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Meanings for look

to stare shortly at something

expression, look, aspect, facial expression, face(noun)

the feelings expressed on a person's face

"a sad expression"; "a look of triumph"; "an angry face"

look, looking, looking at(noun)

the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually

"he went out to have a look"; "his look was fixed on her eyes"; "he gave it a good looking at"; "his camera does his looking for him"


physical appearance

"I don't like the looks of this place"

spirit, tone, feel, feeling, flavor, flavour, look, smell(verb)

the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people

"the feel of the city excited him"; "a clergyman improved the tone of the meeting"; "it had the smell of treason"


perceive with attention; direct one's gaze towards

"She looked over the expanse of land"; "Look at your child!"; "Look--a deer in the backyard!"

look, appear, seem(verb)

give a certain impression or have a certain outward aspect

"She seems to be sleeping"; "This appears to be a very difficult problem"; "This project looks fishy"; "They appeared like people who had not eaten or slept for a long time"


have a certain outward or facial expression

"How does she look?"; "The child looks unhappy"; "She looked pale after the surgery"

search, look(verb)

search or seek

"We looked all day and finally found the child in the forest"; "Look elsewhere for the perfect gift!"

front, look, face(verb)

be oriented in a certain direction, often with respect to another reference point; be opposite to

"The house looks north"; "My backyard look onto the pond"; "The building faces the park"

attend, take care, look, see(verb)

take charge of or deal with

"Could you see about lunch?"; "I must attend to this matter"; "She took care of this business"


convey by one's expression

"She looked her devotion to me"

expect, look, await, wait(verb)

look forward to the probable occurrence of

"We were expecting a visit from our relatives"; "She is looking to a promotion"; "he is waiting to be drafted"


accord in appearance with

"You don't look your age!"

count, bet, depend, look, calculate, reckon(verb)

have faith or confidence in

"you can count on me to help you any time"; "Look to your friends for support"; "You can bet on that!"; "Depend on your family in times of crisis"

facial appearance regarded as an indication of mood or feeling

you should have seen the look on your face when we yelled "Surprise!"

an instance of looking especially briefly

she gave the junk mail a quick look before throwing it in the wastebasket

the outward form of someone or something especially as indicative of a quality

the bride's father has the look of a prosperous businessman

the qualities in a person or thing that as a whole give pleasure to the senses

a supermodel's career tends to be entirely based on her exceptional good looks

to give the impression of being

it looks like it might rain

to make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion)

the music teacher looked her displeasure with a fierce frown

to have in mind as a purpose or goal

they were looking to make a fast buck

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Example Sentences of look

Look at me.

Do I look OK?

Do I look old?

I look like Tom.

Do I look stupid?

I look up to you.

Look what I made.

Can I look around?

Please look at me.

Can you look at me?

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Synonyms for look

construction font formula verbalism case cheek reflection aspect reflexion smell manifestation view fount saying vista nerve locution facet verbal expression grammatical construction facial expression prospect formulation scene spirit side tone panorama feel facial gesture brass boldness flavour face feeling grimace expression looking at human face looking flavor typeface looking for pure tone touch tactile property life timber olfactory perception timbre sprightliness step tone of voice olfactory property disembodied spirit savor quality tactile sensation whole tone impression touch sensation scent aroma savour opinion belief olfactory sensation sense of smell odour shade emotional state tonicity sapidity whole step olfaction heart smack tang olfactory modality odor tonus tincture intent tactual sensation notion intuitive feeling purport relish musical note liveliness smelling tint note see seem await expect wait take care reckon appear attend depend calculate search bet count front come out come along seek explore look for research breast face up present confront date experience figure go out give ear hear attend to examine go through mind witness find go steady take in get word consider pay heed meet visualize check construe encounter determine find out see to it project picture catch regard realise control go to escort assure envision watch run into run across come across get a line visualise image get wind ensure pick up understand hang serve ascertain advert interpret learn realize assist visit fancy discover insure wait on hold back carry hold off gestate require anticipate waitress have a bun in the oven ask bear suppose work out weigh estimate numerate compute think cypher play opine aim imagine wager enumerate cipher direct number guess forecast matter account count on behold contemplate descry discern gaze glance inspect scan stare survey observe eye gaze at direct the eye turn the thoughts apply the mind take heed be turned be directed seem; have wear or present the appearance; strike one as being influence by looks lo appearance complexion mien air of the face cast of countenance listen air watching peek iook listening listens look see be cast countenance visage gander glimpse peep sight dress garb outside presence aesthetics esthetics attractiveness beauteousness beautifulness beauty comeliness cuteness fairness gorgeousness handsomeness loveliness prettiness sightliness act come across (as) come off (as) make sound expound express give raise state vent ventilate voice allow aspire design go intend mean meditate plan propose purpose

