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Meanings for fancy

to want to do something

illusion, fantasy, phantasy, fancy(noun)

something many people believe that is false

"they have the illusion that I am very wealthy"


a kind of imagination that was held by Coleridge to be more casual and superficial than true imagination

fondness, fancy, partiality(adj)

a predisposition to like something

"he had a fondness for whiskey"


not plain; decorative or ornamented

"fancy handwriting"; "fancy clothes"

visualize, visualise, envision, project, fancy, see, figure, picture, image(verb)

imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind

"I can't see him on horseback!"; "I can see what will happen"; "I can see a risk in this strategy"

fancy, go for, take to(verb)

have a fancy or particular liking or desire for

"She fancied a necklace that she had seen in the jeweler's window"

made or done with great care or with much detail

we're having a little get-together after the concert—nothing fancy

going beyond a normal or acceptable limit in degree or amount

decided they would rather go without dinner than pay the hotel restaurant's fancy prices

a conception or image created by the imagination and having no objective reality

a writer with a prodigious talent for creating fancies that captivate readers young and old

a sudden impulsive and apparently unmotivated idea or action

is this a serious interest in music, or just your latest fancy that will be forgotten after a week?

positive regard for something

now that he's rich he's taken a fancy to expensive sports cars

the ability to form mental images of things that either are not physically present or have never been conceived or created by others

to fans of Lewis Carroll, the animal creations of his fertile fancy are as real as any creature to be found at the zoo

to form a mental picture of

try to fancy, if you can, our mother on an elephant when she was touring India

to take pleasure in

the teacher didn't fancy the idea of failing the student, even if he was the class clown

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Example Sentences of fancy

These pants are too fancy for me.

Honey, I know the budget is tight, but do you think we could splurge a bit and have a night out at a fancy restaurant this weekend?

Tom took Mary to a fancy restaurant on their anniversary.

The boy took a fancy to the dog.

It would be nice to eat at a fancy restaurant for a change.

Bob mounted the portrait in a fancy frame, but it was upside down.

Fancy meeting you here.

Fancy seeing you here.

Fancy meeting you here!

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Synonyms for fancy

deception legerdemain fantasy trick illusion delusion phantasy magic trick thaumaturgy head game conjuring trick fondness semblance magic conjuration partiality tenderness heart warmheartedness partisanship philia affectionateness warmness affection warmth lovingness ensure project interpret examine look experience get word visualise watch assure image run across go steady protrude learn cast run into enter discover escort jut pick up visit reckon jut out consider forecast come across cypher get a line externalize get wind contrive take care calculate control ascertain insure attend compute date realize see check stick out foresee meet propose witness go for count on catch construe design estimate regard visualize picture plan find work out go through take in view take to throw hear render externalise go out envision determine see to it encounter figure find out cipher understand depict show send off realise hold consent accept hope apply try for decorative ornate feel like like highfalutin belief caprice conceit conception desire humor idea imagination inclination liking mood predilection supposition vagary whim thought notion IMAGINATION impression apprehension PENCHANT taste crotchet quirk freak whimsey maggot odd fancy imagine think suppose believe conceive form a conception of be pleased with have a fancy for imaginative of the fancy ornamental elegant fine nice chic fanciful classy novelty luxurious knack swell imitation costume complex complicated detailed elaborate intricate involved sophisticated baroque devilish excessive exorbitant extravagant extreme immoderate inordinate insane intolerable lavish overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening plethoric steep stiff towering unconscionable undue unmerciful chimera daydream dream figment hallucination nonentity phantasm fantasm pipe dream unreality vision bee crank kink megrim vagrancy whimsy appetite favor love love affair preference relish shine use contrivance creativity ideation imaginativeness invention inventiveness originality conjure (up) envisage fantasize feature ideate adore delight (in) dig enjoy get off (on) groove (on) rejoice (in) revel (in) savor savour

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Antonyms for fancy

Fancy in different languages

  • غير حقيقيArabic
  • прищявка представям си причудлив харесвам обичам фантазия въображение каприз пристрастие въобразявам си украсен майсторски изработен Bulgarian
  • fantasia Catalan
  • mít chuť Czech
  • anhängertum anhängerschaft fans edel schick idee einfall fantasie vorstellung schrill eindruck ausgefallen zuneigung leidenschaft vernarrtheit verworren anhänger vertrackt geschickt einbildung vorstellungskraft kunstvoll einbildungskraft raffiniert kraus nobel einfallsreich gefallen German
  • gustar tener ganas antojar tincar ser atraído por apetecer provocar Spanish
  • علاقه داشتن به Persian
  • hienostunut hieno oikku koristeellinen päähänpisto harrastajat intoilijat tehdä mieli ihastus haluta Finnish
  • fantaisie French
  • saoil, smaoinichScots Gaelic
  • capriccio fantasia impuntatura sbandata mania maniaco ghiribizzo fanatico fedele amante Italian
  • fancy Norwegian
  • zachcianka Polish
  • маскарадный Russian
  • fantezi Turkish
  • бажати, хотіти, уявляти, уявитиUkrainian

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