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Pronounce Difference as D IY F F EH R EH N K EH.

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Phonetic transcription for difference

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of difference: | dɪffɛrɛnkɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of difference: | dɪffɛrɛncɛ |

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Meanings for difference

something that is not the same between two things


the quality of being unlike or dissimilar

"there are many differences between jazz and rock"

deviation, divergence, departure, difference(noun)

a variation that deviates from the standard or norm

"the deviation from the mean"

dispute, difference, difference of opinion, conflict(noun)

a disagreement or argument about something important

"he had a dispute with his wife"; "there were irreconcilable differences"; "the familiar conflict between Republicans and Democrats"


a significant change

"the difference in her is amazing"; "his support made a real difference"

remainder, difference(noun)

the number that remains after subtraction; the number that when added to the subtrahend gives the minuend

the quality or state of being different

there's a great difference between claiming to care about the environment and living like you really do

variance of opinion on a matter

we must try to settle our differences without fighting

the act, process, or result of making different

it won't make any difference which one you choose

to understand or point out the difference in

people who cannot difference God's will from their own selfish desires and prejudices

Example Sentences of difference

It makes no difference to me whether he comes or not.

It makes no difference to me.

That makes no difference to me.

It makes a big difference to me.

It makes no difference who I meet.

What difference does it make where I sit?

I know the difference between right and wrong.

It makes no difference to me whether you go or not.

It makes no difference to me whether you come or not.

It makes no difference to me whether he joins us or not.

Difference in different languages

  • اختلاف, فرقArabic
  • ро́зніцаByelorussian
  • разногласие различие разлика несъгласие различавам Bulgarian
  • পার্থক্য, তফাতBengali
  • diferència Catalan
  • rozdíl Czech
  • forskel differens Danish
  • unterschied differenz andersartigkeit meinungsverschiedenheit anderssein unterscheidung unterscheiden differenzieren German
  • vovototoEstonian
  • διαφορά Greek
  • malsameco diferenco Esperanto
  • diferencia Spanish
  • تفاضل اختلاف فرق تفاوت فرق گذاشتن Persian
  • erilaisuus ero mielipide-ero eroavaisuus erotus erimielisyys Finnish
  • munurFaeroese
  • différend différence French
  • difear Irish
  • diofar, caochladhScots Gaelic
  • הפרש, הבדל, שוני, הבדילHebrew
  • भेद अंतर फ़र्क़ Hindi
  • մնացորդ Armenian
  • selisih beda Indonesian
  • differenza Italian
  • 差異, 差, 違いJapanese
  • جیاوازی Kurdish
  • ËnnerscheedLuxembourgish
  • forskjell
  • verschil meningsverschil onderscheid onderscheiden differentiëren Dutch
  • forskjell Norwegian
  • ପ୍ରଭେଦOriya
  • różnica Polish
  • diferença diferenciar Portuguese
  • diferență Romanian
  • различие отличие разница разногла́сие разность отличительная черта Russian
  • rozdiel Slovak
  • razlika, različnostSlovenian
  • 'ese'esegaSamoan
  • avvikelse differens tvist olikhet skillnad tvistepunkt meningsskiljaktighet skilja skilja åt Swedish
  • భేదము, తేడా, విభేదముTegulu
  • ayrım fark Turkish
  • рі́зницяUkrainian
  • انتر, فرقUrdu
  • 区别 Chinese

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