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Pronounce Surprise as S UW R P R IY S EH.

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Phonetic transcription for surprise

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of surprise: | surprɪsɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of surprise: | sʊrprɪsɛ |

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Meanings for surprise

an unexpected event


the astonishment you feel when something totally unexpected happens to you


a sudden unexpected event

surprise, surprisal(verb)

the act of surprising someone


cause to be surprised

"The news really surprised me"


come upon or take unawares

"She surprised the couple"; "He surprised an interesting scene"

storm, surprise(verb)

attack by storm; attack suddenly

something that makes a strong impression because it is so unexpected

the anniversary party was such a complete surprise that the couple was speechless for a moment

the state of being strongly impressed by something unexpected or unusual

stared in utter surprise at the deer in his cabin

a setup in which hidden attackers lie in wait

waited under cover of darkness and took the enemy encampment by surprise at dawn

to make a strong impression on (someone) with something unexpected

I was very surprised when my parents offered to pay the down payment on our house

to lie in wait for and attack by surprise

FBI agents surprised the counterfeiters in their own base of operations

Example Sentences of surprise

I came to surprise Tom.

You always surprise me.

I hate surprise parties.

I wanted to surprise her.

I have a surprise for Tom.

I have a surprise for you.

I have a surprise for you guys.

I have a special surprise for you.

His behavior never ceases to surprise me.

I like long stories with surprise endings.

Antonyms for surprise

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Surprise in different languages

  • دهشة, فاجأ, دَهْشة, باغت, مُفاجَأَة, دهشArabic
  • sorpresa sorprendre Catalan
  • překvapení překvapit Czech
  • overraskelse overraske Danish
  • Überraschung überraschen German
  • έκπληξη αιφνιδιάζω ξάφνιασμα εκπλήσσω κάνω έκπληξη ξαφνικός ξαφνιάζω αιφνίδιος Greek
  • surprizo surprizi Esperanto
  • sorpresa sorprender Spanish
  • تعجب ساختن تعجب سورپریز Persian
  • yllättää yllätys hämmästys hämmästyttää Finnish
  • surprendre étonner surprise French
  • ionadh Irish
  • iongnadhScots Gaelic
  • sorpresa, sorprenderGalician
  • הפתעהHebrew
  • meglepetés meglep váratlan meglepetésszerű ámulat megdöbbenés Hungarian
  • անակնկալ անակնկալի բերել զարմանք զարմացնել Armenian
  • surprizarEsperanto
  • sorprendere meravigliare sorpresa stupire Italian
  • הַפתָעָהformer Hebrew
  • 驚き, 驚かすJapanese
  • 놀라게 하다, 놀람Korean
  • IwwerraschungLuxembourgish
  • ninihi, komutuMaori
  • kejutan mengejut Malay
  • overraskelse
  • verrassing verrassen verbazing verbazen Dutch
  • overrasking
  • overraskning overraskelse overraske overraskelses- Norwegian
  • zaskakiwać niespodzianka dziwić Polish
  • surpreender surpresa Portuguese
  • surpriză surprinde surprindere Romanian
  • неожиданность сюрприз удивлять удивить удивление Russian
  • изненађењеSerbo
  • presenečenje, presenetitiSlovenian
  • förvåning överraskning överraska Swedish
  • ఆశ్చర్యపరచుTegulu
  • sürpriz yapmak şaşırtmak sürpriz Turkish
  • ewaermint, sbarmintWalloon

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