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Meanings for separate

to break something up or divide it into parts

offprint, reprint, separate(noun)

a separately printed article that originally appeared in a larger publication


a garment that can be purchased separately and worn in combinations with other garments


independent; not united or joint

"a problem consisting of two separate issues"; "they went their separate ways"; "formed a separate church"

freestanding, separate(adj)

standing apart; not attached to or supported by anything

"a freestanding bell tower"; "a house with a separate garage"


separated according to race, sex, class, or religion

"separate but equal"; "girls and boys in separate classes"

disjoined, separate(verb)

have the connection undone; having become separate

separate, divide(verb)

act as a barrier between; stand between

"The mountain range divides the two countries"

separate, disunite, divide, part(verb)

force, take, or pull apart

"He separated the fighting children"; "Moses parted the Red Sea"

distinguish, separate, differentiate, secern, secernate, severalize, severalise, tell, tell apart(verb)

mark as different

"We distinguish several kinds of maple"

divide, split, split up, separate, dissever, carve up(verb)

separate into parts or portions

"divide the cake into three equal parts"; "The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I"


divide into components or constituents

"Separate the wheat from the chaff"

classify, class, sort, assort, sort out, separate(verb)

arrange or order by classes or categories

"How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"

separate, divide(verb)

make a division or separation

separate, part, split up, split, break, break up(verb)

discontinue an association or relation; go different ways

"The business partners broke over a tax question"; "The couple separated after 25 years of marriage"; "My friend and I split up"

separate, part, split(verb)

go one's own way; move apart

"The friends separated after the party"

break, separate, split up, fall apart, come apart(verb)

become separated into pieces or fragments

"The figurine broke"; "The freshly baked loaf fell apart"

discriminate, separate, single out(verb)

treat differently on the basis of sex or race

separate, divide, part(verb)

come apart

"The two pieces that we had glued separated"

branch, ramify, fork, furcate, separate(verb)

divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

"The road forks"

not the same or shared

we stayed in separate apartments on our vacation

not physically attached to another unit

the housing development has 200 separate homes, each with its own enclosed yard

not being under the rule or control of another

the former Soviet republic is now a separate country

of, relating to, or belonging to a single person

the husband and wife each have separate interests

to set or force apart

we tried to separate the gluey pages, but they were stuck tight

to go or move in different directions from a central point

the searchers separated in order to cover more ground

to arrange or assign according to type

separate the students by reading ability

to set or keep apart from others

separated the injured calf from the herd

to understand or point out the difference in

trying to separate science from religion on one specific point

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Example Sentences of separate

I keep this bottle separate from all the others.

They want to separate after 40

He wished to keep the bank accounts separate for tax purposes.

Tom and Mary live in separate states.

Tom and Mary have gone their separate ways.

You cannot separate the milk from the coffee once you put it in.

We must separate politics from religion.

This is important enough for separate treatment.

They went their separate ways.

No one can separate them.

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Synonyms for separate

offprint reissue reprint reprinting disjoined freestanding divide assort carve up come apart fork classify sort out dissever differentiate class distinguish part break disunite severalise fraction furcate fall apart severalize secernate break up split up split sort secern tell apart tell branch single out ramify discriminate start disassociate start out depart dissociate set off take off divorce set forth disjoint set out spot mark signalise enjoin key out evidence state pick out order key assure speciate signalize specialize recount identify make out specialise discern recognize recite name recognise narrate describe discover say cleave rive break open burst associate shed light on crystalise sieve crystalize crystallise consort correct affiliate illuminate clear discipline screen out elucidate screen crystallize clear up enlighten relegate straighten out crack give way soften disperse reveal cut off give out unwrap disassemble collapse die transgress founder weaken fragmentise calve fragmentize bump snap off go demote break out give away take apart crack up damp smash interrupt offend fracture bring out violate divulge pause break dance let on recess get around wear out cave in conk out break away check breach develop give decompose dissolve better fragment go bad adjourn break off disclose crash bust erupt scatter dismantle recrudesce break apart break dance go against dampen fall in disrupt break in let out ruin kick downstairs stop dispel break down infract fail bankrupt expose crock up discontinue intermit dissipate sever get out pick resolve wear crumble go to pieces know apart pitchfork complexify abstract appropriate detach distract divert eliminate purloin remove steal take away withdraw never disjoin tear rend disintegrate disconnect segregate diverge disunited disconnected unconnected detached severed different dispart disengage insulate isolate sunder dissociated distinct discrete separated independent separately segregated individual distinctive sporadic separating stand alone corrigendum pry various specific autonomous respectively independence own isolated separation decouple free standing standalone toseparate breakaway respective free single unattached self governed self governing self ruling sovereign sovran idiomatic individualized particular patented peculiar personal personalized private privy singular subjective unique uncouple unlink unyoke branch (out) spread categorize codify compartment compartmentalize digest distribute grade group peg place range rank type seclude sequester difference

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Separate in different languages

  • skei afgesonderde aparte verdeel deel geskeide Afrikaans
  • منفصل, فصلArabic
  • айырым, башҡа, айырыуBashkir
  • separat separar Catalan
  • oddělený oddělit separátní samostatný Czech
  • gwahan Welch
  • adskille Danish
  • unterscheiden separieren trennen separat sich trennen getrennt teilen einzeln scheiden auseinanderfallen German
  • malkunigi malkuna Esperanto
  • separado separar disgregar Spanish
  • erottaa eri erillinen irrottaa erottua irtonainen Finnish
  • séparer séparée séparé French
  • scaoil i deighil Irish
  • air leth, bhoScots Gaelic
  • separar, separado, separarseGalician
  • अलग Hindi
  • elkülönít elválaszt különálló külön Hungarian
  • բաժանել անջատել առանձնացնել տրոհել առանձին անջատ Armenian
  • aðkilinn Icelandic
  • separato separata separare Italian
  • נפרדformer Hebrew
  • 分離, 分れた, 分かれる, 別れる, 切り離すJapanese
  • 분리되다, 개개의, 별개의, 분리하다Korean
  • schiften afgezonderde afgezonderd scheiden gescheiden afzonderlijk Dutch
  • oddzielny osobny Polish
  • جلا, بېلPashto
  • separar-se separado separar Portuguese
  • haytarakuyQuechua
  • despărți separa separată separat Romanian
  • разделять разлучать разъединять отдельный раздельный отделять обособленный разделяться Russian
  • avskilja skiljd söndra avskild skilja splittra separat dela skild Swedish
  • విడిపోవు, వేరు చేయు, విడిTegulu
  • окремоUkrainian
  • الگUrdu
  • schåyîWalloon

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