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Pronounce Savage as S AH V AH G EH.

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Phonetic transcription for savage

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of savage: | sævæɡɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of savage: | sævæɡɛ |

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Meanings for savage

out of control; untamed

savage, barbarian(noun)

a member of an uncivilized people

beast, wolf, savage, brute, wildcat(adj)

a cruelly rapacious person

barbarous, brutal, cruel, fell, roughshod, savage, vicious(adj)

(of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering

"a barbarous crime"; "brutal beatings"; "cruel tortures"; "Stalin's roughshod treatment of the kulaks"; "a savage slap"; "vicious kicks"

feral, ferine, savage(adj)

wild and menacing

"a pack of feral dogs"

barbarian, barbaric, savage, uncivilized, uncivilised, wild(adj)

without civilizing influences

"barbarian invaders"; "barbaric practices"; "a savage people"; "fighting is crude and uncivilized especially if the weapons are efficient"-Margaret Meade; "wild tribes"

ferocious, fierce, furious, savage(verb)

marked by extreme and violent energy

"a ferocious beating"; "fierce fighting"; "a furious battle"


attack brutally and fiercely

savage, blast, pillory, crucify(verb)

criticize harshly or violently

"The press savaged the new President"; "The critics crucified the author for plagiarizing a famous passage"

a mean, evil, or unprincipled person

what kind of savage would hurt a baby?

an uncivilized person

inhabitants of exotic lands were invariably portrayed by early travel writers as savages

not civilized

Tarzan is usually portrayed as a noble but savage warrior of the jungle

having or showing the desire to inflict severe pain and suffering on others

a savage attack on a helpless person

living outdoors without taming or domestication by humans

savage beasts that seemed threatening to the tourists

violently unfriendly or aggressive in disposition

early explorers avoided those areas that were rumored to be inhabited by savage natives

to criticize harshly and usually publicly

book reviewers mercilessly savaged his latest novel

Example Sentences of savage

He demanded that the savage dog be kept tied up.

We were frightened by a savage scream.

A savage tribe lived there in those days.

There are still some savage tribes on that island.

Synonyms for savage

tyke peasant brute wildcat barbarian beast wolf churl boor tike wildcat well masher skirt chaser fauna animal animate being woman chaser creature wild uncivilized fierce deplorable reprehensible fell beastly unrelenting venomous criminal brute(a) condemnable roughshod barbaric evil feral cruel poisonous barbarous vicious furious ferocious heavy handed brutish bestial brutal ferine uncivilised raging gaga violent dotty untamed unfounded tempestuous godforsaken hazardous waste baseless risky angry idle fantastic groundless crazy raving mad unwarranted angered rough trigger happy cutthroat infuriated enraged vehement maddened tearing boisterous bowelless pillory crucify blast dun bedevil subdue gibbet shoot blare nail mortify rag boom knock down frustrate shell torment smash atrocious inhuman merciless rude uncouth uncultivated untaught unpolished heathenish truculent pitiless murderous malevolent sylvan bearish rapacious ravenous sanguinary blood thirsty remorseless unmerciful ruthless relentless hard hearted bloody vandalic sauvage wilderness savagery brutality wild type unbridled uncontrolled baddie baddy caitiff devil evildoer fiend heavy hound knave meanie meany miscreant monster nazi no good rapscallion rascal reprobate rogue scalawag scallywag scamp scapegrace scoundrel varlet villain wretch heathen natural Neanderthal Neandertal uncivil butcherly fiendish heartless inhumane sadistic wanton unbroken undomesticated wilding grim abuse assail attack bash belabor castigate excoriate jump (on) lambaste lambast potshot scathe slam trash vituperate

Savage in different languages

  • همجي, متوحشArabic
  • див брутален безпощаден Bulgarian
  • salvatge Catalan
  • divoch Czech
  • barbar wild roh bestürmen herfallen über unbändig beleidigen barbarisch unbebaut angreifen roher mensch beißen rasend anfallen zerfleischen wüst wütend wilder grausam German
  • άγριος καταδαγκώνω κατασπαράσσω καυτηριάζω πρωτόγονος Greek
  • feroca sovaĝa Esperanto
  • salvaje Spanish
  • وحشی Persian
  • villejä Finnish
  • féroce barbare French
  • brutális civilizálatlan elvetemült barbár kegyetlen műveletlen vérengző vad vadember erőszakos Hungarian
  • վայրենի վայրի վայրագ Armenian
  • biadab Indonesian
  • crudele selvaggio feroce primitivo impietoso brutale Italian
  • 野蛮人, 野蛮なJapanese
  • 野蠻人, 야만인Korean
  • دڕنده‌ Kurdish
  • ferus crudelis saevus barbarus immanis atrox inhumanus silvestris fero Latin
  • беспоштеден жесток дивјачки дивјак Macedonian
  • onbeschaafd barbaars onbeschoft wild Dutch
  • slakte brutal villmann grusom barbarisk rasende vill Norwegian
  • brutalny okrutny zdziczały bestialski dziki barbarzyński dzikus niecywilizowany bezlitosny Polish
  • selvagem Portuguese
  • беспощадный дикарь дикарка дикий варварский дикарский Russian
  • divljakinja, divljakuša, divlje, divljakSerbo
  • ociviliserad vilde barbar okultiverad brutal vild grym barbarisk Swedish
  • người dã man Vietnamese
  • 野蛮人 Chinese

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