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Pronounce Same as S AH M EH.

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Phonetic transcription for same

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of same: | sæmɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of same: | sæmɛ |

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Meanings for same


Lapp, Lapplander, Sami, Saami, Same, Saame(noun)

a member of an indigenous nomadic people living in northern Scandinavia and herding reindeer

Lapp, Sami, Saami, Same, Saame(adj)

the language of nomadic Lapps in northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula


same in identity

"the same man I saw yesterday"; "never wore the same dress twice"; "this road is the same one we were on yesterday"; "on the same side of the street"


closely similar or comparable in kind or quality or quantity or degree

"curtains the same color as the walls"; "two girls of the same age"; "mother and son have the same blue eyes"; "animals of the same species"; "the same rules as before"; "two boxes having the same dimensions"; "the same day next year"

like, same(adj)

equal in amount or value

"like amounts"; "equivalent amounts"; "the same amount"; "gave one six blows and the other a like number"; "the same number"


unchanged in character or nature

"the village stayed the same"; "his attitude is the same as ever"

resembling another in every respect

I bought the same shirt at the mall for five dollars less

being one and not another

that's the same guy I saw down at the beach yesterday

Example Sentences of same

I am the same age.

I feel the same way.

I felt the same way.

I had the same problem.

I had the same thought.

I thought the same thing.

I asked Tom the same thing.

Kim and I are the same age.

She and I are the same age.

You and I are the same age.

Same in different languages

  • يشبهه, نفسه, نفسها, يشبهها, ذات, مثلهاArabic
  • шул уҡBashkir
  • একইBengali
  • mateix Catalan
  • tentýž stejný Czech
  • samme Danish
  • derselbe gleich selbe German
  • όμοιος ίδιος Greek
  • sama simila samo Esperanto
  • mismo Spanish
  • sama samasugune Estonian
  • شبیه مشابه یکسان یکی Persian
  • sama samanlainen Finnish
  • samurFaeroese
  • même French
  • céanna ionann Irish
  • ceart, aon, dearbh, ceudnaScots Gaelic
  • אותה ה..., אותו ה..., דומהHebrew
  • उसी वही Hindi
  • azonos ugyanilyen ugyanaz ugyanolyan ugyanez Hungarian
  • նույն նույնը Armenian
  • sama serupa Indonesian
  • samur Icelandic
  • stesso medesimo Italian
  • 同じひと, 同じ, 同じもの, 同じことJapanese
  • sami, padha
  • ដូចគ្នាCambodian
  • 똑같다, 같다Korean
  • īdem eadem Latin
  • ຄ້າຍຄືLao
  • ōrite, riteMaori
  • ист истото Macedonian
  • адилMongolian
  • sama Malay
  • hetzelfde dezelfde Dutch
  • samme lignende Norwegian
  • meteisOccitan
  • ਉਹੋ ਸਮ Punjabi
  • taki sam Polish
  • mesmo o mesmo Portuguese
  • medem, madem, listessRomance
  • același la fel Romanian
  • тако́й же то́т же одина́ковый самый тот же Russian
  • isti, istoSlovenian
  • samma lik Swedish
  • sawa Swahili
  • ఒకటే, అదేTegulu
  • parehoTagalog
  • aynı Turkish
  • одноманітнийUkrainian
  • وہی, يکساں, اسیUrdu
  • cùng một một thứ như nhau giống như vậy giống nhau Vietnamese
  • זעלביק, זעלבYiddish

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