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Pronounce Sure as S UW R EH.

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Phonetic transcription for sure

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of sure: | surɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of sure: | sʊrɛ |

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Meanings for sure


certain(p), sure(adj)

having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured

"felt certain of success"; "was sure (or certain) she had seen it"; "was very sure in his beliefs"; "sure of her friends"

certain, sure(adj)

exercising or taking care great enough to bring assurance

"be certain to disconnect the iron when you are through"; "be sure to lock the doors"

certain, sure(adj)

certain to occur; destined or inevitable

"he was certain to fail"; "his fate is certain"; "In this life nothing is certain but death and taxes"- Benjamin Franklin; "he faced certain death"; "sudden but sure regret"; "he is sure to win"


physically secure or dependable

"a sure footing"; "was on sure ground"

certain, sure(adj)

reliable in operation or effect

"a quick and certain remedy"; "a sure way to distinguish the two"; "wood dust is a sure sign of termites"

sure, trusted(adj)

(of persons) worthy of trust or confidence

"a sure (or trusted) friend"


infallible or unfailing

"a sure (or true) sign of one's commitment"


certain not to fail

"a sure hand on the throttle"

indisputable, sure(adverb)

impossible to doubt or dispute

"indisputable (or sure) proof"

surely, certainly, sure, for sure, for certain, sure enough, sure as shooting(adverb)

definitely or positively (`sure' is sometimes used informally for `surely')

"the results are surely encouraging"; "she certainly is a hard worker"; "it's going to be a good day for sure"; "they are coming, for certain"; "they thought he had been killed sure enough"; "he'll win sure as shooting"; "they sure smell good"; "sure he'll come"

having or showing a mind free from doubt

are you absolutely sure that she said she was coming today?

impossible to avoid or evade

the joke's a sure dud if you don't pause in the right places

not likely to fail

a sure cure for the winter blues—a week in the Bahamas

worthy of one's trust

a sister is a sure friend for life

not capable of being challenged or proved wrong

no sure evidence that life exists on other planets

without any question

we sure could use your help here

Example Sentences of sure

I sure am cold.

I sure hope so.

I was sure of it.

I sure do hope so.

I made sure of that.

I could sure use a drink.

Be sure to drop me a line.

I could sure use your help.

I sure wish you would leave.

I could sure use your advice.

Sure in different languages

  • أكيد, طبعًاArabic
  • segur Catalan
  • jistý Czech
  • siwr sicr Welch
  • sicher German
  • ασφαλής βέβαιος Greek
  • claro por supuesto seguro Spanish
  • مطمئن Persian
  • varma toki Finnish
  • certain sûr sûre bien sûr French
  • dearfa deimhin Irish
  • deimhinn, cinnteachScots Gaelic
  • בטח, בטוחHebrew
  • biztos Hungarian
  • վստահ անշուշտ իհարկե Armenian
  • certo certa sicuro sicura Italian
  • 確か, もちろんJapanese
  • დარწმუნებული უთუოდ სანდო Georgian
  • 확실, 물론Korean
  • certus Latin
  • сигурно Macedonian
  • zeker Dutch
  • segurOccitan
  • oczywiście pewien pewnie! pewny Polish
  • tudo bem certo claro tá seguro Portuguese
  • segir, sgür, sieir, siirRomance
  • cert sigur Romanian
  • конечно уверенный Russian
  • sicuru, seguru, securu, siguruSardinian
  • sevédaSlovenian
  • säker jodå självklart Swedish
  • emin Turkish
  • впевненийUkrainian

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