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Pronounce Fast as F AH S T.

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Phonetic transcription for fast

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of fast: | fæst |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of fast: | fæst |

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Meanings for fast

moving at high speed or capable of high speed

fast, fasting(adj)

abstaining from food


acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly

"fast film"; "on the fast track in school"; "set a fast pace"; "a fast car"


(used of timepieces) indicating a time ahead of or later than the correct time

"my watch is fast"


at a rapid tempo

"the band played a fast fox trot"


(of surfaces) conducive to rapid speeds

"a fast road"; "grass courts are faster than clay"


resistant to destruction or fading

"fast colors"

debauched, degenerate, degraded, dissipated, dissolute, libertine, profligate, riotous, fast(adj)

unrestrained by convention or morality

"Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society"; "deplorably dissipated and degraded"; "riotous living"; "fast women"

flying, quick, fast(adj)

hurried and brief

"paid a flying visit"; "took a flying glance at the book"; "a quick inspection"; "a fast visit"

fast, firm, immobile(adj)

securely fixed in place

"the post was still firm after being hit by the car"

firm, loyal, truehearted, fast(a)(adj)

unwavering in devotion to friend or vow or cause

"a firm ally"; "loyal supporters"; "the true-hearted soldier...of Tippecanoe"- Campaign song for William Henry Harrison; "fast friends"


(of a photographic lens or emulsion) causing a shortening of exposure time

"a fast lens"


abstain from certain foods, as for religious or medical reasons

"Catholics sometimes fast during Lent"


abstain from eating

"Before the medical exam, you must fast"


quickly or rapidly (often used as a combining form)

"how fast can he get here?"; "ran as fast as he could"; "needs medical help fast"; "fast-running rivers"; "fast-breaking news"; "fast-opening (or fast-closing) shutters"

fast, tight(adverb)

firmly or closely

"held fast to the rope"; "her foot was stuck fast"; "held tight"

moving, proceeding, or acting with great speed

the fast pace of construction resulted in our new house being done ahead of schedule

firm in one's allegiance to someone or something

the two girls soon became fast and inseparable friends

firmly positioned in place and difficult to dislodge

the rusty, old screws are so fast in the fitting that there's no hope of getting them out

given to or marked by cheating and deception

rolling back odometers was just one of the fast practices that the used-car dealer was guilty of

marked by the ability to withstand stress without structural damage or distortion

as the storm approached, we checked to see that every thing on the outside of the house was fast and locked in position

not lasting for a considerable time

after a fast explanation of the procedure, we were turned loose to do the work

having or showing quickness of mind

I don't know how to operate this machine, but I'm a fast learner

with great speed

run as fast as you can to get help

to a full extent or degree

everyone in camp was fast asleep within minutes of hitting the sack

Example Sentences of fast

I ate breakfast at eight.

I ran as fast as I could.

I came as fast as I could.

I eat breakfast every day.

My daughter is fast asleep.

I eat breakfast before work.

I found the boy fast asleep.

I want breakfast in my room.

I eat breakfast every morning.

I got here as fast as I could.

Synonyms for fast

fasting profligate libertine loyal debauched fast(a) dissolute riotous truehearted dissipated quick flying degenerate firm degraded immobile luxuriant sporting profuse devalued lush extravagant turbulent card playing disruptive debased tumultuous betting troubled exuberant spendthrift prodigal ready straightaway prompt speedy warm agile fast flying spry immediate nimble unfluctuating stiff unwavering unshakable unbendable steadfast solid unfaltering steady strong tight close closely secure fixed constant stable unyielding unswerving rapid accelerated wild reckless pay abstain from food forbear eating go without food go hungry abstinence from food fast day day of fasting banyan day time of fasting rope fastened immovable stanch fortified impregnable sound deep profound swift fleet giddy thoughtless thriftless firmly tightly immovably swiftly quickly rapidly extravagantly prodigally recklessly wildly hurry soon expres expeditious almost promptly speedily expeditiously timely speed rapids early high speed nearly faster vite sticky fast track blistering breakneck breathless brisk dizzy fleet footed galloping hasty hot lightning nippy rapid fire rattling snappy splitting whirlwind zippy dedicated devoted devout down the line faithful good pious staunch true true blue frozen jammed lodged set snug stuck wedged bent crooked deceptive dishonest double dealing duplicitous fraudulent guileful rogue shady sharp shifty underhand underhanded bombproof stalwart sturdy brief little short alert brainy bright brilliant clever exceptional hyperintelligent intelligent keen quick witted sharp witted smart supersmart ultrasmart apace briskly chop chop double quick fleetly full tilt hastily hell for leather lickety split posthaste presto pronto snappily all all of all over altogether clean completely dead enough entire entirely even exactly flat full fully heartily out perfectly plumb quite soundly thoroughly through and through totally utterly well wholly wide

