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Pronounce Damage as D AH M AH G EH.

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Phonetic transcription for damage

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of damage: | dæmæɡɛ |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of damage: | dæmæɡɛ |

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Meanings for damage

to impair the soundness, goodness or value of; to harm or cause destruction

damage, harm, impairment(noun)

the occurrence of a change for the worse

damage, equipment casualty(noun)

loss of military equipment

damage, harm, hurt, scathe(noun)

the act of damaging something or someone

price, terms, damage(noun)

the amount of money needed to purchase something

"the price of gasoline"; "he got his new car on excellent terms"; "how much is the damage?"

wrong, legal injury, damage(verb)

any harm or injury resulting from a violation of a legal right


inflict damage upon

"The snow damaged the roof"; "She damaged the car when she hit the tree"


suffer or be susceptible to damage

"These fine china cups damage easily"

something that causes loss or pain

the collision did a great deal of damage to her car

a sum of money to be paid as a punishment

ordered by the court to pay $1000 in damages

payment to another for a loss or injury

the company was forced to pay millions in damages to the permanently disabled worker

the amount of money that is demanded as payment for something

he winced when he saw the damage after the family's shopping spree

to reduce the soundness, effectiveness, or perfection of

the explosion in the sewers damaged the entire city's water supply

to cause bodily damage to

his knee was badly damaged in the accident, and he walked with a limp for months

Example Sentences of damage

I will make up for the damage I did to your car.

Tom wanted a picture taken of the damage done to his car.

There was damage to the pipe.

The damage was held to a minimum.

There was damage to the computer.

How much damage is there to the car?

Have you come to file a damage report?

The damage amounted to five million yen.

The storm did heavy damage to the crops.

The frost did a lot of damage to the crops.

Damage in different languages

  • خسارة, عطل, ضرر, أضرار, تلفArabic
  • щета вреда повреждам Bulgarian
  • dany danyar Catalan
  • škoda poškodit cena poškození Czech
  • amharu difrod amhariad amhariadau Welch
  • skade tilføje beskadigelse beskadige Danish
  • schaden beschädigen German
  • ζημία Greek
  • dañar daño damno Spanish
  • kahju Estonian
  • kalte eginBasque
  • آک خسارت آسیب زیان Persian
  • vaurioittaa vahinko vahingoittaa vaurio Finnish
  • dégât dommage endommager French
  • damáiste déan díobháil millteanas damáistigh Irish
  • milleadh, coireScots Gaelic
  • danar, danoGalician
  • נזק, הזיקHebrew
  • megrongál tönkretesz kár megkárosít Hungarian
  • domajarEsperanto
  • macchiare danno rovinare danneggiare Italian
  • 損傷, 損失, 痛手, 損害Japanese
  • ზიანი ზარალი Georgian
  • 손해Korean
  • damnum Latin
  • sugadinti sugadinimas pakenkti žala nuostolis padaryti nuostolių padaryti žalos Lithuanian
  • sabojāt postījums sasist sapostīt bojājums Latvian
  • whakakaurapaMaori
  • штета оштетување расипува оштетува Macedonian
  • skade
  • schade beschadigen Dutch
  • skade
  • uszkodzenie szkoda uszkadzać psuć Polish
  • estrago danar avariar avaria estragar dano Portuguese
  • strica avarii daună avarie defecta avaria deteriora stricăciune pagube pagubă daune Romanian
  • повреждение наносить ущерб повреждать нанести ущерб повредить ущерб убыток вред портить испортить Russian
  • pokvariti, štȅta, oštetitiSerbo
  • dëmtoj dëmtim dëm Albanian
  • skada Swedish
  • pinsala, nasira, nagibaTagalog

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