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Meanings for exit

to go away or leave a place

exit, issue, outlet, way out(noun)

an opening that permits escape or release

"he blocked the way out"; "the canyon had only one issue"

passing, loss, departure, exit, expiration, going, release(noun)

euphemistic expressions for death

"thousands mourned his passing"


the act of going out

exit, go out, get out, leave(verb)

move out of or depart from

"leave the room"; "the fugitive has left the country"


lose the lead

die, decease, perish, go, exit, pass away, expire, pass, kick the bucket, cash in one's chips, buy the farm, conk, give-up the ghost, drop dead, pop off, choke, croak, snuff it(verb)

pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life

"She died from cancer"; "The children perished in the fire"; "The patient went peacefully"; "The old guy kicked the bucket at the age of 102"

a place or means of going out

all of the building's exits were being watched by security guards

the act of leaving a place

the movie star's quick exit through the back of the hotel went unnoticed by the horde of photographers waiting out front

the permanent stopping of all the vital bodily activities

determined that his exit be from a place and time of his own choosing, the terminally ill patient opted for suicide

to leave a place often for another

in case of fire, exit from the building in a calm and orderly fashion

to stop living

expressed her wish to exit surrounded by family and friends

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Example Sentences of exit

I tried to make an inconspicuous exit from the party.

Make certain where the emergency exit is before you go to bed at a hotel.

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Synonyms for exit

wall plug emergence subject issuing wall socket government issue military issue takings payoff consequence take publication result event upshot return effect retail store topic offspring departure egress electrical outlet outlet expiration electric outlet electric receptacle number sales outlet yield mercantile establishment loss outcome way out going vent issue passing proceeds release matter progeny issuance sledding firing overtaking liberation passage dismissal expiry divergence freeing spill difference sacking personnel casualty passing game breathing out sack tone ending deviation passing play acquittance red press release waiver button exhalation handout pass leaving qualifying dismission discharge red ink going away spillage deprivation termination date pop off go out give up the ghost get off choke go away bring out get around drop dead leave alone kick the bucket expire bequeath lead go steady leave buy the farm pass away perish croak conk see pull up stakes pull will get out take out break snuff it decease leave behind give go depart allow provide escape impart die allow for pull out draw pass on go forth entrust get by get away forget fall function come about murmur give way elapse hold out pass out run go past top give out put across go by devolve conk out operate cronk travel occur last scrag fade excrete reach move spend rifle slide by asphyxiate foul breathe out turn over run low die out plump legislate happen egest fret authorise exceed fleet overstep endure make it congest blend in run short get going locomote back up choke off make pass suffocate grumble slip away authorize live blend fail fall out hap slip by go on sink eliminate lapse belong mutter clog pass off go bad become flat survive blow over get take place gag overhaul throttle become go through evanesce live on communicate hand clog up run out swoon fit go across sound overtake transcend glide by gnarl exhale extend start faint stifle pall proceed break down clear stall travel by hold up pass along go along surpass guide pass by strangle work outgoing outgang outway ejection exclusion expulsion refusal rejection withdrawal passage out output outbound sortie out exiting quit outflow salida outward outing off ramp emitting disengagement out migration export removal depositioning exits decamping decampment departing farewell leave taking lighting out outgo parting quitting walking out curtains death demise dissolution doom end fate grave great divide quietus sleep bail bail out begone book bug off bug out bugger off buzz (off) clear off clear out cut out dig out go off pack (up or off) part peel off pike (out or off) push off push on run along sally (forth) scarper shove (off) step (along) take off vamoose walk out check out conk (out) drop flatline kick in kick off pass (on) peg out step out succumb

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Antonyms for exit

entrance entranceway entry entryway ingress advent appearance arrival birth nativity arrive come show up turn up breathe live

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Exit in different languages

  • خَرَجَ, مخرج, ىخرجArabic
  • выхо́дзіць, выезд, выхад, вы́йсціByelorussian
  • излизане напускам излизам напускане изход Bulgarian
  • sortir sortida Catalan
  • odchod východ odbočka výjezd odjezd výstup Czech
  • udvej udgang Danish
  • ausgang ausweg sterben exitus abwanderung aussteigen hinausgehen austritt abgehen tod ausstieg verschwinden ausgehen abtritt ausfahrt German
  • έξοδος φεύγω βγαίνω Greek
  • salida salir partida partir Spanish
  • väljuma väljumine lahkuma lahkumine väljapääs Estonian
  • خروجی خارج شدن خروج Persian
  • poistua uloskäynti ulospääsy lähteä lähtö mennä ulos Finnish
  • sortie sortir French
  • निकास Hindi
  • kijárat kimegy Hungarian
  • ելնել ելք Armenian
  • jalan keluar Indonesian
  • útgangur Icelandic
  • uscita uscire Italian
  • 出かける, 出口, 出るJapanese
  • გასასვლელი Georgian
  • ច្រកចេញCambodian
  • 출구, 出口Korean
  • exitus exeō abeō abitus Latin
  • išėjimas išeiti Lithuanian
  • iziešana Latvian
  • излез излегува влегување напушта Macedonian
  • гарах хаалга, гарцMongolian
  • ħareġMaltese
  • ထွက်ပေါက်Burmese
  • uitgang uitgaan vertrekken Dutch
  • sortidaOccitan
  • wyjście wychodzić wyjść Polish
  • deixar saída sair Portuguese
  • sortida, sortir, sorteida, sorteirRomance
  • ieșire ieși Romanian
  • выход выйти выходить выезд Russian
  • izlaz, излазSerbo
  • výjazd východ Slovak
  • izhodSlovenian
  • dalje dal ik ikje Albanian
  • avsked utgång lämna gå sorti Swedish
  • ทางออกThai
  • uzaklaşmak çıkmak terk etmek çıkış ayrılmak Turkish
  • вихід, виїздUkrainian
  • lối ra Vietnamese
  • segolöpVolapuk
  • sôrteye, rexhoweWalloon

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