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Pronounce Vision as V IY S IY OW N.

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Phonetic transcription for vision

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of vision: | vɪsɪoʊn |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of vision: | vɪsɪɒn |

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Meanings for vision

the ability to see


a vivid mental image

"he had a vision of his own death"

sight, vision, visual sense, visual modality(noun)

the ability to see; the visual faculty

vision, visual sensation(noun)

the perceptual experience of seeing

"the runners emerged from the trees into his clear vision"; "he had a visual sensation of intense light"

imagination, imaginativeness, vision(noun)

the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses

"popular imagination created a world of demons"; "imagination reveals what the world could be"


a religious or mystical experience of a supernatural appearance

"he had a vision of the Virgin Mary"

a conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality

a vision of the future that no other film director had ever created

the ability to see

the bright light temporarily robbed me of vision

the soul of a dead person thought of especially as appearing to living people

believed he'd seen a vision of his mother

concern or preparation for the future

a company president with the long-range vision that his firm needs to survive in the global economy

to form a mental picture of

visioned her idea of the perfect meal

Example Sentences of vision

I watch television all day long.

I was watching television when the telephone rang.

My television is broken.

Can I watch television now?

I watch television every day.

I appeared on television once.

I watched television yesterday.

I must get the television fixed.

I watch television after supper.

I watch television twice a week.

Vision in different languages

  • رؤيةArabic
  • зрокByelorussian
  • ви́зия зре́ние Bulgarian
  • visió vista Catalan
  • vidění vidina vize zrak Czech
  • vision Danish
  • vision sicht sehkraft traumbild German
  • όραμα όραση Greek
  • visión vista Spanish
  • nägemus ilmutus nägemine Estonian
  • بینایی چشم انداز بینش دید Persian
  • näky kangastus näkö visio näkökyky näköaisti ilmestys haave Finnish
  • apparition vue vision aspiration French
  • radharcScots Gaelic
  • visión, vistaGalician
  • दृष्टि Hindi
  • képzeletbeli látomás Hungarian
  • vista visione Italian
  • חָזוֹןformer Hebrew
  • 目標, 幻覚, 展望, 啓示, 視覚, 幻視, ビジョンJapanese
  • წარმოდგენა მხედველობა ხილვა Georgian
  • ದೃಷ್ಟಿ Kannada
  • 시각, 시력Korean
  • somnium visio Latin
  • гле́дање вид привиде́ние ви́зија Macedonian
  • droombeeld visioen kijk geestesverschijning zicht visie gezichtsvermogen Dutch
  • åpenbaring visjon Norwegian
  • wzrok wizja widzenie Polish
  • objetivo visão vista Portuguese
  • vedere obiectiv vedenie viziune apariție Romanian
  • ви́дение виде́ние зре́ние привиде́ние видение Russian
  • вид, vidSerbo
  • zrak Slovak
  • vidSlovenian
  • vision hägring syn Swedish
  • taswira kizuka jazanda Swahili
  • భ్రమ, దర్శనం, దృష్టిTegulu
  • vizyon Turkish
  • зір, баченняUkrainian
  • اولین مقصدUrdu
  • thị giác Vietnamese
  • 视力 Chinese

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