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Meanings for wheel

a circular object that revolves around a bar and axle and is usually used for movement of some kind


a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)

steering wheel, wheel(noun)

a handwheel that is used for steering


forces that provide energy and direction

"the wheels of government began to turn"


a circular helm to control the rudder of a vessel

roulette wheel, wheel(noun)

game equipment consisting of a wheel with slots that is used for gambling; the wheel rotates horizontally and players bet on which slot the roulette ball will stop in

rack, wheel(noun)

an instrument of torture that stretches or disjoints or mutilates victims

bicycle, bike, wheel, cycle(verb)

a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals

wheel, wheel around(verb)

change directions as if revolving on a pivot

"They wheeled their horses around and left"

wheel, wheel around(verb)

wheel somebody or something

wheel, roll(verb)

move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle

"The President's convoy rolled past the crowds"

bicycle, cycle, bike, pedal, wheel(verb)

ride a bicycle

a rapid turning about on an axis or central point

the wheel of the tape reel

one of high position or importance within a group

she's a major wheel in that state's Democratic Party

a series of events or actions that repeat themselves regularly and in the same order

the wheel of time turns: the children are now the parents, and their children have taken their place at the school desks

a self-propelled passenger vehicle on four wheels

now that I've got wheels, I can go to the outlet mall

to change the course or direction of (something)

wheeled the bike around sharply to see what had fallen off

to move (something) in a curved or circular path on or as if on an axis

wheeled the bicycle's tires around to see if they were balanced

to move in circles around an axis or center

she wheeled around and around until finally she got dizzy and fell down

to turn away from a straight line or course

the highway wheels to the west as it forms an arc that bypasses the city

to change one's course or direction

upon hearing the construction workers' suggestive remarks, she wheeled around to glare at them

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Example Sentences of wheel

I took over the wheel at Nagoya.

The Ferris wheel is my favorite.

I turned my steering wheel to the right.

Jack explained to me how to change the wheel of the car.

He held the wheel with one hand and waved to me with the other.

The wheel began to turn.

The driver turned the wheel to the right.

Hideo turned the steering wheel sharply to avoid the bicyclist.

If you whip the steering wheel around like that on a snowy road, the car is going to go into a slide.

Tom fell asleep at the wheel and hit a street lamp.

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Antonyms for wheel

lightweight nobody nonentity nothing shrimp twerp whippersnapper zero zilch straighten

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Wheel in different languages

  • wiel Afrikaans
  • rueda
  • عجلةArabic
  • çarx, tәkәrAzerbaijani
  • колаByelorussian
  • колело Bulgarian
  • চাকাBengali
  • འཁོར་ལོTibetan
  • roda volant peix gros voltar roda de timó rodar Catalan
  • kolo volant Czech
  • колоserbian
  • olwyn Welch
  • hjul Danish
  • lenkrad steuerrad kreisen rad German
  • πηδάλιο τσουλάω ρόδα τιμόνι προσωπικότητα Greek
  • rado Esperanto
  • pez gordo llanta rodar rueda volante circunvolar volar en círculos Spanish
  • rooliratas tüür ratas rool Estonian
  • txirrika, gurpil, txirringaBasque
  • چرخ Persian
  • pyörä ratti rullata kaartaa ratas ruori ruoriratti kaarrella Finnish
  • roue volant French
  • tsjilFrisian
  • roth Irish
  • rothScots Gaelic
  • rodaGalician
  • ચક્રGujarati
  • queeylManx
  • גלגל, הגהHebrew
  • चक्र Hindi
  • kerék Hungarian
  • անիվ ակ Armenian
  • rotaInterlingua
  • roda Indonesian
  • rotoEsperanto
  • hjól Icelandic
  • cerchio volante pezzo grosso girare turbinare ruota cerchione timone ruota del timone ruotare roteare volteggiare Italian
  • ハンドル, 車輪, 輪Japanese
  • ბორბალი Georgian
  • дөңгелек, доңғалақKazakh
  • ಚಕ್ರ Kannada
  • 바퀴Korean
  • дөңгөлөкKirghiz
  • rota Latin
  • Steierrad, Rad, LenkradLuxembourgish
  • ກົງLao
  • ratas Lithuanian
  • stūres rats ritenis rats Latvian
  • wīra, wheelMaori
  • волан тркала тркало управувач кружи Macedonian
  • ചക്രം Malayalam
  • хүрдMongolian
  • चाकMarathi
  • roda Malay
  • rotaMaltese
  • ဘီးBurmese
  • wiel stuurwiel Dutch
  • ròda, arròdaOccitan
  • ଚକOriya
  • цалхOssetian, Ossetic
  • चक्क, စက္က, cakka
  • koło Polish
  • timão rodar roda volante Portuguese
  • rouda, rodaRomance
  • roată Romanian
  • колесо рулевое колесо баранка руль штурвал Russian
  • चक्रSanskrit
  • roda, orroda, arroda, rotaSardinian
  • коло, točak, kolo, волан, точак, ко̀та̄ч, kòtāč, volanSerbo
  • koleso Slovak
  • koloSlovenian
  • rrotë Albanian
  • ratt hjul Swedish
  • gurudumu Swahili
  • சில்லு Tamil
  • చక్రం, చక్రముTegulu
  • чархTajik
  • ล้อ, ล้อรถThai
  • tigir, çarhTurkmen
  • gulongTagalog
  • dümen tekerlek teker yönelteç dönmek direksiyon Turkish
  • коло, колесоUkrainian
  • پہیہUrdu
  • gʻildirakUzbek
  • tay lái bánh lái bánh xe Vietnamese
  • roweWalloon
  • ראדYiddish

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