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Pronounce Mar as M AH R.

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Phonetic transcription for mar

  • Traditional IPA Phonetic transcription of mar: | mær |
  • Modern IPA Phonetic transcription of mar: | mær |

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Meanings for mar

to ruin or spoil

March, Mar(noun)

the month following February and preceding April

blemish, defect, mar(verb)

a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body)

"a facial blemish"

mar, impair, spoil, deflower, vitiate(verb)

make imperfect

"nothing marred her beauty"

mutilate, mar(verb)

destroy or injure severely

"mutilated bodies"

something that spoils the appearance or completeness of a thing

the Johnsons complained to the movers about broken dishes and mars on the furniture

to affect slightly with something morally bad or undesirable

mar a politician's reputation with scurrilous rumors

to reduce the soundness, effectiveness, or perfection of

the once glossy surface is now marred by numerous small pits and abrasions

Example Sentences of mar

I think French grammar is difficult.

I get on with him well pricemar 689948

I gave him a grammar book.

You must study grammar more.

Grammar is a very complex thing.

He teaches English grammar at a high school.

Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.

I get on with him well pricemar 285125

grammar rules.

Her grammar is bad.

Mar in different languages

  • مارسArabic
  • mar Danish
  • verderben beschädigen German
  • παραμορφώνω Greek
  • dañar perjudicar mar Spanish
  • pilata turmella tärvellä maaliskuu Finnish
  • entacher mar French
  • मार्च Hindi
  • elront Hungarian
  • merusak Indonesian
  • לְקַלְקֵלformer Hebrew
  • 台無し, 傷めるJapanese
  • 마르Korean
  • mar Latin
  • verknoeien verpesten beschadigen bederven Dutch
  • mar Norwegian
  • zniszczyć Polish
  • estragar Portuguese
  • strica Romanian
  • поврежда́ть испо́ртить повреди́ть по́ртить март Russian
  • kazítiSlovenian
  • svärta ner fördärva mar Swedish
  • ทำลายThai
  • mar Turkish
  • МарсUkrainian
  • مارUrdu
  • làm hư Vietnamese
  • marYiddish
  • 损伤 Chinese

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