How to pronounce advantage

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How to say advantage


Pronounce Advantage as AH D V AH N T AH G EH.

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Phonetic transcription for advantage

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of advantage: | ædvæntæɡɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of advantage: | ædvæntæɡɛ |

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Meanings for advantage

a condition or circumstance that gives someone a greater chance of success

advantage, vantage(noun)

the quality of having a superior or more favorable position

"the experience gave him the advantage over me"


(tennis) first point scored after deuce

advantage, reward(verb)

benefit resulting from some event or action

"it turned out to my advantage"; "reaping the rewards of generosity"


give an advantage to

"This system advantages the rich"

the more favorable condition or position in a competition

your experience volunteering at the hospital will put you at an advantage when you're applying for a job there

a thing that helps

had all the advantages of being born into a wealthy and powerful family

to provide with something useful or desirable

there's no question that that bicycle racer was significantly advantaged by a great set of genes

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Example Sentences of advantage

I wonder what the advantage of this technique is.

He took advantage of me.

I was taken advantage of.

You took advantage of me.

She has an advantage over me.

He took advantage of my youth.

I want to take advantage of it.

I took advantage of an opportunity.

She took advantage of my ignorance.

I wish to take advantage of your offer.

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Antonyms for advantage

disadvantage drawback handicap liability minus penalty strike disadvantage drawback encumbrance hindrance impediment minus

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Advantage in different languages

  • افضلية, ميزةArabic
  • преимущество подпомагам благоприятствам предимство Bulgarian
  • benefici avantatge Catalan
  • výhoda Czech
  • mantais manteision Welch
  • fordel fortrin nytte Danish
  • vorteil vorzug German
  • πλεονέκτημα Greek
  • ventaja beneficio provecho Spanish
  • abantailaBasque
  • yliote etu Finnish
  • fyrimunurFaeroese
  • avantage favoriser avantager French
  • vantaxeGalician
  • előny fölény Hungarian
  • vantaggio Italian
  • Japanese
  • emolumentum Latin
  • fordel
  • voordeel begunstigen overhand bevoordelen Dutch
  • fordel
  • korzyść zaleta przewaga Polish
  • benefício vantagem Portuguese
  • превосходство преимущество Russian
  • предностSerbo
  • epërsi përfitim avantazh Albanian
  • fördel Swedish
  • avantaj Turkish
  • перева́га, кори́сть, ви́годаUkrainian
  • 优点 Chinese

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