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Meanings for ride

to currently travel or be carried in a vehicle

drive, ride(noun)

a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile)

"he took the family for a drive in his new car"


a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement

ride, sit(verb)

sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions

"She never sat a horse!"; "Did you ever ride a camel?"; "The girl liked to drive the young mare"


be carried or travel on or in a vehicle

"I ride to work in a bus"; "He rides the subway downtown every day"


continue undisturbed and without interference

"Let it ride"


move like a floating object

"The moon rode high in the night sky"

tease, razz, rag, cod, tantalize, tantalise, bait, taunt, twit, rally, ride(verb)

harass with persistent criticism or carping

"The children teased the new teacher"; "Don't ride me so hard over my failure"; "His fellow workers razzed him when he wore a jacket and tie"


be sustained or supported or borne

"His glasses rode high on his nose"; "The child rode on his mother's hips"; "She rode a wave of popularity"; "The brothers rode to an easy victory on their father's political name"

drive, ride(verb)

have certain properties when driven

"This car rides smoothly"; "My new truck drives well"

depend on, devolve on, depend upon, ride, turn on, hinge on, hinge upon(verb)

be contingent on

"The outcomes rides on the results of the election"; "Your grade will depends on your homework"


lie moored or anchored

"Ship rides at anchor"


sit on and control a vehicle

"He rides his bicycle to work every day"; "She loves to ride her new motorcycle through town"


climb up on the body

"Shorts that ride up"; "This skirt keeps riding up my legs"


ride over, along, or through

"Ride the freeways of California"


keep partially engaged by slightly depressing a pedal with the foot

"Don't ride the clutch!"

ride, mount(verb)

copulate with

"The bull was riding the cow"

a means of getting to a destination in a vehicle driven by another

an organization that provides rides for senior citizens

to attack repeatedly with mean put-downs or insults

that supervisor is always riding everyone for every little thing

to make fun of in a good-natured way

his wife couldn't resist riding him for forgetting his own birthday

to rest or move along the surface of a liquid or in the air

a condor riding high in the sky

to be determined by, based on, or subject (to)

our plan for the party rides on whether he can come

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Example Sentences of ride

Ride with me.

I can ride a horse.

I need a ride home.

Give me a ride home.

I can ride a bicycle.

You can ride with me.

I ride a bike to work.

I gave Tom a ride home.

I ride my bike to work.

I want to ride a horse.

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Synonyms for ride

thrust driveway drive movement private road cause crusade driving effort driving force campaign parkway bait devolve on turn on hinge on tease hinge upon pose depend on depend upon baby sit cod sit around posture tantalise sit mount model rag razz taunt seat twit sit down tantalize rally get at reproof mobilise chide rile dun crucify bedevil reprimand lambaste mobilize devil badger get to frustrate annoy chew out beat up gull trounce fool berate chew up rebound lecture drum up nark card torment tease apart dress down irritate befool come up remonstrate pester call up take in jaw rebuke nettle fluff vex beleaguer lambast dupe put on bother gravel take to task muster up summon bawl out slang muster call on the carpet put one across loosen have words put one over chafe scold call down bug tug force back get ram take repel aim labour motor push repulse labor force push back beat back rely upon trip out excite get off trip commove agitate arouse sex charge charge up rouse wind up switch on rely on rise bestride mount up climb on climb hop on jump on climb up wax go up get on compel impel propel resist urge on tower ballad mendeleev wrinkle car odyssey merry go round bike walk tour stroll journey horse turn motorcycle trick travel hiking lift transportation hassle haze heckle needle chaff jive joke josh kid rib roast drift float glide hang hover poise sail swim waft depend hinge

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Antonyms for ride

settle sink

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Ride in different languages

  • ry rit Afrikaans
  • ركوب, ركب, آليّة, يمتطيArabic
  • cavalcar muntar Catalan
  • jet jízda Czech
  • ꙗхатиserbian
  • teithio beicio lifft marchogaeth mynd ar gefn beic mynd Welch
  • køre ride ridt Danish
  • fahren fahrt reiten German
  • rajdi Esperanto
  • cabalgar autoestop medio de transporte montar rait Spanish
  • سواری کردن راندن Persian
  • krymppääntyä kulkea menopeli ajo ajaa riippua kärrypolku vinoilla kyyti ratsastaa kärrytie ärsyttää ratsutie panna laite vittuilla kuljettaa roikkua rassi ajelu Finnish
  • rouler monter bagnole conduire French
  • rideFrisian
  • הַסָּעָה, נָסַע, רָכַב, רֶכֶב, טְרֶמְפּ, סִיבוּבHebrew
  • सवार होना Hindi
  • autóz lovagol Hungarian
  • macchina giro giostra auto corsa Italian
  • 乗る, 乗せるJapanese
  • მგზავრობა Georgian
  • [[말, 타다, 승마Korean
  • važiuoti keliauti joti Lithuanian
  • braukt jāt Latvian
  • ekeMaori
  • ride, kjøre, ri
  • rijden Dutch
  • kjøyre, ri
  • ri Norwegian
  • jazda Polish
  • carango pegar andada cavalgar boleia atração carona possante levar passeio volta andar de Portuguese
  • поездка прокати́ться ката́ться пое́хать подво́з ката́ние езда́ пое́здка еха́ть поката́ться катание езда е́здить Russian
  • cuadhigai, caddicare, caddigare, cadhicare, cadhigareSardinian
  • voziti, jezditi, jahatiSlovenian
  • palamaSesotho
  • skjuts åka rida Swedish
  • sürmek binmek Turkish
  • їздитиUkrainian
  • cỡi Vietnamese

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