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Meanings for trip


a journey for some purpose (usually including the return)

"he took a trip to the shopping center"


a hallucinatory experience induced by drugs

"an acid trip"

slip, trip(noun)

an accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall

"he blamed his slip on the ice"; "the jolt caused many slips and a few spills"

trip, head trip(noun)

an exciting or stimulating experience

tripper, trip(noun)

a catch mechanism that acts as a switch

"the pressure activates the tripper and releases the water"


a light or nimble tread

"he heard the trip of women's feet overhead"

trip, trip-up, stumble, misstep(verb)

an unintentional but embarrassing blunder

"he recited the whole poem without a single trip"; "he arranged his robes to avoid a trip-up later"; "confusion caused his unfortunate misstep"

stumble, trip(verb)

miss a step and fall or nearly fall

"She stumbled over the tree root"

trip, trip up(verb)

cause to stumble

"The questions on the test tripped him up"

travel, trip, jaunt(verb)

make a trip for pleasure

trip, actuate, trigger, activate, set off, spark off, spark, trigger off, touch off(verb)

put in motion or move to act

"trigger a reaction"; "actuate the circuits"

trip, trip out, turn on, get off(verb)

get high, stoned, or drugged

"He trips every weekend"

a going from one place to another usually of some distance

I'd like to book a trip to Greece with your travel agency

an unintentional departure from truth or accuracy

even a small trip in the bomb-making calculations could lead to disaster

to go at a pace faster than a walk

went tripping up the steps of city hall in their eagerness to get married

to go down from an upright position suddenly and involuntarily

tripped over a chair and landed on her face

to move with a light springing step

dancers tripping lightly across the stage

to take a trip especially of some distance

while he was growing up, the family tripped to New England every summer

to make a mistake

the press has had it in for the new governor, and they are just waiting for her to trip

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Example Sentences of trip

I saw Tom trip and fall.

I took a trip to Boston.

I enjoyed our trip together.

He told me that the trip was off.

Tell me about your trip to Boston.

Do you want to go on a trip with me?

Tom told me about his trip to Boston.

Would you like to go on a trip with me?

Please tell me about your trip to Boston?

Could you tell me about your trip to Boston?

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Synonyms for trip

tripper head trip trip up misstep stumble slip cutting berth pillow slip case faux pas pillowcase miscue gaffe slickness slipperiness elusion mooring slick parapraxis chemise teddy sideslip eluding shimmy moorage gaucherie skid slip of paper shift solecism strip slip up self gratification sightseer rubberneck stumbler excursionist lurch stagger jaunt slip up turn on actuate trip up spark off falter trigger off get off spark touch off trip out trigger hit activate travel set off bumble catch move around move locomote go journey start incite detonate offset motivate propel take off explode instigate part depart prompt blow up bring out start out sparkle set forth stir up cancel aerate set out excite mail depend upon commove send off agitate dismount get down get by hinge on arouse hop out send ride depend on charge escape wind up devolve on charge up rouse get out sex hinge upon light switch on unhorse get away excursion expedition pilgrimage tour transit voyage bound skip taunt fail mistake offend err fall hop step quickly lose footing make a false step be at fault come short supplant throw off the balance light step false step lapse failure oversight error blunder fault miss ramble stroll short journey visit travelling travels flight trips traveling ikea outing displacement odometer itinerary passage peregrination travel(s) trek bobble boo boo boob brick clanger clinker flub fluff fumble gaff goof inaccuracy screwup slipup dash gallop jog run scamper sprint trot topple tumble bounce lollop lope peregrinate foul up goof (up) louse up mess (up) screw up

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Antonyms for trip

get up rise stand (up) uprise

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Trip in different languages

  • رحلةArabic
  • entrebancar-se Catalan
  • výlet zakopnout Czech
  • rejse Danish
  • drogenrausch reise trip stolpern ausflug German
  • ταξίδι Greek
  • tropezar viaje hacer topezar Spanish
  • retk Estonian
  • bidaiaBasque
  • سفر Persian
  • kompastus retki etikettivirhe matka huumetrippi reissu kömmähdys trippi kompastuminen tripata kytkeä kampittaa matkata kompastua laukaista kampata matkustaa trippailla Finnish
  • reisa, ferðFaeroese
  • croc-en-jambe faux pas balade trip tour croche-pied voyage bévue enfarger faire un croche-pied triper se prendre les pieds trébucher French
  • cuairt, turasScots Gaelic
  • सैर यात्रा Hindi
  • kirándulás utazás Hungarian
  • viageInterlingua
  • perjalanan Indonesian
  • exkursoEsperanto
  • reisa ferð för trippa Icelandic
  • gita viaggio sgambetto inciampare Italian
  • טיולformer Hebrew
  • 陶酔感, 不謹慎, 踏み違え, 旅行, 不作法, トリップ, 旅, 無作法, 幻覚症状, 躓き, 外出, 作動, よろめく, 躓く, 転ぶJapanese
  • 여행Korean
  • iter Latin
  • hirawea, turupana, rapahuki, tukituki, tapepa, tatu, tapepe, tūtuki, hīrauMaori
  • tocht struikelen reis Dutch
  • reise tur Norwegian
  • wycieczka podróż potknięcie Polish
  • viagem viajar Portuguese
  • excursie voiaj împiedica Romanian
  • спотыкание поездка приход путешествие запинаться спотыкаться запнуться споткнуться Russian
  • narkotikarus tripp felsteg tur drogrus resa göra en resa snava snubbla Swedish
  • பயணம் Tamil
  • การเดินทางThai
  • gezi Turkish
  • поїздкаUkrainian
  • سفرUrdu
  • chuyến đi Vietnamese
  • יאַזדעYiddish
  • Chinese

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