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Pronounce Forever as F OW R EH V EH R.

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Phonetic transcription for forever

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of forever: | foʊrɛvɛr |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of forever: | fɒrɛvɛr |

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Meanings for forever

for all eternity; for an infinite amount of time

everlastingly, eternally, forever, evermore(adverb)

for a limitless time

"no one can live forever"; "brightly beams our Father's mercy from his lighthouse evermore"- P.P.Bliss

forever, forever and a day(adverb)

for a very long or seemingly endless time

"she took forever to write the paper"; "we had to wait forever and a day"

constantly, always, forever, perpetually, incessantly(adverb)

without interruption

"the world is constantly changing"

for all time

we'll be best friends forever

on every relevant occasion

he is forever reminding me to wear my hat and gloves in cold weather

a long or seemingly long period of time

it took forever to fill out all the forms

Example Sentences of forever

It would take forever for me to explain everything.

I am forever in your debt.

Jeans take forever to dry.

Then speak now or forever hold your peace.

Every time a species dies out, we lose forever a part of our natural world.

He will forever be in our hearts.

He will live forever in our hearts.

Antonyms for forever

Forever in different languages

  • إلى الأبدArabic
  • завинаги навеки Bulgarian
  • navždy na věky Czech
  • for altid Danish
  • auf ewig immer für immer unaufhörlich andauernd ständig für eger German
  • πάντα Greek
  • constantemente por siempre eternidad sin cesar para siempre Spanish
  • برای همیشه Persian
  • aina iäisyys ikiajoiksi ikuisuus ikuisesti Finnish
  • pour toujours toujours à jamais French
  • ivichFrisian
  • go bráth go deo Irish
  • gu bràthScots Gaelic
  • לנצחHebrew
  • हमेशा के लिए कभी के लिए Hindi
  • mindörökké örökké örökre Hungarian
  • հավետ ընդմիշտ Armenian
  • per sempre Italian
  • לָנformer Hebrew
  • 永久, 永遠Japanese
  • მუდამ სამუდამოდ Georgian
  • រហូតCambodian
  • 히, 영원, 永遠Korean
  • in perpetuum perpetuum in omne tempus Latin
  • għal dejjemMaltese
  • tijden eeuwig altijd eeuwen eindeloos steed voor altijd Dutch
  • hoolʼáágóóNavajo, Navaho
  • na zawsze cały czas Polish
  • para sempre Portuguese
  • pentru totdeauna Romanian
  • вечно всегда навечно навсегда навеки целую вечность постоянно Russian
  • заувекSerbo
  • för alltid evigt Swedish
  • milele Swahili
  • นิรันดร์, ตลอดไปThai
  • sonsuza kadar sonsuza dek Turkish
  • вічно, навік, назавждиUkrainian
  • ہمیشہ کے لئےUrdu
  • vĩnh viễn 永遠 mãi mãi Vietnamese
  • 永遠 Chinese

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