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Antonyms for look

Look in different languages

  • kyk Afrikaans
  • ينظر, المَرْأى, المَرْآة, نظر, بحثArabic
  • baxmaqAzerbaijani
  • паглядзе́ць, глядзе́цьByelorussian
  • външност гле́дам Bulgarian
  • दिखनाBengali
  • selloutBreton
  • cop d'ull buscar semblar mirar encarar mirada ullada cercar Catalan
  • vypadat pohled dívat vzhled podívat Czech
  • edrych Welch
  • se ud kikke se efter virke kikke efter synes se Danish
  • hinsehen schaut blicken sehen blick aussehen scheinen guggen fratze kucken gucken erwarten hinschauen schauen suchen German
  • kpɔ, di, dzeEstonian
  • όψη βλέμμα ψάχνω κοιτάζω ματιά βλέπω φαίνομαι Greek
  • aspekto rigardi Esperanto
  • dar ojeada parecer aspecto mirar mirada esperar buscar vistazo Spanish
  • pilk vaatama Estonian
  • soBasque
  • نگریستن جستن نگاه کردن Persian
  • sijaita vaikuttaa katse katsoa näyttää ilme katsominen odottaa etsiä ulkonäkö Finnish
  • hyggja, leita, lítaFaeroese
  • sembler air chercher avoir l'air regard donner sur paraître regarder French
  • féach amharc Irish
  • coimhead, seall, amhairc, coltas, bi coltach, fiamh, sùilScots Gaelic
  • חיפש, ראה, הסתכל, מראה, הביט, מבט, נראהHebrew
  • देखना Hindi
  • tűnik néz kinézet látszik tekintet kinéz Hungarian
  • արտաքին նայել Armenian
  • reguardarInterlingua
  • melihat Indonesian
  • regardar, aspektarEsperanto
  • kíkja sýnast líta út sjá virðast líta horfa leita Icelandic
  • occhiataccia cercare sguardo sembrare occhiata guardare aspetto apparire Italian
  • 探す, 拝見, 見てみる, 向かう, 見る, 観る, 求める, 見える, ご覧Japanese
  • ძებნა ყურება Georgian
  • қарауKazakh
  • មើល, រកមើល, ដូចជាCambodian
  • 마주하다, 찾다, 보다, 구하다, 보이다, 향하다Korean
  • ته‌مه‌شاکردن وا دیاره‌ گه‌راندن سه‌یرکردن Kurdish
  • карооKirghiz
  • quaero pareo video expecto spectare do videor simulo Latin
  • ເບິ່ງLao
  • žiūrėti Lithuanian
  • skats Latvian
  • бара поглед гле́да изглед гледа изгледа Macedonian
  • харах, харагдахMongolian
  • ကြည့်Burmese
  • blik zoeken uiterlijk uitzicht uitzien lijken over op kijken stijl look als Dutch
  • leita, lita, leite
  • blikk oppsøke søke synes utseende skue uttrykk se ut se leite se etter Norwegian
  • wyglądać wygląd patrzeć popatrzeć Polish
  • resguardar parecer olhar aspecto olhada esperar procurar ver Portuguese
  • dar en'igleida, vurdar, tgitar, egliada, tschartger, vesair, tscharcar, dar egn tgit, öglieda, verer, antschertgear, vzair, encurir, dar ün'ögliada, iglieada, vaser, tschercher, dar in cuc, tschercar, duncrir, dar in tgit, igleida, vair, ancurir, veir, tscherchar, der ün'öglieda, guardar, tschertgar, tschütter, tschertgan, veser, dar in'egliada, tschartgear, sguard, tgittarRomance
  • aspect părea privi uita Romanian
  • гляде́ть смотре́ть внешность выглядеть взгляд искать погляде́ть посмотре́ть Russian
  • гле̏дати, glȅdatiSerbo
  • බලනවාSinghalese
  • pozerať dívať podívať Slovak
  • pogled, gledatiSlovenian
  • shoh shikoj Albanian
  • se söka kika se ut utseende leta verka spana blick synas titta kolla Swedish
  • angalia Swahili
  • చూపు, కనబడు, చూచు, కనిపించుTegulu
  • нигоҳ кардан, нигаристанTajik
  • ดู, มองหา, มองThai
  • gözlemekTurkmen
  • tingnanTagalog
  • görünmek aramak bakmak bak Turkish
  • карарга, багаргаTatar
  • диви́тися, подиви́тисяUkrainian
  • دیکھناUrdu
  • boqmoq, qaramoqUzbek
  • nhìn Vietnamese

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