Fast in different languages

  • vas voor kleurvas vinnig Afrikaans
  • ጾመAmharic
  • سَريع, سرعة, عاجلاً, صامArabic
  • тиҙ, ҡаты, шәп, ныҡ, нығытыпBashkir
  • хуткі, хуткаByelorussian
  • неизбеляващ закрепен бърз здрав постя силно дълбоко бързо здраво Bulgarian
  • མགྱོགས་པོ, ཟས་གཅོདTibetan
  • ràpid ferm veloç ràpidament veloçment dejunar fermament Catalan
  • rychlý hluboký rychle postit Czech
  • ymprydio Welch
  • farvefast dyb foran hurtig fast dybt faste Danish
  • befestigt pfeilgeschwind tief schnell beständig pfeilschnell geschwind fest farbecht fasten German
  • βαθύς στερεός ταχύς μπροστά γρήγορος νηστεύω γρήγορα Greek
  • rapida fasti rapide Esperanto
  • rápido ayunar rápidamente Spanish
  • irmo, finko, azkar, tinko, barau egin, agudoBasque
  • تند فرز روزه گرفتن Persian
  • nopea kiinni syvä sikeä pikaisesti lujasti etuajassa tiukasti nopeasti paastota sikeästi Finnish
  • skjótur, fastur, fasta, fast, skjóttFaeroese
  • rapide vite jeûner rapidement French
  • luath suite ceangailte aoine Irish
  • luath, traisgScots Gaelic
  • rápidoGalician
  • מהיר, מהר, צָםHebrew
  • तीव्र तेज़ झटपट जल्दी उपवास Hindi
  • érzékeny szilárd gyors siet sebes mély tartós szilárdan mélyen gyorsan böjtöl Hungarian
  • արագ պաս պահել Armenian
  • puasa cepat Indonesian
  • kvikur fastur hraðskreiður hraður snöggur skjótur fljótur ör fast fasta hratt Icelandic
  • resistente rapida avanti fisso veloce rapido profondo digiunare profondamente rapidamente velocemente saldamente Italian
  • 速い, 早い, しっかりした, 急ぐ, しっかりと, 断食するJapanese
  • pasa
  • სწრაფი მარხულობა მარხვის შენახვა Georgian
  • លឿន, ឆាប់Cambodian
  • 빨리Korean
  • زوو sabit zeft zû خێرا زو رۆژوو گرتن rojî girtin Kurdish
  • celer iēiūnō Latin
  • tvirtas greitas greita pasninkauti Lithuanian
  • nasks stipri straujš ašs žigls knašs ātrs gavēt Latvian
  • ngita, nohopukuMaori
  • отпорен постојан силен цврст брз брзо пости цврсто предвремен Macedonian
  • fastMongolian
  • lena laju puasa berpuasa Malay
  • snel kwiek rap vast gezwind vlug vasten Dutch
  • kjapp rask dyp fargeekte før for tidlig fast dypt faste raskt kjapt hurtig Norwegian
  • tsį́į́łgo, hah, tsį́į́łNavajo, Navaho
  • junarOccitan
  • szybki prędko bystro pościć szybko Polish
  • profundo veloz firme adiantado seguro indesbotável rápido pesado velozmente profundamente rapidamente seguramente firmemente adiantadamente jejuar Portuguese
  • gegünar, gegüner, gigina, gigigna, günerRomance
  • grăbit repede rapid iute ajuna posti Romanian
  • крепкий прочный скорый обгоняющий скоростной спешащий быстрый преждевременно прочно попоститься быстро поститься крепко Russian
  • शीघ्रं, स्थिरंSanskrit
  • dejunare, giunai, geunare, deunare, deunzare, deinare, zaunare, ageunareSardinian
  • brzo, постити, брзо, postitiSerbo
  • rýchly rýchlo Slovak
  • híter, postiti se, hítroSlovenian
  • fäst snabb kvick djup färgäkta före kvickt snabbt fort fasta djupt Swedish
  • haraka funga Swahili
  • рӯза гирифтанTajik
  • เร็ว, อดอาหารThai
  • mabilisTagalog
  • hızlı oruç tutmak Turkish
  • швидкий, швидко, Припинити вогоньUkrainian
  • تیزUrdu
  • mau nhanh Vietnamese
  • sagitavifik, vifikVolapuk
  • פֿאַסטןYiddish
  • 快速 Chinese

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