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Pronounce Pull as P UW L L.

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Phonetic transcription for pull

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of pull: | pull |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of pull: | pʊll |

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Meanings for pull

pull, pulling(noun)

the act of pulling; applying force to move something toward or with you

"the pull up the hill had him breathing harder"; "his strenuous pulling strained his back"


the force used in pulling

"the pull of the moon"; "the pull of the current"

pull, clout(noun)

special advantage or influence

"the chairman's nephew has a lot of pull"


a device used for pulling something

"he grabbed the pull and opened the drawer"

wrench, twist, pull(noun)

a sharp strain on muscles or ligaments

"the wrench to his knee occurred as he fell"; "he was sidelined with a hamstring pull"

puff, drag, pull(noun)

a slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke)

"he took a puff on his pipe"; "he took a drag on his cigarette and expelled the smoke slowly"


a sustained effort

"it was a long pull but we made it"

pull, draw, force(verb)

cause to move by pulling

"draw a wagon"; "pull a sled"

attract, pull, pull in, draw, draw in(verb)

direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes

"Her good looks attract the stares of many men"; "The ad pulled in many potential customers"; "This pianist pulls huge crowds"; "The store owner was happy that the ad drew in many new customers"


move into a certain direction

"the car pulls to the right"


apply force so as to cause motion towards the source of the motion

"Pull the rope"; "Pull the handle towards you"; "pull the string gently"; "pull the trigger of the gun"; "pull your knees towards your chin"

perpetrate, commit, pull(verb)

perform an act, usually with a negative connotation

"perpetrate a crime"; "pull a bank robbery"

draw, pull, pull out, get out, take out(verb)

bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover

"draw a weapon"; "pull out a gun"; "The mugger pulled a knife on his victim"


steer into a certain direction

"pull one's horse to a stand"; "Pull the car over"

pull, overstretch(verb)

strain abnormally

"I pulled a muscle in my leg when I jumped up"; "The athlete pulled a tendon in the competition"

pull, draw(verb)

cause to move in a certain direction by exerting a force upon, either physically or in an abstract sense

"A declining dollar pulled down the export figures for the last quarter"


operate when rowing a boat

"pull the oars"


rein in to keep from winning a race

"pull a horse"

rend, rip, rive, pull(verb)

tear or be torn violently

"The curtain ripped from top to bottom"; "pull the cooked chicken into strips"


hit in the direction that the player is facing when carrying through the swing

"pull the ball"

pluck, pull, tear, deplume, deplumate, displume(verb)

strip of feathers

"pull a chicken"; "pluck the capon"

extract, pull out, pull, pull up, take out, draw out(verb)

remove, usually with some force or effort; also used in an abstract sense

"pull weeds"; "extract a bad tooth"; "take out a splinter"; "extract information from the telegram"

pull, root for(verb)

take sides with; align oneself with; show strong sympathy for

"We all rooted for the home team"; "I'm pulling for the underdog"; "Are you siding with the defender of the title?"


take away

"pull the old soup cans from the supermarket shelf"

the act or an instance of applying force on something so that it moves in the direction of the force

I gave the door such a pull that when it suddenly opened, I nearly fell backwards

the power to direct the thinking or behavior of others usually indirectly

their lawyer supposedly has a lot of pull with the administration in Washington

the more favorable condition or position in a competition

a political candidate with all of the pull that comes with a vast fortune and famous surname

to cause to follow by applying steady force on

a team of horses pulling a heavy wagon

to draw out by force or with effort

the dentist had to struggle to pull the tooth

to injure by overuse, misuse, or pressure

lift the crate carefully, or you'll pull a muscle

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Example Sentences of pull

Pull me in.

Pull me up.

I heard a car pull up.

I have to pull over for a minute.

The patrolman motioned me to pull over.

He tried to pull a fast one on me.

I think she was trying to pull a fast one.

He tried in vain to pull the wool over my eyes.

I have to pull a ripcord to start my lawn mower.

Tom was the one who helped me pull weeds in the garden.

