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Meanings for lunch

lunch, luncheon, tiffin, dejeuner(verb)

a midday meal


take the midday meal

"At what time are you lunching?"


provide a midday meal for

"She lunched us well"

the middle of the day

every Wednesday at lunch time the museum offers a free lecture or musical performance

to discharge the contents of the stomach through the mouth

After riding the rollercoaster, I felt like I was going to lose my lunch.

having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind

That old fellow is out to lunch if he believes those stories about a giant creature living in the lake.

showing or marked by a lack of good sense or judgment

He thought anyone who wanted to go skydiving was out to lunch.

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Example Sentences of lunch

Have lunch with me.

I had lunch with Tom.

I have lunch at noon.

I ate lunch in a hurry.

I make lunch every day.

Can I eat my lunch here?

I ate lunch two hours ago.

I ate my lunch in the park.

I had lunch with Tom today.

I have lunch plans with Tom.

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Antonyms for lunch

balanced compos mentis sane sound uncrazy judicious prudent sagacious sage sane sapient sensible sound wise

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Lunch in different languages

  • middagete Afrikaans
  • غداءArabic
  • günorta yeməyiAzerbaijani
  • абе́д, паабедаць, абедацьByelorussian
  • обядвам обя́д Bulgarian
  • লাঞ্চBengali
  • merennañ, merennBreton
  • dinar Catalan
  • oběd obědvat Czech
  • cinio bach Welch
  • frokost spise Danish
  • lunch mittagessen zu mittag essen lunchen German
  • μεσημεριανό γευματίζω γεύμα Greek
  • meztagmanĝaĵo Esperanto
  • almorzar comida almuerzo Spanish
  • lõunastama lõuna Estonian
  • bazkaldu, bazkariBasque
  • ناهار Persian
  • lounastaa lounas Finnish
  • lunch déjeuner dîner prendre déjeuner luncher French
  • lón lón a ithe Irish
  • diathadScots Gaelic
  • xantarGalician
  • ארוחת צהרייםHebrew
  • लंच Hindi
  • ebéd ebédel Hungarian
  • լանչ Armenian
  • prandio, prander, luncharInterlingua
  • qitiqquutaq, aiḷiłiqInupiaq
  • dejuno, dejuneto, dejunarEsperanto
  • pranzo seconda colazione pranzare Italian
  • 昼ご飯, 昼, 昼食, ランチ, [[昼食]][[を]][[とる]]Japanese
  • მეორე საუზმე ლანჩი Georgian
  • អាហារថ្ងៃត្រង់Cambodian
  • 중식, 中食, 점심, 點心Korean
  • firavîn نانی نیوه‌ڕۆ Kurdish
  • prandium Latin
  • ອາຫານທ່ຽງLao
  • pietūs Lithuanian
  • pusdienas Latvian
  • tinaMaori
  • ру́чек руча Macedonian
  • makan tengahari Malay
  • iklaMaltese
  • နေ့လယ်စာBurmese
  • lunch middageten dineren licht middagmaal lunchen Dutch
  • lunsj Norwegian
  • jeść obiad obiad Polish
  • almoço almoçar Portuguese
  • prânz prânzi Romanian
  • ланч обедать обе́д второ́й за́втрак ленч пообедать Russian
  • مانجھاندوSindhi
  • обед, ručak, ручак, obedSerbo
  • obedovať obed Slovak
  • kosilo, obed, južinaSlovenian
  • drekë sillë silloj drekoj Albanian
  • lunch middag luncha äta lunch Swedish
  • ข้าวกลางวัน, อาหารเที่ยง, มื้อกลางวัน, อาหารกลางวัน, ข้าวเที่ยง, มื้อเที่ยงThai
  • tanghalianTagalog
  • öğle yemeği Turkish
  • обід, ланчUkrainian
  • bữa ăn trưa bữa trưa ăn trưa Vietnamese
  • koledön, koledVolapuk
  • dinner, marindeWalloon

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