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Meanings for swing

to move by grasping a support from below and using it to jump


a state of steady vigorous action that is characteristic of an activity

"the party went with a swing"; "it took time to get into the swing of things"


mechanical device used as a plaything to support someone swinging back and forth


a sweeping blow or stroke

"he took a wild swing at my head"

swing, swinging, vacillation(noun)

changing location by moving back and forth

swing, swing music, jive(noun)

a style of jazz played by big bands popular in the 1930s; flowing rhythms but less complex than later styles of jazz

lilt, swing(noun)

a jaunty rhythm in music

golf stroke, golf shot, swing(noun)

the act of swinging a golf club at a golf ball and (usually) hitting it

baseball swing, swing, cut(noun)

in baseball; a batter's attempt to hit a pitched ball

"he took a vicious cut at the ball"


a square dance figure; a pair of dancers join hands and dance around a point between them


move in a curve or arc, usually with the intent of hitting

"He swung his left fist"; "swing a bat"

swing, sway(verb)

move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner

"He swung back"


change direction with a swinging motion; turn

"swing back"; "swing forward"

swing, swing over(verb)

influence decisively

"This action swung many votes over to his side"

swing, sweep, swing out(verb)

make a big sweeping gesture or movement

dangle, swing, drop(verb)

hang freely

"the ornaments dangled from the tree"; "The light dropped from the ceiling"


hit or aim at with a sweeping arm movement

"The soccer player began to swing at the referee"


alternate dramatically between high and low values

"his mood swings"; "the market is swinging up and down"


live in a lively, modern, and relaxed style

"The Woodstock generation attempted to swing freely"


have a certain musical rhythm

"The music has to swing"

swing, get around(verb)

be a social swinger; socialize a lot


play with a subtle and intuitively felt sense of rhythm


engage freely in promiscuous sex, often with the husband or wife of one's friends

"There were many swinging couples in the 1960's"

to change one's course or direction thinking that we were being followed, we abruptly swung to the left at the next intersection

swing right at James St.

to change the course or direction of (something)

at the sound of gunfire, the cavalry officer swung his horse around and galloped rapidly back to the fort

to deal with (something) usually skillfully or efficiently

a man who's able to swing two full-time jobs

to move (something) in a curved or circular path on or as if on an axis he swung the bat as hard as he could but he missed the ball

don't let the wind swing that gate shut

to place on an elevated point without support from below

beach towels swung up to dry on the lifeguard's high chair

to have enough money for

I don't think that we can swing that hefty a mortgage

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Example Sentences of swing

I took a swing at him.

My wife had a hard time getting into the swing of our new life in America.

They like ragtime, jazz and music with a swing to it.

The party was in full swing when he left.

Swing your arm back and forth.

Swing music was a new form of jazz.

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Antonyms for swing

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Swing in different languages

  • swaai skoppelmaai Afrikaans
  • تأرجحArabic
  • ཇིང་ཏ་ལིང་ཏTibetan
  • engronsar gronxador balancejar Catalan
  • houpačka houpat se Czech
  • schaukel hutsche schaukeln schwanken baumeln schwingen German
  • κουνώ κούνια σουίνγκ κουνιέμαι μεταστροφή Greek
  • svingomuziko svingo pendolilo balanci svingomuzikumi Esperanto
  • mecer columpiar columpio balancear oscilación Spanish
  • kiik kiiged Estonian
  • تاب Persian
  • tulos kierre swingi heilauttaa keinu heilahdus svengata keinua kiertyä heiluttaa väärentää heilautus swing hoitaa pyöräyttää heilua roikkua heilahtaa keinuttaa Finnish
  • swing balancer swinguer balançoire revirement osciller se balancer balancement French
  • luascán Irish
  • झूला Hindi
  • leng lóg hinta himbálózik Hungarian
  • sveiflast róla sveifla hanga Icelandic
  • altalena oscillare ondeggiare altalenare andare sull'altalena Italian
  • ブランコ, 鞦韆, 揺さぶる, 揺れる, 振れるJapanese
  • 그네Korean
  • جۆلانه‌ Kurdish
  • schaukelenLuxembourgish
  • suptis Lithuanian
  • šūpoles Latvian
  • kautārere, tārere, kōpiupiuMaori
  • лулашка нишалка замав лула се лула виси ниша свинг се ниша Macedonian
  • huske, disse, gynge
  • schommel Dutch
  • disse, gynge, huske
  • huśtawka Polish
  • balanço andar de baloiço balançar Portuguese
  • balansa legăna Romanian
  • замах взмах свинг качаться размах качели раскачиваться Russian
  • ljuljaškaSerbo
  • gunga svinga Swedish
  • ఉయ్యాల, ఊయలTegulu
  • salıncak Turkish
  • pendülömVolapuk

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