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Synonyms for pull

puff pulling twist wrench drag clout slug poke biff lick clout nail punch turn turn of events spanner construction device gimmick spin bend twisting winding wind eddy whirl twirl braid tress kink crook plait hassock comforter powderpuff comfort quilt retarding force pouffe blow whiff ottoman puff of air absorb take in pressure suck up pull in attract get overstretch thread quarter ram string perpetrate pull back commit depict guide describe disembowel thrust suck delineate deplumate rive make hale soak up tie cast storm get out take out drive coerce draw and quarter root for push sop up reap draw out pass squeeze pluck imbibe impel deplume pull up line withdraw pull out force draw draw off wedge run tear rend trace extract draw in rip displume take up eviscerate earn retract curl up gain appeal realise suck in get in clear move in bring in curl realize close in collect dedicate place intrust trust invest institutionalise give devote institutionalize charge practice confide consecrate send entrust put escape back down bow out bring out omit get around remove move out unpack exclude buy food chicken out take away get off excerpt get away ask out except exit get by go out leave out invite out break back off leave off leave cleave split roll shoot hook cull rob pick snap surcharge soak overcharge pull off buck gazump hustle bust plunk plume pick off shoot down tweak rupture fleece express evoke draw up distill prolong aspirate elicit extend suck out distil straighten up press out educe protract haul up recall yank score tug attraction handle knob rope lever influence sway carry out do execute perform complete lay ones hands on retrieve get hold of get ones hands on generate obtain tow allure entice haul incline induce lead lure adduce gather draw apart give a pull sweater traction sweatshirt tire extraction tensile consumption strech heave fire jerk authority credit heft in juice leverage weight advantage better bulge catbird seat drop edge high ground inside track jump stead upper hand vantage whip hand lug corkscrew prize pry root (out) tear (out) uproot wrest wring rack strain stretch

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Antonyms for pull

push disadvantage drawback handicap liability minus penalty strike drive propel push

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Pull in different languages

  • سحب, جر, سحب. شدArabic
  • çəkməkAzerbaijani
  • цяга́ць, пацягну́ць, цягну́ць, пацяга́цьByelorussian
  • влача дърпам влека Bulgarian
  • tirar Catalan
  • táhnout vytahovat tahat tah Czech
  • trække Danish
  • ziehen German
  • tiri Esperanto
  • jalar halar tirar Spanish
  • کشیدن Persian
  • vaikutusvalta vetää imu veto soutu saada antaa viehätys vetovoima iskeä pull soutumatka tehdä vedin Finnish
  • influence tirer un coup tirer retirer French
  • trekke, lûkeFrisian
  • tarraing, slaodScots Gaelic
  • tirar, puxarGalician
  • खींचना Hindi
  • húz Hungarian
  • քաշել ձգել Armenian
  • menarik tarik Indonesian
  • tirare Italian
  • 引っ張る, 引くJapanese
  • тартуKazakh
  • ទាញCambodian
  • 끌다, 뽑다Korean
  • ڕاکێشان ڕاکێشه‌ Kurdish
  • traho vello Latin
  • влече Macedonian
  • tarik Malay
  • ဆွဲBurmese
  • trekken Dutch
  • trekke tilbake dra trekke gjennomføre Norwegian
  • ciągnąć pociągnąć Polish
  • puxar tirar Portuguese
  • aysayQuechua
  • trairRomance
  • trage Romanian
  • потащи́ть тяну́ть притяже́ние потяну́ть тащи́ть влече́ние притяга́тельность тяга́ть тя́га Russian
  • potezati, потезати, потегнути, potegnutiSerbo
  • potiahnuť tiahnuť ťahať Slovak
  • tegnitiSlovenian
  • dragkraft attraktion draga ryck dra Swedish
  • kuvuta Swahili
  • లాగుTegulu
  • ดึงThai
  • çekmek Turkish
  • потягну́ти, потягти́, потяга́ти, тягну́ти, тягти́, тяга́тиUkrainian
  • کهينچناUrdu
  • kéo giật Vietnamese
  • saetchî, haetchîWalloon

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