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Meanings for mass

a heap or pile


the property of a body that causes it to have weight in a gravitational field

batch, deal, flock, good deal, great deal, hatful, heap, lot, mass, mess, mickle, mint, mountain, muckle, passel, peck, pile, plenty, pot, quite a little, raft, sight, slew, spate, stack, tidy sum, wad(noun)

(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent

"a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos"; "it must have cost plenty"; "a slew of journalists"; "a wad of money"


an ill-structured collection of similar things (objects or people)


(Roman Catholic Church and Protestant Churches) the celebration of the Eucharist


a body of matter without definite shape

"a huge ice mass"

multitude, masses, mass, hoi polloi, people, the great unwashed(noun)

the common people generally

"separate the warriors from the mass"; "power to the people"

bulk, mass, volume(noun)

the property of something that is great in magnitude

"it is cheaper to buy it in bulk"; "he received a mass of correspondence"; "the volume of exports"


a musical setting for a Mass

"they played a Mass composed by Beethoven"


a sequence of prayers constituting the Christian Eucharistic rite

"the priest said Mass"

aggregate, aggregated, aggregative, mass(verb)

formed of separate units gathered into a mass or whole

"aggregate expenses include expenses of all divisions combined for the entire year"; "the aggregated amount of indebtedness"


join together into a mass or collect or form a mass

"Crowds were massing outside the palace"

the body of the community as contrasted with the elite

the masses demanded the elimination of tax breaks for the rich

a considerable amount

I have a mass of work to do tonight

a distinct and separate portion of matter

a mass of leaves in a corner of the yard

the main or greater part of something as distinguished from its subordinate parts

when taking pictures, focus your attention on the mass of the main subject

the largest part or quantity of something

believes that the great mass of voters are in the polical center and consider themselves neither conservative nor liberal

a great number of persons or creatures massed together

a huge mass of people had gathered in the park to protest the government's latest policy

to gradually form into a layer, pile, or mass

clouds massing on the western side of the mountain range

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Example Sentences of mass

My grandfather goes to mass every Sunday.

She went to mass every day.

You should go to mass more often.

Tom is having trouble dealing with the fact that his father was a mass murderer.

The mass is over.

Never trust the mass media.

Never believe the mass media.

Mass production reduced the price of many goods.

Mass production lowers the cost of certain goods.

Newspapers, television, and radio are called the mass media.

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Synonyms for mass

wad pile lot batch hatful good deal quite a little the great unwashed mountain people heap volume muckle passel great deal slew multitude mess mint bulk tidy sum raft plenty mickle hoi polloi peck stack sight pot spate masses flock deal push down list destiny cud chaw upsurge atomic reactor quid spile smokestack caboodle crapper commode throne troop fold bay window stool softwood chew gage push down store push down storage weed hand surge kitty jalopy smoke muddle band vision freshet potbelly mussiness jam muss hole flowerpot mint candy visual modality clutch luck plentifulness toilet ken mess hall down atomic pile messiness tummy agglomerate plug mount potty set nap portion skunk push down stack chain reactor rush mound big money galvanic pile pickle sens bundle fate voltaic pile draw stilt green goddess visual sense sess view bunch plenteousness locoweed piling bus bargain survey business deal potentiometer dope plentitude cumulus plenitude jackpot can big bucks kettle of fish corporation circumstances potful megabucks circle grass trade cumulation fix fortune plurality pack battalion throng citizenry large number concourse book majority loudness intensity aggregate aggregated aggregative crowd host press lump body concretion magnitude collection size dimension quantity of matter assemblage congeries whole totality communion service massive masse weight collective estate large scale ground comprehensive destruction mace mass scale jamahiriya messe mass massachusetts masa forklift misa commoners commons herd millions mob plebeians plebs populace public rank and file abundance barrel basketful boatload bucket bushel carload chunk dozen fistful gobs hundred lashings lashins loads much multiplicity myriad oodles plateful profusion quantity reams scads sheaf shipload store ton truckload wealth yard brunt chief core generality heft main staple preponderance army bike cram crush drove horde legion rout scrum swarm accrete accumulate amass build up collect concentrate conglomerate gather pile (up) stack (up)

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Mass in different languages

  • mis Afrikaans
  • كتلةArabic
  • масаByelorussian
  • missa massa Catalan
  • spousta hmotnost většina hmota mše Czech
  • offeren Welch
  • messe masse German
  • μάζα Greek
  • maso Esperanto
  • masa misa másica masivo multitudinario másico Spanish
  • masa, mezaBasque
  • جرم Persian
  • kerätä pääosa massa messu joukko patti kasata massiivinen Finnish
  • masse messe French
  • aifreann Irish
  • AifreannScots Gaelic
  • masaGalician
  • mas
  • összegyűjt tömeg mise összehord Hungarian
  • զանգված Armenian
  • massi messa Icelandic
  • massa messa Italian
  • 質量Japanese
  • 質量, 질량Korean
  • masas masa Latvian
  • androhina, lamesa, gaboka, ambangony
  • papatipu, mihaMaori
  • маса насобира Macedonian
  • jisim massa Malay
  • masse
  • samenhopen misvieren massa hoeveelheid mis meerderheid ophopen samennemen vieren Dutch
  • masse
  • masa msza Polish
  • massa missa plebe massas comunhão eucaristia missar Portuguese
  • masă Romanian
  • масса месса Russian
  • mȉsaSerbo
  • hmotnosť Slovak
  • masa, maševatiSlovenian
  • meseSesotho
  • mässa Swedish
  • mshikano Swahili
  • நிறை Tamil
  • yığın kütle kitle Turkish
  • масаUkrainian
  • کمیتUrdu
  • khối lượng Vietnamese
  • מאַסעYiddish
  • 质量 Chinese

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