation, business, job, line of work, line(noun)

the principal activity in your life that you do to earn money

"he's not in my line of business"

job, task, chore(noun)

a specific piece of work required to be done as a duty or for a specific fee

"estimates of the city's loss on that job ranged as high as a million dollars"; "the job of repairing the engine took several hours"; "the endless task of classifying the samples"; "the farmer's morning chores"


a workplace; as in the expression "on the job";


an object worked on; a result produced by working

"he held the job in his left hand and worked on it with his right"


the responsibility to do something

"it is their job to print the truth"


the performance of a piece of work

"she did an outstanding job as Ophelia"; "he gave it up as a bad job"


a damaging piece of work

"dry rot did the job of destroying the barn"; "the barber did a real job on my hair"

problem, job(noun)

a state of difficulty that needs to be resolved

"she and her husband are having problems"; "it is always a job to contact him"; "urban problems such as traffic congestion and smog"


a Jewish hero in the Old Testament who maintained his faith in God in spite of afflictions that tested him


any long-suffering person who withstands affliction without despairing


(computer science) a program application that may consist of several steps but is a single logical unit

Job, Book of Job(noun)

a book in the Old Testament containing Job's pleas to God about his afflictions and God's reply

caper, job(verb)

a crime (especially a robbery)

"the gang pulled off a bank job in St. Louis"


profit privately from public office and official business

subcontract, farm out, job(verb)

arranged for contracted work to be done by others


work occasionally

"As a student I jobbed during the semester breaks"

speculate, job(verb)

invest at a risk

"I bought this house not because I want to live in it but to sell it later at a good price, so I am speculating"

an assignment at which one regularly works for pay

a high-paying job as a banker

a piece of work that needs to be done regularly

taking the trash out is one of my jobs

a specific task with which a person or group is charged

your job on this committee is to review the curriculum and suggest changes

the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used or for which a thing exists

a coffeemaker's job is to make coffee, and this overpriced machine doesn't do it very well

a dull, unpleasant, or difficult piece of work

boy, doing all that filing was a real job

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Example Sentences of job

My job is safe.

I have a job to do.

I want my job back.

I have a job for you.

You make my job easy.

I got my old job back.

I turned the job down.

I have a job to finish.

This job is killing me.

I hate my job sometimes.

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Synonyms for job

personal credit line occupancy cable business billet stemma commercial enterprise business concern ancestry byplay agate line business organisation stage business lineage crinkle stock task telephone circuit clientele seam bloodline course crease melodic line air channel short letter line of products assembly line contrast problem patronage product line business sector military control blood bank line tune line of merchandise personal line of credit concern melody strain dividing line transmission line moving in caper line of descent chore argumentation logical argument phone line furrow rail line parentage wrinkle descent blood line melodic phrase occupation line of business pedigree pipeline line of credit line business line railway line demarcation subscriber line origin business organization communication channel telephone line credit line production line business enterprise line of reasoning line of work note argument project undertaking labor trouble joke trick play put on frolic antic romp prank capriole gambol subcontract speculate farm out rent out hire out hypothecate contemplate theorise conjecture reflect chew over excogitate suppose hypothesise mull over think over ponder theorize muse ruminate hypothesize meditate mull affair art avocation barter calling commerce craft duty employment handicraft profession trade trading traffic transaction vocation work piece of work do job work work at jobs jobs working labour post position posts use workplace gig occupational vocational travail professional tasks positions employed mission appointment berth capacity connection function place situation assignment brief charge detail operation part purpose role rôle bear beast headache killer

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Antonyms for job

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Job in different languages

  • مهنة, مهمة, وظيفة, عملArabic
  • рабо́та, працаByelorussian
  • задача рабо́та ра́бота пласти́чна опера́ция зада́ча занаят Bulgarian
  • feina treball Catalan
  • práce Czech
  • swydd tasg Welch
  • beruf aufgabe stelle auftrag job anstellung arbeit jobben German
  • δουλειά πλαστική εργασία -πλαστική Greek
  • metio tasko Esperanto
  • camello trabajo curro talacha tarea chamba laburo empleo pega Spanish
  • töö Estonian
  • شغل Persian
  • työ tehtävä jobata keikkailla pilkkoa tehdä hävitä keikkatyö pätkätyö Finnish
  • boulot -plastie métier travail plastie tâche job emploi poste French
  • obair, cosnadh, dreuchd, carScots Gaelic
  • tarefaGalician
  • עבודהHebrew
  • काम Hindi
  • állás munka feladat beosztás Hungarian
  • գործ աշխատանք պաշտոն առաջադրանք Armenian
  • starf verkefni vinna verk Icelandic
  • compito lavoro mestiere Italian
  • ジョブ, バイト, 仕事Japanese
  • ការងារCambodian
  • 직업, 일자리Korean
  • negotium Latin
  • ນັກງານ, ງານLao
  • darbas Lithuanian
  • darbs Latvian
  • ра́бота Macedonian
  • ажилMongolian
  • pekerjaan Malay
  • job werk beroep taak baan Dutch
  • jobb Norwegian
  • zajęcie praca zadanie Polish
  • trabalho serviço emprego tarefa job plástica empreitar Portuguese
  • рабо́та до́лжность зада́ча де́ло заня́тие Russian
  • posao, рад, посао, radSerbo
  • práca Slovak
  • deloSlovenian
  • jobb arbete uppdrag anställning uppgift tjänst jobba Swedish
  • வேலை Tamil
  • ఉద్యోగముTegulu
  • การ, การงาน, งานThai
  • trabaho, gawain, hanapbuhayTagalog
  • görev iş vazife Turkish
  • пра́ця, робо́таUkrainian
  • کامUrdu
  • công việc Vietnamese
  • vobodVolapuk

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