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Pronounce Cheek as K HH EH EH K.

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Phonetic transcription for cheek

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of cheek: | khɛɛk |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of cheek: | chɛɛk |

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Meanings for cheek


either side of the face below the eyes

impudence, cheek, impertinence(noun)

an impudent statement

buttock, cheek(noun)

either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump

boldness, nerve, brass, face, cheek(verb)

impudent aggressiveness

"I couldn't believe her boldness"; "he had the effrontery to question my honesty"


speak impudently to

disrespectful or argumentative talk given in response to a command or request

any more cheek in this classroom and you'll get a detention

shameless boldness

she had the cheek to blame me for the fact that she had forgotten about the staff meeting

the part of the body upon which someone sits

he dropped his pants and flashed his cheeks at the opposing team

Example Sentences of cheek

He had the cheek to ask me to help him.

She kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight.

They danced cheek to cheek.

Tom kissed Mary on the cheek and then got into his car.

The scar on his cheek hardly shows now.

Antonyms for cheek

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Cheek in different languages

  • аʒамҩаAbkhazian
  • wang Afrikaans
  • ጉንጭAmharic
  • خد, وجنةArabic
  • кӏаркьенKazakh
  • yanaqAzerbaijani
  • яңаҡBashkir
  • шчака́Byelorussian
  • страна нахалство буза наглост бу̀за Bulgarian
  • গালBengali
  • galta Catalan
  • бесниserbian
  • mikwaskonewCosta Rican Spanish
  • půlka líčko Czech
  • boch grudd Welch
  • balde frækhed kind uforskammethed Danish
  • backe wange stirn German
  • ކޯDivehi
  • κωλομέρι μάγουλο Greek
  • vango sidvango Esperanto
  • cachete mejilla cacha nalga glúteo Spanish
  • põsk Estonian
  • گونه لپ Persian
  • poski Finnish
  • joue culot toupet fesse French
  • leiceann brusaireacht Irish
  • gruaidh, aghaidh, pluic, bathaisScots Gaelic
  • meixela, façulaGalician
  • ગાલGujarati
  • kunciHausa
  • לחיHebrew
  • गाल Hindi
  • թուշ այտ Armenian
  • pipi Indonesian
  • vangoEsperanto
  • kinn Icelandic
  • guancia gota faccia tosta sfrontatezza chiappa impudenza Italian
  • ほっぺた, 頬Japanese
  • ლოყა Georgian
  • бетKazakh
  • កំភ្លៀងសត្វ, ថ្ពាល់Cambodian
  • ಗಲ್ಲ Kannada
  • 볼, 뻔뻔, 뺨, 볼기Korean
  • گووپ Kurdish
  • бетKirghiz
  • gena bucca Latin
  • BakLuxembourgish
  • ແກ້ມLao
  • skruostas Lithuanian
  • vaigs Latvian
  • образ Macedonian
  • хацарMongolian
  • pipi Malay
  • ħaddMaltese
  • ပါးBurmese
  • kinn
  • wang bil Dutch
  • policzek Polish
  • nádega banda bochecha Portuguese
  • obraz bucă Romanian
  • полупо́пие щека́ наха́льство на́глость Russian
  • गण्डSanskrit
  • obraz, образSerbo
  • කම්‍මුලSinghalese
  • tvár líce Slovak
  • liceSlovenian
  • dhabanSomali
  • faqe Albanian
  • leramaSesotho
  • kind skinka Swedish
  • shavu Swahili
  • చెంపTegulu
  • гунаTajik
  • แก้มThai
  • ጉንጪTigrinya
  • ýaňakTurkmen
  • pisngiTagalog
  • yanak Turkish
  • яңакTatar
  • مەڭزUigur
  • щока́Ukrainian
  • گالUrdu
  • Vietnamese
  • cüg, glüetVolapuk
  • lexWolof
  • isidleleXhosa
  • באַקYiddish
  • è̩rè̩ké̩Yoruba
  • isihlathiZulu

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