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Meanings for tip

to give extra money to someone for a service they performed


the extreme end of something; especially something pointed

gratuity, tip, pourboire, baksheesh, bakshish, bakshis, backsheesh(noun)

a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

tip, lead, steer, confidential information, wind, hint(noun)

an indication of potential opportunity

"he got a tip on the stock market"; "a good lead for a job"

point, tip, peak(noun)

a V shape

"the cannibal's teeth were filed to sharp points"

peak, crown, crest, top, tip, summit(verb)

the top or extreme point of something (usually a mountain or hill)

"the view from the peak was magnificent"; "they clambered to the tip of Monadnock"; "the region is a few molecules wide at the summit"


cause to tilt

"tip the screen upward"


mark with a tip

"tip the arrow with the small stone"

tip, fee, bung(verb)

give a tip or gratuity to in return for a service, beyond the compensation agreed on

"Remember to tip the waiter"; "fee the steward"

topple, tumble, tip(verb)

cause to topple or tumble by pushing

lean, tilt, tip, slant, angle(verb)

to incline or bend from a vertical position

"She leaned over the banister"

tiptoe, tip, tippytoe(verb)

walk on one's toes

tap, tip(verb)

strike lightly

"He tapped me on the shoulder"

tip off, tip(verb)

give insider information or advise to

"He tipped off the police about the terrorist plot"


remove the tip from

"tip artichokes"

a piece of advice or useful information especially from an expert

got some tips from a horticulturist on how to get my violets to bloom

information not generally available to the public

investigators are trying to determine whether the investor illegally received a tip that the company's stock was about to plunge

a small sum of money given for a service over and above what is due

gave our waiter an extra large tip for such fantastic service

something given in addition to what is ordinarily expected or owed

a customer who always gives his paper carrier a very generous tip at Christmastime

the act of positioning or an instance of being positioned at an angle

she didn't say anything but just acknowledged our presence with a tip of her head

a place where discarded materials (as trash) are dumped

you simply cannot dispose of leftover petrol at the tip

the last and usually sharp or tapering part of something long and narrow

the tip of a knitting needle

to set or cause to be at an angle

be careful because if you tip your cup any more, you'll spill your tea

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Example Sentences of tip

It is on the tip of my tongue.

His name is on the tip of my tongue.

The word is on the tip of my tongue.

James finally fessed up to stealing money from the tip jar.

Tom left a large tip on the table.

Tom left a big tip for the waiter.

The tip of the key broke.

The tip of the knife is sharp.

He blew on the tip of his fingers.

Are the tip and service charge included?

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Synonyms for tip

crown baksheesh pourboire crest bakshish wind hint top backsheesh steer lead confidential information peak gratuity point bakshis summit touch flatus mite farting lead in atomic number 82 nothingness pinch suggestion jot leading breaking wind soupcon bullock tether wind instrument lead story trail clue lede winding tinge leash fart star malarkey idle words malarky jazz jumper cable jumper lead air current booster cable intimation principal current of air trace pencil lead breath speck track spark advance twist bloom heyday spot pinnacle dot breaker point stop head full stop gunpoint visor vizor point in time prime superlative percentage point apex full point eyeshade efflorescence bill level extremum elevation stage degree pointedness meridian blossom period power point acme detail decimal point distributor point flower flush item compass point tiptop vertex height top of the inning cap diadem treetop teetotum pate upper side round top circus tent poll upside big top pennant top side whirligig cover spinning top summit meeting jacket crown jacket crownwork topple tippytoe tiptoe slant angle tumble tap lean bung fee tilt tip off whirl around get onto catch on break down collapse latch on cotton on whirl crumble get it twig crumple get wise pitch run be given list careen fish wobble shift cant over incline cant weight tend solicit exploit wiretap rap pink knock intercept bug beg tapdance dip heel over slope extremity end put a point on strike incline (to one end as a cart punta flat tip pipe flat tipped pointe tipping edge apical leading edge hose cutting edge tipper advanced state of the art council bout blade pointer 411 book dope inside lowdown poop scoop skinny perquisite bonus cumshaw dividend donative extra gravy gravy train lagniappe perk throw in angling bend cock inclination dump landfill sanitary landfill cusp nib nose pike heel

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Antonyms for tip

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Tip in different languages

  • أسلة, بقشيش, إخبارية, إكرامية, بخشيش, تلميحArabic
  • бакшиш Bulgarian
  • punxa punta propina indici Catalan
  • spropitné Czech
  • ein trinkgeld geben spitze trinkgeld tipp German
  • κορυφή αιχμή φιλοδώρημα δίνω φιλοδώρημα Greek
  • pinto Esperanto
  • propina dar propina Spanish
  • نوک توک Persian
  • tippi kärki juomaraha neuvo Finnish
  • bonne-main conseil pointe pourliche astuce extrémité bout décharge pourboire tuyau French
  • síneadh láimhe Irish
  • gliocasScots Gaelic
  • שפיץ, קצה, תשר, רמזHebrew
  • borravaló tipp Hungarian
  • ծայր Armenian
  • drinkopekunio, gratifiketoEsperanto
  • punta discarica mancia estremità lasciare mancia Italian
  • タバコ銭, 心づけ, 先, チップ, 助言, 先端, 祝儀, 内報Japanese
  • წვერი Georgian
  • ತುದಿ Kannada
  • نووک Kurdish
  • DrénkgeldLuxembourgish
  • arbat pinigus Lithuanian
  • kūreitanga, pōkanekane, tīwhiri, kāmata, hiku, takohaMaori
  • бакшиш Macedonian
  • vuilnisbelt stortplaats drinkgeld hint punt stort fooi tip tippen Dutch
  • czubek napiwek wskazówka Polish
  • gorjeta dica pico ponta dar gorjeta Portuguese
  • bacșiș Romanian
  • наконечник чаевые наводка намёк совет остриё свалка подсказка кончик отвал Russian
  • bakšiš, бакшишSerbo
  • nechať sprepitné hrot tringelt rada špica sprepitné tip Slovak
  • tips spets tipp dricks tippa soptipp Swedish
  • kiinua mgongo Swahili
  • మొనTegulu
  • püf nokta Turkish
  • bo tiền bo tiền thưởng Vietnamese
  • givön drinamoni, drinamonVolapuk
  • copete, ponteWalloon
  • 小費 Chinese
  • umbhanselo, isihloko, umbhanso, ithiphuZulu

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