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Pronounce Crab as K R AH B.

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Phonetic transcription for crab

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of crab: | kræb |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of crab: | cræb |

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Meanings for crab


decapod having eyes on short stalks and a broad flattened carapace with a small abdomen folded under the thorax and pincers

crab, crabby person(noun)

a quarrelsome grouch

Cancer, Crab(noun)

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer

Cancer, Cancer the Crab, Crab(noun)

the fourth sign of the zodiac; the sun is in this sign from about June 21 to July 22

crab, crabmeat(noun)

the edible flesh of any of various crabs

crab louse, pubic louse, crab, Phthirius pubis(noun)

a louse that infests the pubic region of the human body


a stroke of the oar that either misses the water or digs too deeply

"he caught a crab and lost the race"


direct (an aircraft) into a crosswind


scurry sideways like a crab


fish for crab

gripe, bitch, grouse, crab, beef, squawk, bellyache, holler(verb)


"What was he hollering about?"

an irritable and complaining person

you're always such a crab in the morning!

to express dissatisfaction, pain, or resentment usually tiresomely

their two-year-old whined and crabbed for the whole car trip

to reduce the soundness, effectiveness, or perfection of

crabbed the blossoming romance by becoming moody and demanding

Example Sentences of crab

I regard crab as a great delicacy.

Crab in different languages

  • krap Afrikaans
  • سرطان, سلطعونArabic
  • yencəkAzerbaijani
  • крабByelorussian
  • раздразнителен човек морски рак срамна въшка Bulgarian
  • cranc cabra carranc Catalan
  • pånglao
  • krab Czech
  • cranc Welch
  • krabbe Danish
  • krebs krabbe German
  • καρκίνος καβούρι Greek
  • ladilla cangrejo maneto jaiba Spanish
  • krabi Estonian
  • karramarroBasque
  • خرچنگ Persian
  • rapu satiaisia mörökölli taskurapu Finnish
  • krabbiFaeroese
  • crabe morpions French
  • krabFrisian
  • portán Irish
  • partanScots Gaelic
  • cangrexo, caranguexoGalician
  • partanManx
  • סרטןHebrew
  • केंकड़ा केकड़ा Hindi
  • rák Hungarian
  • ծովախեցգետին Armenian
  • ketam kepiting Indonesian
  • kraboEsperanto
  • krabbi Icelandic
  • granchio Italian
  • カニ, 蟹Japanese
  • კრაბი Georgian
  • ក្ដាមCambodian
  • Korean
  • cancer cancer marinus Latin
  • ປູLao
  • foza, fozakinga
  • рак Macedonian
  • खेकडाMarathi
  • yuyu ketam Malay
  • granċ, granċiMaltese
  • ကဏန်းBurmese
  • krabbe
  • krab Dutch
  • krabbe
  • chʼosh bikágí ntłʼizíNavajo, Navaho
  • ashaageshiinhOjibwe, Ojibwa
  • opryskliwy krab Polish
  • siri caranguejo Portuguese
  • crab Romanian
  • краб Russian
  • rak, рак, краба, rakovica, krabaSerbo
  • rak Slovak
  • rakovicaSlovenian
  • gaforre Albanian
  • krabba Swedish
  • ปูThai
  • alimangoTagalog
  • lekakauweSetswana
  • yengeç Turkish
  • кыслаTatar
  • крабUkrainian
  • گیگٹا, کیکڑاUrdu
  • krabUzbek
  • con cua cua Vietnamese

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