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Pronounce Space as S P AH K EH.

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Phonetic transcription for space

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of space: | spækɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of space: | spæcɛ |

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Meanings for space

a place or area

space, infinite(noun)

the unlimited expanse in which everything is located

"they tested his ability to locate objects in space"; "the boundless regions of the infinite"


an empty area (usually bounded in some way between things)

"the architect left space in front of the building"; "they stopped at an open space in the jungle"; "the space between his teeth"


an area reserved for some particular purpose

"the laboratory's floor space"

outer space, space(noun)

any location outside the Earth's atmosphere

"the astronauts walked in outer space without a tether"; "the first major milestone in space exploration was in 1957, when the USSR's Sputnik 1 orbited the Earth"

space, blank(noun)

a blank character used to separate successive words in writing or printing

"he said the space is the most important character in the alphabet"

distance, space(noun)

the interval between two times

"the distance from birth to death"; "it all happened in the space of 10 minutes"

space, blank space, place(noun)

a blank area

"write your name in the space provided"


one of the areas between or below or above the lines of a musical staff

"the spaces are the notes F-A-C-E"

quad, space(verb)

(printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words or sentences


place at intervals

"Space the interviews so that you have some time between the different candidates"

an extent or area available for or used up by some activity or thing

how much space will you need for the art project?

an indefinite but usually short period of time

in the space of a few minutes the room had filled up

an incomplete or deficient area

the cancellation created a huge space in the dentist's schedule for that day

an allowable margin of freedom or variation

the children should be given some space to express themselves in their schoolwork

Example Sentences of space

Is there any space for my luggage?

My dream is to travel in a space shuttle.

The explosion of the space shuttle is still fresh in my memory.

Now that I am well again, I want to study space science in college.

Space travel was thought to be impossible.

They liked having more space for their children to play.

Ultimately, space flight will be beneficial to all mankind.

The astronaut had to conduct many experiments in the space shuttle.

The day will soon come when we will conquer space and travel to the moon.

Tom pulled into his parking space and got out.

Antonyms for space

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Space in different languages

  • فراغ, مكان, فضاءArabic
  • арауыҡ, йыһанBashkir
  • egorBreton
  • místo vesmír mezera prostor Czech
  • gofod Welch
  • rum plads Danish
  • raum platz all weltall leerzeichen zwischenraum leerstelle weltraum freiraum leerschritt German
  • χώρος διάστημα Greek
  • spaceto Esperanto
  • espacio Spanish
  • maailmaruum ruum tühik sõnavahe Estonian
  • espazioBasque
  • مکان فضا فاصله Persian
  • aikaväli tila sanaväli paikka avaruus ala aika väli Finnish
  • espace blanc French
  • spásáil Irish
  • נפח, רווח, מרווח, חלל, מרחבHebrew
  • űr szóköz tér hely világűr Hungarian
  • antariksa Indonesian
  • spacoEsperanto
  • geimur Icelandic
  • spazio Italian
  • חללformer Hebrew
  • 空間, 宇宙, 空白, スペース, 場所, 余白, 間隔Japanese
  • 宇宙, 공간, 우주Korean
  • spatium Latin
  • erdvė kosmosas tarpas Lithuanian
  • kosmoss Latvian
  • mokowā, ātea, mokorawhāMaori
  • вселена проред простор раздалечува Macedonian
  • angkasa sawangan awang-awang sawang langit Malay
  • spazjuMaltese
  • အာကာသBurmese
  • verdensrom
  • ruimte spatie Dutch
  • verdsrom
  • hazʼą́Navajo, Navaho
  • przestrzeń miejsce odstęp spacja Polish
  • espaço espaçar Portuguese
  • spațiu Romanian
  • космос пространство пробел Russian
  • vasióna, vaseljena, васељена, космос, próstor, све̏мӣр, васио́на, kosmos, про́стор, svȅmīrSerbo
  • rymd världsrymd utrymme mellanrum mellanslag rum Swedish
  • nafasi uhuru Swahili
  • అంతరిక్షముTegulu
  • фазоTajik
  • boşluk uzay Turkish
  • خلاء, فضاء, وقفہ, خلائیUrdu
  • khoảng chỗ 空間 không trung 宇宙 không gian khoảng không vũ trụ Vietnamese
  • 空间 Chinese

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