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Pronounce Detail as D EH T AH IY L.

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Phonetic transcription for detail

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of detail: | dɛtæɪl |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of detail: | dɛtæɪl |

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Meanings for detail

include all the facts completely about something

detail, item, point(noun)

an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole

"several of the details are similar"; "a point of information"

detail, particular, item(noun)

a small part that can be considered separately from the whole

"it was perfect in all details"


extended treatment of particulars

"the essay contained too much detail"


a crew of workers selected for a particular task

"a detail was sent to remove the fallen trees"

contingent, detail(verb)

a temporary military unit

"the peacekeeping force includes one British contingent"


provide details for


assign to a specific task

"The ambulances were detailed to the fire station"

a separate part in a list, account, or series

every detail was accounted for

a single piece of information

didn't leave out a single detail in his police report on the burglary

a small military unit with a special task or function

the officer sent out a detail to patrol the perimeter of the compound

a specific task with which a person or group is charged

the soldier was placed on guard detail at the border crossing

to assign to a place or position

once again he was detailed to guard duty

to pick (someone) by one's authority for a specific position or duty

the new assistant was detailed to accompany the boss on the business trip

to specify one after another

detailed all of the reasons that the plan was a bad idea

Example Sentences of detail

Explain to me in detail how it happened.

Tom explained in detail how to do it.

He described the accident in detail to the police.

You must pay attention to every minute detail from now on.

Tom explained in detail what he had seen.

Tom is a stickler for detail and is ideally suited for his job as a proofreader.

The engineer knew every minute detail about the new model.

We should discuss this topic in more detail at the next meeting.

The police made the witness explain in detail how the accident had happened.

He explained in detail what he had seen.

Antonyms for detail

Detail in different languages

  • detalle
  • تفصيل, تفاصيلArabic
  • детайлност подробност детайл излагам подробно Bulgarian
  • detall Catalan
  • detail podrobnost Czech
  • detalje detaljer Danish
  • einzelheit detail detaillisieren German
  • informoj detalo detalaro Esperanto
  • detalle destacamento Spanish
  • täpselt selgitama Estonian
  • yksityiskohta epäolennaisuus detalji henkilötiedot selittää yksityiskohtaisesti tarkentaa määrätä selittää tarkasti komennus komentaa Finnish
  • détail coordonnées détails détachement détailler French
  • detalleGalician
  • פרטים, פרטHebrew
  • kirendel részlet részletez Hungarian
  • մանրամաս մանրուք Armenian
  • detalio, detaliarInterlingua
  • smáatriði Icelandic
  • dettaglio particolare minuzia dettagliare Italian
  • დეტალი წვრილმანი Georgian
  • smulkmena detalė Lithuanian
  • āmikiMaori
  • perincian butiran Malay
  • detail detachement kleinigheid persoonsgegevens Dutch
  • detalhe minúcias identificação Portuguese
  • тонкость деталь наряд расчёт подробность Russian
  • detachera kommendering oväsentlighet oväsentlig sak detalj specificera beskriva avdela detaljerat detachement detaljer kommendera räkna upp utkommendering ta ut information enskildhet upplysning Swedish
  • వివరం, విశదీకరించుTegulu
  • деталь, нарядUkrainian
  • 细节 Chinese

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