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Pronounce Numb as N UW M B.

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Phonetic transcription for numb

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of numb: | numb |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of numb: | nʊmb |

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Meanings for numb

the decrease or absence of feeling in a body part

asleep(p), benumbed, numb(adj)

lacking sensation

"my foot is asleep"; "numb with cold"

dead(p), numb(p)(adj)

(followed by `to') not showing human feeling or sensitivity; unresponsive

"passersby were dead to our plea for help"; "numb to the cries for mercy"


so frightened as to be unable to move; stunned or paralyzed with terror; petrified

"too numb with fear to move"

numb, benumb, blunt, dull(verb)

make numb or insensitive

"The shock numbed her senses"

lacking in sensation or feeling

I've been sitting in the same position for too long and now my feet are numb

not expressing any emotion

apparently in shock, he answered the police officer's questions with a numb expression on his face

not feeling or showing emotion

years of physical and emotional abuse had rendered the woman numb and withdrawn

to reduce or weaken in strength or feeling

wait for the medication to numb your mouth

Example Sentences of numb

My hands were numb with cold.

My hands are numb from the cold.

An ice pack will numb the pain.

The swimmers were numb with cold.

This shot will help numb the pain.

Numb in different languages

  • خدرArabic
  • вцепенявам вкочанясвам Bulgarian
  • necitlivý Czech
  • taub betäubt gefühllos benommen betäuben starr German
  • ναρκωμένος Greek
  • sensenta Esperanto
  • entumido entumecido entorpecido dormido insensible adormecido Spanish
  • بیحس کرخت Persian
  • puutunut turruttaa puuduttaa tunnoton Finnish
  • engourdi engourdir gourd anesthésier French
  • zsibbadt eltompult meggémberedett kábult dermedt Hungarian
  • անզգա ընդարմացած թմրած Armenian
  • intorpidito intorpidita Italian
  • 無感覚, 麻痺するJapanese
  • გაშეშებული გაფიჩხებული Georgian
  • 마비되는Korean
  • torpēns Latin
  • nejutīgs stings stīvs Latvian
  • in slaap doen verstijfd verdoven verdoofd verkleumd bewusteloos Dutch
  • nummen Norwegian
  • odrętwiały Polish
  • entorpecido Portuguese
  • amorțit amorți Romanian
  • онемелый Russian
  • domnad nummen valen Swedish
  • ชาThai
  • uyuşuk Turkish

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