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Meanings for send

to transmit something to another place

send, direct(verb)

cause to go somewhere

"The explosion sent the car flying in the air"; "She sent her children to camp"; "He directed all his energies into his dissertation"

send, send out(verb)

to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place

"He had sent the dispatches downtown to the proper people and had slept"

mail, post, send(verb)

cause to be directed or transmitted to another place

"send me your latest results"; "I'll mail you the paper when it's written"

transport, send, ship(verb)

transport commercially

station, post, send, place(verb)

assign to a station

send, get off, send off(verb)


"The spy sent the classified information off to Russia"

commit, institutionalize, institutionalise, send, charge(verb)

cause to be admitted; of persons to an institution

"After the second episode, she had to be committed"; "he was committed to prison"

air, send, broadcast, beam, transmit(verb)

broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

"We cannot air this X-rated song"

to cause to go or be taken from one place to another

they promised to send the package in the morning

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Example Sentences of send

Send it to me.

Send me there.

Send Tom to me.

Send me a postcard.

Send her my regards.

I need to send a fax.

Send me a new catalog.

I had to send Tom home.

Please send me a letter.

I must send for the doctor.

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Synonyms for send

ship beam get off place mail send off commit target lead station maneuver take post point channelize aim channelise take aim train head steer manoeuver transport address manoeuvre direct engineer organize charge organise calculate broadcast institutionalise send out conduct air institutionalize orchestrate mastermind guide transmit brand put up stake carry ravish channel enthrall enchant embark transfer delight enrapture enthral rank put localize range come in position grade lay locate identify invest rate come out set order site pose localise dispatch trip dismount get down despatch get out trip out turn on escape hop out get by project light unhorse get away dedicate consign excite perpetrate intrust blame agitate appoint bear down load consecrate rouse shoot down buck commove pull accuse lodge give bill shoot devote level file practice charge up confide entrust trust saddle tear burden convey circulate air out spread impart radiate bare communicate glow publicise ventilate disperse circularize shine disseminate pass around publicize diffuse distribute propagate vent circularise aerate emit cast dart delegate depute discharge dismiss drive fling forward hurl impel lance launch propel sling throw bestow grant relegate remand toss jaculate send forth confer sending sent sends submit dispatching dispatched shipment envoy submitting dispatches deploy shipping consignment pack (off)

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Antonyms for send

accept receive

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Send in different languages

  • أرسل, يرسلArabic
  • паслаць, пасылаць, адпра́віць, адпраўля́ць, слацьByelorussian
  • изпращам Bulgarian
  • পাঠাBengali
  • trametre enviar Catalan
  • poslat Czech
  • anfon Welch
  • sende Danish
  • schicken senden German
  • στέλνω Greek
  • sendi Esperanto
  • mandar enviar Spanish
  • saatma Estonian
  • bidali, igorriBasque
  • فرستادن Persian
  • lähettää Finnish
  • envoyer French
  • stjoereFrisian
  • cuir Irish
  • cuirScots Gaelic
  • mondoGuarani
  • curManx
  • שלחHebrew
  • भेजना Hindi
  • küld Hungarian
  • ղրկել ուղարկել հղել Armenian
  • inviarInterlingua
  • kirim Indonesian
  • sendarEsperanto
  • senda Icelandic
  • restituire mandare inviare rimandare Italian
  • 送信, 送るJapanese
  • გაგზავნის Georgian
  • жіберуKazakh
  • ផ្ញើCambodian
  • 보내다Korean
  • hinartin şandin Kurdish
  • mittere Latin
  • schéckenLuxembourgish
  • ສົ່ງLao
  • siųsti Lithuanian
  • sūtīt Latvian
  • испрати Macedonian
  • илгээхMongolian
  • पाठवनेMarathi
  • hantar Malay
  • ပို့Burmese
  • opsturen verzenden sturen zenden Dutch
  • sende Norwegian
  • wysyłać wysłać Polish
  • استول, لېږلPashto
  • despachar Portuguese
  • kachayQuechua
  • spedir, trametterRomance
  • trimite expedia Romanian
  • отправлять слать послать посылать отправить Russian
  • प्रेषयतिSanskrit
  • послати, poslati, slati, слатиSerbo
  • posielať poslať Slovak
  • poslatiSlovenian
  • nis Albanian
  • sända skicka Swedish
  • அனுப்பு Tamil
  • పంపు, పంపించుTegulu
  • ส่งThai
  • yollamak göndermek Turkish
  • слати, послати, посилатиUkrainian
  • بهيجناUrdu
  • gửi Vietnamese
  • sedönVolapuk
  • evoyîWalloon
  • שיקןYiddish

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