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Meanings for seal

to fasten something shut

sealing wax, seal(noun)

fastener consisting of a resinous composition that is plastic when warm; used for sealing documents and parcels and letters

seal, stamp(noun)

a device incised to make an impression; used to secure a closing or to authenticate documents

seal, sealskin(noun)

the pelt or fur (especially the underfur) of a seal

"a coat of seal"

Navy SEAL, SEAL(noun)

a member of a Naval Special Warfare unit who is trained for unconventional warfare

"SEAL is an acronym for Sea Air and Land"


a stamp affixed to a document (as to attest to its authenticity or to seal it)

"the warrant bore the sheriff's seal"

cachet, seal, seal of approval(noun)

an indication of approved or superior status


a finishing coat applied to exclude moisture


fastener that provides a tight and perfect closure


any of numerous marine mammals that come on shore to breed; chiefly of cold regions

seal, seal off(verb)

make tight; secure against leakage

"seal the windows"


close with or as if with a seal

"She sealed the letter with hot wax"


decide irrevocably

"sealing dooms"


affix a seal to

"seal the letter"

varnish, seal(verb)

cover with varnish


hunt seals

an official mark that is stamped on paper or on a small piece of wax to show that something (such as a document) is genuine and has been officially approved

The paperwork must have a notary's seal.

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Example Sentences of seal

I can seal the leak.

Add a few words before I seal the letter.

Let me add a few words before you seal the letter.

Seal the room.

There was a seal on the shore.

When Tobita gives a plan his seal of approval, the client accepts it at first glance.

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Seal in different languages

  • seehond Afrikaans
  • فقمة, ختمArabic
  • suitiAzerbaijani
  • цюленьByelorussian
  • reunigBreton
  • foca segell segellar Catalan
  • tuleň pečeť lachtan Czech
  • sæl Danish
  • dichtung seehund petschaft robbe siegel German
  • xeEstonian
  • σφραγίζω σφράγισμα σφραγίδα στεγανοποίηση φώκια Greek
  • foko sigelo Esperanto
  • empaquetadura zapatilla empaque foca sello sellar junta cierre Spanish
  • hüljes Estonian
  • فک مهر Persian
  • sinetöidä sulkea tiiviste leima sinetti hylje tiivistää tiiviys hylkeitä Finnish
  • kópurFaeroese
  • cacheter phoque sceau sceller joint French
  • rón Irish
  • ròn, seulaScots Gaelic
  • foca, selo, selarGalician
  • fóka pecsét Hungarian
  • կնքել ծովաշուն փոկ կնիք Armenian
  • anjing laut lambang tutup segel Indonesian
  • innsigla selur innsigli Icelandic
  • interdire sancire chiudere otaria guarnizione piombare chiudere ermeticamente sigillo suggellare sigillare bollo isolare timbro recintare foca Italian
  • חותםformer Hebrew
  • 封印, 海豹, 印章, 璽, アザラシ, 判, 封緘, 封Japanese
  • ბეჭედი Georgian
  • итбалықKazakh
  • puisiGreenlandic
  • 물개, 물범, 도장Korean
  • phoca sigillum Latin
  • SéihondLuxembourgish
  • ruonis Lithuanian
  • ronis Latvian
  • kekenoMaori
  • фока запечатува Macedonian
  • انجيڠ لاءوت anjing laut sil سيل Malay
  • sluiting verzegelen verzegeling zegel zeehond Dutch
  • segl
  • sel forsegling segl Norwegian
  • przypieczętować uszczelka foka pieczęć uszczelnienie plomba zaplombować Polish
  • vedação selo de segurança selar vedar timbre interditar foca selo sinete Portuguese
  • tgaun da mar, foca, tgàn marin, chaun da marRomance
  • focă Romanian
  • сальник запечатывать печать уплотнение тюлень герметизация прокладка уплотнитель закрывать Russian
  • tuljan, пѐчат, pèčatSerbo
  • zapečatiti, pečat, tjulenj, zatesnitiSlovenian
  • sigill säl Swedish
  • sili Swahili
  • แมวน้ำThai
  • fok Turkish
  • тюлень, печатьUkrainian
  • muhrUzbek
  • dấu niêm Vietnamese
  • jifuk, jirob, fuk, meladogül, rob, melahidog, melajidog, meladog, hifuk, hirobVolapuk
  • umnyamaZulu

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