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How to say kind


Pronounce Kind as K IY N D.

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Phonetic transcription for kind

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of kind: | kɪnd |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of kind: | kɪnd |

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Meanings for kind

caring; nice

kind, sort, form, variety(adj)

a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality

"sculpture is a form of art"; "what kinds of desserts are there?"


having or showing a tender and considerate and helpful nature; used especially of persons and their behavior

"kind to sick patients"; "a kind master"; "kind words showing understanding and sympathy"; "thanked her for her kind letter"

kind, genial(adj)

agreeable, conducive to comfort

"a dry climate kind to asthmatics"; "the genial sunshine";"hot summer pavements are anything but kind to the feet"

kind, tolerant(adj)

tolerant and forgiving under provocation

"our neighbor was very kind about the window our son broke"

given to or made with heedful anticipation of the needs and happiness of others

providing the grieving widow with a homemade meal was a kind deed

having or marked by sympathy and consideration for others

a kind person who regularly volunteers at the homeless shelter

a number of persons or things that are grouped together because they have something in common

I like that kind of candy

one of the units into which a whole is divided on the basis of a common characteristic

we looked at just about every kind of flooring before deciding which to use in the kitchen

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Example Sentences of kind

I kind of like it.

I kind of like Tom.

I kind of like you.

I kind of liked it.

I kind of miss Tom.

I feel kind of sick.

I kind of liked Tom.

I kind of messed up.

I feel kind of tired.

I kind of liked that.

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Kind in different languages

  • tipe soort Afrikaans
  • نوع, حنون, لطيفة, لطيفArabic
  • প্রজাতি, প্রকারBengali
  • classe tipus maco amable gènere Catalan
  • laskavý Czech
  • caredig mwyn Welch
  • venlig art naturalier natur slags rar Danish
  • sorte liebenswürdig gütig nett aufmerksam lieb freundlich art mild German
  • είδος Greek
  • speco Esperanto
  • forma gentil género amable cariñoso bondadoso clase tipo Spanish
  • tõug liik sort Estonian
  • تیپ گونه نوع مهربان Persian
  • tyyppi säyseä laatu samalla mitalla -lainen oma jonkinlainen ystävällinen luontoissuoritus auttavainen ominainen eräänlainen myötämielinen sävyisä kiltti luokka laji Finnish
  • gentil acabit genre gentille nature sorte favorable French
  • sórt gné Irish
  • seòrsa, gnèScots Gaelic
  • तरह दया प्रकार Hindi
  • kedves Hungarian
  • բարի տեսակ Armenian
  • tegund gerð góður vinalegur Icelandic
  • genere gentile carino tipo Italian
  • 優しい, 種類, 親切Japanese
  • macem
  • სახეობა ტიპი ჯიში Georgian
  • ប្រភេទCambodian
  • 친절하다, 종류Korean
  • جۆڕ Kurdish
  • benignus mitis Latin
  • léif, Zort, Genre, Aart, frëndlechLuxembourgish
  • ຊະນິດLao
  • geras malonus veislė meilus rūšis mielas Lithuanian
  • mīļš šķirne veids laipns suga labs Latvian
  • ദയ Malayalam
  • jenis Malay
  • type ras aardig mooi natura gelijke munt categorie prettig leuk natuur lief gunstig slag mild aard soort genre Dutch
  • vennlig slag snill Norwegian
  • ਵਰਗ ਕਿਸਮ Punjabi
  • typ rasa rodzaj miły Polish
  • categoria raça amável classe género tipo Portuguese
  • gen amabil fel bun drăguț Romanian
  • любезный разновидность род сорт вид добрый Russian
  • कृपाSanskrit
  • ljubazan, dobrodušan, prijatanSerbo
  • prijazenSlovenian
  • sort natura typ snäll art slag Swedish
  • aina Swahili
  • జాతి, రకముTegulu
  • uriTagalog
  • tür Turkish
  • نوعUrdu
  • loại Vietnamese
  • vayant, vayante, djinti, djinteyeWalloon
  • Chinese

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