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Meanings for other


not the same one or ones already mentioned or implied

"today isn't any other day"- the White Queen; "the construction of highways and other public works"; "he asked for other employment"; "any other person would tell the truth"; "his other books are still in storage"; "then we looked at the other house"; "hearing was good in his other ear"; "the other sex"; "she lived on the other side of the street from me"; "went in the other direction"


recently past

"the other evening"

early(a), former(a), other(a)(adj)

belonging to the distant past

"the early inhabitants of Europe"; "former generations"; "in other times"


very unusual; different in character or quality from the normal or expected

"a strange, other dimension...where his powers seemed to fail"- Lance Morrow

being not of the same kind

no, I need the other pen, the blue one

resulting in an increase in amount or number

we'll be taking one other person on the trip

having been such at some previous time

I was something of a celebrity in other days

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Example Sentences of other

They bother me.

My mother is out.

I got another job.

My brother is out.

I have other plans.

I made other plans.

I need another job.

I need another one.

My mother is angry.

Give me another one.

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Antonyms for other

alike identical indistinguishable kin kindred like parallel same similar

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Other in different languages

  • أخرى, آخرArabic
  • дру́гі, і́ншыByelorussian
  • друг Bulgarian
  • অন্যান্যBengali
  • un altre una altra Catalan
  • druhý jiný ostatní jinak Czech
  • arall Welch
  • andre Danish
  • außer abgesehen andere anders German
  • άλλος Greek
  • alia krom alio Esperanto
  • otros otro otras otra Spanish
  • دیگر Persian
  • toinen muu lukuun ottamatta Finnish
  • autre French
  • oarFrisian
  • eile Irish
  • eileScots Gaelic
  • outro, outraGalician
  • אחרHebrew
  • अन्य दूसरा Hindi
  • másmilyen más másik Hungarian
  • այլ մյուս ուրիշ Armenian
  • altereInterlingua
  • annar Icelandic
  • altro Italian
  • 別, 他Japanese
  • liya
  • სხვა მეორე Georgian
  • 다른Korean
  • alius alter Latin
  • citādāk cits otrs savādāk Latvian
  • друг Macedonian
  • အခြားBurmese
  • ander andere anderen Dutch
  • andre annen Norwegian
  • ałʼąąNavajo, Navaho
  • auteOccitan
  • ਦੂਜੇ ਦੂਜੀ ਹੋਰ Punjabi
  • inny Polish
  • بل, نورPashto
  • outro outra fora Portuguese
  • auter, oterRomance
  • alt Romanian
  • за исключе́нием кро́ме друго́й ино́й Russian
  • àteruSardinian
  • drȕgī, дру̏гӣSerbo
  • druhý Slovak
  • drugiSlovenian
  • annan Swedish
  • వేరేTegulu
  • ต่าง, อื่น, อื่นๆThai
  • başka öbür diğer Turkish
  • і́ншийUkrainian
  • دوسراUrdu
  • boshqaUzbek
  • khác Vietnamese
  • votikVolapuk
  • אַנדערYiddish

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