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How to say storm


Pronounce Storm as S T OW R M.

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Phonetic transcription for storm

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of storm: | stoʊrm |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of storm: | stɒrm |

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Meanings for storm

an outbreak of weather in which thunder, lightning and rain usually occur

storm, violent storm(noun)

a violent weather condition with winds 64-72 knots (11 on the Beaufort scale) and precipitation and thunder and lightning

storm, tempest(noun)

a violent commotion or disturbance

"the storms that had characterized their relationship had died away"; "it was only a tempest in a teapot"


a direct and violent assault on a stronghold

ramp, rage, storm(verb)

behave violently, as if in state of a great anger

storm, force(verb)

take by force

"Storm the fort"


rain, hail, or snow hard and be very windy, often with thunder or lightning

"If it storms, we'll need shelter"


blow hard

"It was storming all night"

storm, surprise(verb)

attack by storm; attack suddenly

to express one's anger usually violently

the chef spent the morning storming at his staff about the ruined sauces

to fall as water in a continuous stream of drops from the clouds

it storms so frequently up in the mountains that the peaks are rarely visible from the valley below

to take sudden, violent action against

the pirates stormed the ship, easily taking the whole crew as their prisoners

to be excited or emotionally stirred up with anger

by the time we arrived, our hostess was storming because dinner was ruined

a disturbance of the atmosphere accompanied by wind and often by precipitation (as rain or snow)

a winter storm bringing about six inches of snow

a heavy fall of objects

police had to endure a storm of rocks and bricks hurled by the rioters

a rapid or overwhelming outpouring of many things at once

the army's spokesperson faced a storm of questions from reporters

a state of noisy, confused activity

a few minutes of calm before the storm, when the store would open its doors on the busiest day of the year

a steady falling of water from the sky in significant quantity

the storm caused major damage to our barn

a sudden intense expression of strong feeling

a storm of indignation and demands for his resignation arose when the mayor's dishonesty was exposed

a violent disturbance (as of the political or social order)

civil wars and other storms of unrest swept through the African continent

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Example Sentences of storm

The storm prevented me from leaving.

The storm prevented me from going out for a walk.

I got caught in a storm on my way home.

I had barely gotten home when the storm broke out.

I forgot to shutter the windows before the storm hit.

I hear Latin music is taking the music industry by storm this year.

The storm did a lot of harm to the crops.

A storm confined them to the house.

When is this storm ever going to pass?

The storm did heavy damage to the crops.

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Synonyms for storm

tempest violent storm rage surprise force ramp pressure hale drive coerce thrust draw squeeze pull wedge ram impel push agitation disturbance gale SQUALL hurricane TORNADO violent wind (usually accompanied with rain hail or snow commotion tumult turmoil clamor sedition insurrection outbreak calamity adversity distress attack assault onslaught onset first brunt attack (with violence as a fortification blow violently (with or without rain fume thunderstorm storms stormy tornado thundershower snowstorm whirlwind blizzard cyclone stormwater saturation rain rainstorm typhoon bristle pour precipitate assail beset bushwhack charge descend (on or upon) go in (on) jump (on) pounce (on or upon) raid rush set on sic sick strike trash turn (on) boil burn foam rankle seethe sizzle steam squall shower barrage blitz blitzkrieg bombardment cannonade drumbeat drumfire flurry fusillade salvo volley ado alarums and excursions ballyhoo blather bluster bobbery bother bustle clatter clutter coil corroboree do foofaraw fun furor furore fuss helter skelter hoo ha hoo hah hoopla hubble bubble hubbub hullabaloo hurly hurly burly hurry hurry scurry hurry skurry kerfuffle moil pandemonium pother row ruckus ruction rumpus shindy splore stew stir to do uproar welter whirl williwaw zoo cloudburst deluge downfall downpour rainfall wet agony blaze burst ebullition eruption explosion fit flare flare up flash flush gush gust outburst paroxysm spasm bouleversement cataclysm convulsion earthquake upheaval

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Antonyms for storm

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Storm in different languages

  • tormenta
  • عاصفة, اقتحامArabic
  • fırtına, tufanAzerbaijani
  • бураByelorussian
  • буря щурмувам Bulgarian
  • ঝড়Bengali
  • tempesta tempestat temporal Catalan
  • bouře bouřka Czech
  • storom tymestl cwthwm storm ystorm Welch
  • stormvejr storm Danish
  • sturm stürmen German
  • ανεμοθύελλα εφόρμηση θύελλα έφοδος καταιγίδα Greek
  • tempestad temporal vendaval tormenta borrasca irrumpir asaltar Spanish
  • ekaitzBasque
  • کولاک طوفان Persian
  • myrsky rynnätä rynnäköidä rynnäkkö rynnistää myrskytuuli Finnish
  • ódn, stormurFaeroese
  • donner l’assaut tourmente tempête orage French
  • stoarmFrisian
  • stoirm doineann anfa Irish
  • stoirm, doineann, sianScots Gaelic
  • tormentaGalician
  • sterrym, dorrinManx
  • סערהHebrew
  • आंधी तूफ़ान Hindi
  • roham vihar Hungarian
  • փոթորիկ մրրիկ հողմ Armenian
  • badai Indonesian
  • stormur Icelandic
  • tempesta Italian
  • סערהformer Hebrew
  • 暴風, 猛攻撃, 嵐, 強襲Japanese
  • prahara
  • ქარიშხალი Georgian
  • дауылKazakh
  • anorersuaqGreenlandic
  • ព្យុះ, ខ្យល់ព្យុះ, ព្យុះភ្លៀងCambodian
  • 폭풍Korean
  • expugnō tempestās assultō procella tempestatis Latin
  • StuermLuxembourgish
  • ພາຍຸLao
  • audra Lithuanian
  • viesulis vētra Latvian
  • āwhā, tūpuhi, taiapu, pāhoro, paroro, pōkākāMaori
  • невреме бура Macedonian
  • तुकानMarathi
  • ribut hujan Malay
  • storm
  • storm bui stormen bestormen onweer onweersbui bestorming Dutch
  • storm
  • storm Norwegian
  • tempèsta, auratge, tormentaOccitan
  • burza sztorm Polish
  • tempestade assalto assaltar tormenta intempérie vendaval irromper Portuguese
  • atac asalt ataca asalta furtună vijelie Romanian
  • гроза шторм штурм буря штурмова́ть приступ Russian
  • олуја, olujaSerbo
  • búrka Slovak
  • nevihtaSlovenian
  • stuhi furtunë Albanian
  • storm stormning storma oväder Swedish
  • dhoruba Swahili
  • புயல் Tamil
  • тӯфонTajik
  • พายุThai
  • harasaat, tupanTurkmen
  • fırtına Turkish
  • буряUkrainian
  • طوفانUrdu
  • bão bão táp Vietnamese
  • 风暴 Chinese

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